6 Best Small and Mini Ping Pong Tables in 2021 (in-depth reviews)


For most people, it’s simply not possible to own a full size version but this is precisely why the mini ping pong table was invented. Whether you live in an apartment or need a slightly smaller size table for the dining room, a small ping pong table might be just the ticket. And while it might not offer the exact same playing experience as a regular table, it should also be said that mid-size tables are often the perfect fit for smaller spaces.

Many recreational users also claim to not notice any difference between playing on a regular table and a small ping pong table. Now, that’s not to say you will or will not notice but rather to suggest that smaller tables don’t mean any less fun!

In this article, we talk about some of the best small and mini ping pong tables that you might want to consider. Even though each of these tables is best suited for recreational users or the family home, there are still some options that might tempt the pros!


 1. Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

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Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table - 3/4 Size Table Tennis Table -...

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The Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table is usually cited as the best mini ping pong table that money can buy and for good reason, too. It’s obviously smaller than a standard table but not so much that the gameplay is substantially different. Featuring an excellent design and colors, this is also an attractive table tennis table that is suitable for children and adults alike. As for size, the table is 3/4 the size of a regular table. The Butterfly Ping Pong Table is also lightweight which makes it easy to assemble and move , while the foldable nature of this mini ping pong table makes it especially convenient to store away.

Man Features of the Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

Size – 49 x 45 x 4 inches & Weight – 81.3 pounds

Surface – The 12mm thickness is more than some regular size tables and the general playability on this surface is above average for a small ping pong table.

Versatility – The table separates in two and can also be used as a multi-use table on which you can even dine or play board games.

Build – The Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table is made of 12mm MDF which provides a better bounce and spin than most other mini ping pong tables. It also consists of one inch steel tubes that bring extra stability in terms of keeping the table still or moving it around.

Safety – The table comes with protective corner pads to make sure there are no sharp edges on the corners of the table. It might seem obvious but small children will at least be protected from any unnecessary scrapes or bruises.

Mobility – With two wheels on each half of the table, it’s easy to move this mini ping pong table around.

Netting – A high quality net is provided which is easily clipped on and off the table using a clamp system.

Assembly – The table is already fully assembled and ready to use out of the box.

What the Reviews Say About the Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

Online reviews for the Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table say everything you could want to know about this mini ping pong table. According to reviews, it’s the best alternative to a regular size table and the perfect size for a small area which might accommodate a 4ft x 7ft table. Some users don’t even notice the smaller size when playing and the assembly is very straightforward. And then there’s the lightweight nature of the table which makes the Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table easy to move around and a joy on which to play.


 2. Butterfly Space Saver 22 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

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Butterfly Space Saver 22 Rollaway Table Tennis Table - Professional Ping Pong...

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The Butterfly Space Saver is a popular mini ping pong table and a great alternative to the Centrefold 25 model by the same brand. In fact, the table thickness is one of few ways in which the table differs and online reviews point to an excellent playing experience. You can choose from two colors in terms of the surface and the strong build is not affected by the fact this is a one piece table which is already assembled. It’s ITTF approved and has many useful features including the adjustable feet, while a five year warranty provides reassurance that Butterfly is not only proud but also confident in the experience you can expect with this table.

Main Features of the Butterfly Space Saver

Size – 64 x 54 x 18 inches & Weight – 230 pounds

Tournament Approved – The Butterfly Space Saver is ITTF approved and regulation size.

Surface – The 22mm thickness provides a fantastic surface which ensures a great bounceability all over the table.

Assembly – The Butterfly Space Saver only requires one person for setup and features a single piece that is already fully assembled out of the box.

Adjustable Feet – The table features adjustable feet which ensure a level playing surface, even when the floor beneath is uneven. There is also

Compact – Although similar in design to the popular Butterfly Centrefold, the Butterfly Space Saver is even smaller and better suited to small areas.

Budget – It’s also a budget-minded alternative to the Centrefold model which will suit institutions or individuals that simply cannot afford the bigger table.

Mobility – With simple mechanisms for folding, this is a very easy table to pack up and store away. This folding feature also helps reduce the size of the table in storage.

Warranty – Butterfly provides a five-year warranty with the Butterfly Space Saver.

What the Reviews Say About the Butterfly Space Saver

Some reviewers point out that the surface on a Butterfly Space Saver is made of wood rather than MDF but this seems to have little effect on the playing experience. If you need to store the table away in between sessions, reviews indicate how the table is light and easy to move. With no assembly required, it’s also a convenient table for beginners and online reviews talk about the excellent net and bounceability that comes with the table. And then there’s the affordable price which is often a reason why buyers choose to downsize their search for a ping pong table.


