Top Best Folding Ping Pong Tables in 2021 (In-depth Buying Guide)


Say hello to the best folding ping pong table. We’ve done the legwork, evaluated hundreds of options, and put together this list of the top 8 best folding ping pong tables so you can buy with extra peace of mind.

Fold-up models collapse for compact storage and transportation, plus they often don’t take up too much space, making them ideal for smaller rec rooms, kids’ bedrooms, and apartments. The vast majority fold up into a playback position for enhanced solo play and practice. However, with so many materials, styles, and features on offer – not to mention cost factors, picking the right collapsible table tennis table can be tricky.

Still, you should go for a stable, well-designed, and sturdy model that can withstand heavy use and regular folding. Do you favor a folding ping pong table designed primarily for indoor or outdoor use? Perhaps you prefer a multipurpose option you can use wherever you want. Check out our in-depth buying guide for key considerations, features, and tips that’ll help you hone your search for the best folding ping pong table.


1. JOOLA Inside Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

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JOOLA Inside - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table with Quick Clamp...

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Last update was on: May 24, 2022 8:01 am
$396.86 $574.95


  • The JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is a competition-grade, regulation size indoor ping pong table, perfect for playing in your home, office, or recreation center. USATT Approved for exceptional playability
  • Table tennis table dimensions: Unfolded – 108″ L x 60″ W x 30″ H. Folded – 60 ” L x 24.5” W x 65.5” H. Assembled weight: 140 lbs.
  • Table Surface, Apron, Legs, Leg levelers, Wheels, and Net may vary among item variations. Make sure that you identify the table with the characteristics that you need before purchase


Our top favorite for the best folding ping pong table is none other than the ever-so-loved JOOLA Inside. This regulation size, ITTF-approved table is an affordable option for both the recreational player and the serious pro looking for a decent competition-grade practice model.

We found it to be a fairly sturdy, pretty versatile, and easy to assemble table; you should be able to put it together in less than 10 minutes. It would definitely make a good addition to any home games room, office, or rec room.  We love that JOOLA Inside, despite its standard size, folds up compact for easy storage. Dual play is available when fully opened, but it can also assume a playback position for hassle-free solo practice and play.

The package includes a clamp-style net and posts system that can be attached or removed in seconds. As you might expect from a top-tier brand like JOOLA, it sports built-in leg levelers for smooth & level playing field; protective aprons and sturdy 1.5” legs; caster wheels for added mobility, and a 15mm-thick aluminum composite surface for superior bounce quality.


2. Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table

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Stiga XTR Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table 95% Preassembled Out of the Box...

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Last update was on: May 24, 2022 8:01 am


  • PERFECT ADDITION TO ANY OUTDOOR PATIO SET – Durable outdoor table tennis table perfect for the patio or garage; Aluminum composite top offers great playability with all-weather performance
  • SIMPLE STORAGE & BUILT TO LAST – Effortlessly folds into an ultra-compact storage position in seconds with self-opening legs. It’s specifically designed and manufactured to withstand the elements
  • QUICKPLAY DESIGN – 10-minute QuickPlay design comes 95% preassembled out of the box for quick and easy setup


If you’re on the market for the best folding ping pong table that’s built to battle the elements, look no further. The Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table is fitted with a thick all-weather aluminum composite tabletop that delivers impressive ball bounce and superior playability throughout the year.

It’ll hold up well to lengthy exposure to sun, snow, high humidity, and other harsh elements, one of the reasons this is a great option for outdoor use. Don’t let its regulation size bother you; it folds up nicely and quickly into a super-compact structure for easy storage. With self-opening feet, you can also set it up for indoor or outdoor play in a jiffy.

The wheels of the table are equipped with a locking system to keep it in place. Its detachable halves can be folded up into playback mode for solo practice and play. You will appreciate its 72″ net system that makes the table look and feel authentic and professional. Customers say this beauty will fit right into your patio, deck, poolside, porch, or garage.


3. Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table Tennis Table

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Killerspin Table Tennis Table MyT7 Pocket, Black

Last update was on: May 24, 2022 8:01 am


  • OUTDOOR FOLDABLE PING PONG TABLE: The Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm outdoor ping pong table will redefine your understanding of outdoor performance with its quality aluminum-plastic top that is 100% weather resistant
  • STORAGE FOR PADDLES AND PING PONG BALLS: Store up to 8 ping pong balls and 2 paddles at each end of the MyT7 BlackStorm outdoor table tennis table
  • FOLDABLE SOLO PLAYBACK MODE: Fold up one half of the outdoor ping pong table and engage solo playback mode to train and practice techniques


Killerspin is a well-respected table tennis brand with an impressive lineup of ping pong tables. MyT7 BlackStorm is definitely Killerspin’s best folding ping pong table for outdoor use. It’s a tough and flexible model that will provide you, friends, and family with hours and hours of fun and entertainment year-round.