 3. STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table

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STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table for Authentic Play at Regulation...

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The Stiga Space Saver is ideal for small office spaces, apartments or rooms in the family home. Although scaled down, the table features regulation height and a versatility that enables the table to be used for other purposes. With a steel frame and 1.25” legs, the build is strong and the table is steady when playing. What’s more, the ⅝ thickness of the MDF surface ensures great bounceability and a high quality finish looks more than attractive. The Stiga Space Saver is just shy of the regular sized tables when it comes to playing experience but the overall construction and quality that you can expect from Stiga remains the same.

Main Features of the Stiga Space Saver

Size – 43 x 39 x 5 inches & Weight – 81lbs

Surface – The Stiga Space Saver has a MDF top which is coated for added protection. Silkscreen striping is the “icing on the cake” and one that makes the table look fantastic.

Stability – The 1.25” steel apron is solid and gives sufficient support to guarantee a consistent bounce all over the table.

Material – While the material is high quality, the powder coated finish also ensures wear and tear is minimal on the frame of a Stiga Space Saver.

Adjustable Legs – The adjustable legs mean that you can play on a perfectly level table even when the ground beneath is not level.

Netting – The Stiga Space Saver comes with netting and posts that easily attach to the table.

Assembly – The table is entirely ready to go and requires no assembly out of the box.

Storage – You can quickly separate the table and store away in two pieces. Alternatively, these tables can be used to play board games or any other usage you might have for a table.

What the Review Say About the Stiga Space Saver

One reviewer had the Joola Midsize model before changing to the Stiga Space Saver and there was “no comparison” between the two. The reviews are excellent for the Stiga Space Saver which is said to be a very sturdy table with durable material. Aside from the smaller size, this mini ping pong table has adjustable feet which always come in handy and it takes just five minutes to go from unwrapping the box to starting an actual game. Finally, many reviews comment on the appearance and the Stiga Space Saver is often regarded as the best quality and most attractive mini ping pong table that you will find anywhere in the market.


 4. Park & Sun Sports Ping Pong Table Midsize Compact Table Tennis Set

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Park & Sun Sports Indoor/Outdoor Mini Table Tennis Table with 2 Rackets/Paddles...

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Park & Sun often features on lists for the best small ping pong table for good reason. It’s a midsize table which is not too much smaller than the regular size but then small enough that it will suit many apartments or smaller homes. In fact, it’s just 4” smaller in terms of width and offers a very high level of playing experience. It’s also a lightweight table and surprisingly easy to set up or store away. Park & Sun also includes three balls and two paddles which is a nice touch, and the table can fold up in just a matter of seconds. All considered, this is an excellent mini ping pong table and smaller alternative to a regular size table that might be a little too big for any given room or area that you had in mind.

Main Features of the Park & Sun Ping Pong Table

Size – 93.5 x 93.5 x 12 cm & Weight – 22.2 Kg

Assembly – The table comes fully assembled and can be played straight out of the box.

Mobility – With legs that fold up, the table can be packed away quickly and the netting is simply screwed into place which is also easy to remove.

Versatility – The table splits in two pieces which are ideal as multi-use tables when they are not being used.

Storage – The Park & Sun Ping Pong Table is very light and can be stored in confined places such as the closet or even under the bed.

Regulation – Although smaller than the standard size, the table offers a very similar playing experience which many users say is little or no different.

What the Reviews Say About the Park & Sun

The truth is, reviews are hard to find for the Park & Sun Ping Pong Table but current feedback is more than promising. One user claims to use the table every day with his children, while others talk about the surprisingly small size of the table. It’s very portable and easy to store away and one thing which reviews seem to agree upon is the overall high quality of the table.


 5. Killerspin MyT7 Table Tennis Table Midi

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Killerspin Table Tennis Table MyT7 Pocket, Black

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Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table Tennis Table is a mini ping pong table which was initially designed for children. However, just about anyone will appreciate the convenience and playability of this table, and the quickness at which the table can be set up. The legs fold beneath with ease and it’s a really easy table to move around. With this in mind, you might even want to move the Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table Tennis Table outside on a clear day. That being said, this is most suitable for playing indoors and no assembly is required for this impressively sturdy table tennis table.

Main Features of the Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table Tennis Table

Size – 125 x 75 x 75 cm & Weight – 17 Kg

Size – Given the small size, this mini ping pong table is perfect for the garage or living room. Also, this table is especially suited to children given the height of the Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table.

Mobility – It’s a light table to move around but the legs also fold quickly which makes this an incredibly easy table to store out of the way.

Adjustable Legs – The legs can adjust for up to 4cm which is great when playing outside or setting the table on an uneven surface.

Surface – At 4.2cm in thickness, the surface is strong enough to ensure a decent bounce all over the table.

Assembly – No assembly is required for the table which you can play straight out of the box.

Material – Featuring an MDF top and metal frame, the build of a Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table Tennis Table

Is just as good as you will find with any mini ping pong table on the market.

What the Reviews Say About the Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table Tennis Table

The truth is, recent reviews for the Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table Tennis Table haven’t been all that good. However, if you read these reviews, you should see that each of these reviewers were upset with receiving a broken product/piece. In other words, most of the reviews prior to these were fantastic and it would seem these problems were the result of a faulty batch. It’s not certain whether this is the case or not but there’s reason to believe this might be true. As for the nature of these previous reviews, they attest to a good quality table that required no assembly and only a short time was required until the table was up-and-running.


6. GoSports Mid Size Table Tennis Table

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GoSports 6’ x 3’ Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set | Indoor /...

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The GoSports Mid-Size Table is another fantastic alternative for those who might not be able to fit a regular size table into the home, club or institution. It features all the same qualities that other GoSports tables hold and is very easy to set up. As if that’s not enough, the GoSports Mid-Size Table has built-in handles which means that you can quickly pack up and move this table whether you want to store it away or transport the table elsewhere. As for playability, the smooth surface ensures an excellent bounce all over the table and some especially sturdy legs ensure the table does not move while games are being played.

Main Features of the GoSports MidSize Table Tennis Table

Size – 72 x 36 x 30 inches & Weight – 63 pounds.

Build – Adjustable leg levelers mean that you can adjust the table height according to the ground beneath. 9mm MDF is used for the actual playing surface which ensures a decent bounce, while the sturdy metal frames make sure the table does not move as you play.

Assembly – You only need to unfold the table upon arrival and open the legs. After inserting a support bar, the table is ready to go. No hours of assembly with nuts and bolts here!

Storage – The small size of the GoSports Table is an obvious benefit for those who are tight on space. When the legs are closed, the table folds in half which makes it even smaller.

Transport – The built-in handles make this mini ping pong table very easy to move around. No more rolling or wheeling – the table is very light and easy to pick up/move.

Design – Franklin has integrated ball and paddle holders which is not something you see often with a small ping pong table.


What the Reviews Say About the Franklin Sports Mid-Size Table

The Franklin Sports Mid-Size Table gets excellent reviews which focus on the small and convenient nature of this small ping pong table. According to reviews, the table is well-designed and sturdy, and just as enjoyable to use for adults as for the kids. Reviews also talk about the ease at which the legs can be adjusted to get the correct and even height for players and the lack of screws and nuts is also notable. Finally, the Franklin Sports Mid-Size Table is not too much smaller than a regular sized table and the overall quality is right up there with the rest of Franklin’s products which have an excellent reputation in the industry.

How to Choose the Best Portable Ping Pong Table

Choosing the best portable ping pong table isn’t always easy but this is mostly due to the extent of options on the market. Needless to say, a smaller size is the common reason why most buyers opt for a mini table and this is understandable, for sufficient space is needed around a table to ensure a decent playing experience. Just so you know, the standard size of a table is 9 x 5 feet and the height is approximately 30 inches. Meanwhile, a mini ping pong table is usually ⅔ this size which makes it much lighter and far more compact.

As an example, the Stiga 54-Inch Mini Pong Table Tennis Table is a popular portable ping pong table that has sturdy metal legs and a surface consisting of 5/8 MDF. It measures just 29 x 27 x 54 which is incredibly small and without the same experience that you will find with a regular size table. That being said, nobody expects the same experience with a portable ping pong table and the whole idea is that this table is extremely small and easy to transport.

Here are just a few more things to consider with a portable ping pong table:

Durability – Even though the table is small, you should always look for one with sturdy materials. Also, there should be some form of protection from scratches and water, and the best portable or mini ping pong table will have a chassis made of steel.

Folding – You should always try to pick up a foldable portable ping pong table to ensure the table is as compact as possible. Foldable tables are also most often easier to carry.

Thickness of Tabletop – Standard thickness is 16mm and thicker boards are usually better for performance than thin boards. For this reason, you should look for at least 12mm thickness but for competitive players, 15mm should be the very minimum.

Online reviews are complimentary toward the table above but this is just one of many examples that you can find online. When it comes to choosing between a portable and small ping pong table, it should also go without saying the bigger the table you can fit into a space, the better your playing experience is likely to be. Also, you want a table that plays well but let’s face it, you also want something that looks good. After all, this mini ping pong table is to grace the inside of your home, and hopefully, you will also be using this table for many, many years to come!


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