MyT7 sports a premium-quality aluminum composite playfield that’s robust, durable, and fitted with an all-weather coating. It comes with a weather-resistant net & posts system too, guaranteeing the most pleasant gameplay experience. The foldable design means easy storage and fuss-free solo practice.

The table is quick and easy to set up, and you’ll find the paddle and ball holders handy. The 4 dual casters make it easy to move around and the locks ensure stable and uninterrupted play.


4. Butterfly Centrefold 25

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Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table | Professional Ping Pong Table |...

Last update was on: May 24, 2022 8:01 am


  • PROFESSIONAL GAME TABLE: The Centrefold 25 ping pong table is a high-quality Butterfly Table Tennis Table for table tennis tournaments or game rooms. Featuring a 1 inch top, 5 years, net set, and strong folding frame on wheels.
  • STRONG FRAME PING PONG TABLE: The rail attached to the tabletop is 2. 75″ steel to protect the table tennis top. The legs consist of 2″ steel that makes this ping pong table extremely durable and strong.
  • 1 INCH THICK SCRATCH PROOF TOP: Centrefold 25 is regulation size with a 1 inch (25mm ) scratch-proof top making it one of the best ping pong tables on the market


Priced at close to $2,000, Butterfly Centrefold 25 is certainly not for the casual player. It’s the best folding ping pong table designed especially for the most serious pros and table tennis tournaments. As such, if you’re looking for a competition-ready model for your clubhouse, playing center, or league, this would definitely be among your top picks.

Customers can’t seem to get enough of the performance, bounce, and overall construction quality of this monster. If you desire to play or practice like the ranks of Jorgen Persson or Ma Long, you can’t go wrong with this one.

This is an ITTF-approved table with heavy-duty construction and an inch thick scratch-proof playing surface. Did we mention that it comes with a five-year warranty? It’s, of course, heavier and pricier than most models on this list.


5. GoSports 6’x3’ Midsize Table Tennis Game Set

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GoSports 6’x3’ Mid-size Table Tennis Game Set | Indoor / Outdoor Portable...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: May 24, 2022 8:01 am


  • Complete set: Includes a mid-size 6’ x 3’ table tennis table with 2 paddles, game net, and 4 balls
  • Instant setup: Folds out for play and folds up for storage in seconds and is easily carried by one person using built-in carrying handles – perfect for game rooms, apartments, offices, or anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a full-size table
  • Premium construction: Heavy-duty aluminum frame keeps the table sturdy yet lightweight and the smooth playing surface gives the perfect bounce for hours of seamless rallies.


If you are on the hunt for the best folding ping pong table in the mid-size category, you go it! The GoSports 6’x3’ is well-priced, larger enough for competitive practice, and yet compact and foldable for space-saving storage.

Not only will the simple design of this model look fab in your rec room, it makes the table super functional both indoor and outdoor too. For slightly less than $150, the set will give the midsize table as well as four ping pong balls, net & posts system, and two quality paddles. What a great bargain, right?

The heavy-gauge aluminum frame makes sure the table is strong, durable, and sturdy, yet lightweight to be moved around by one person. We love that the surface is extra smooth, offering great bounce and hours of comfortable gameplay.


6. EastPoint Sports EPS 3000 Table Tennis Table Set

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EastPoint Sports EPS 3000 Table Tennis Table, 18mm top

& Free shipping
Last update was on: May 24, 2022 8:01 am
$230.55 $399.99


  • Foldable 2-piece seamless table tennis table for 1 to 4 players; Tournament size table top adjusts into playback position for 1 player or folds up for storage
  • On-center net and paddle storage system conveniently holds 4 paddles and 6 balls
  • Sturdy 2-in. lockable wheels for portability and powder-coated, rust-resistant steel frame ensures durability


Finding a tournament-size table with the right features and at the right price can be a little tricky. That’s until you meet EastPoint Sports EPS 3000, a two-piece foldable seamless ping pong table for up to four players. With a handy on-center storage system that can hold six ping pong balls, flour paddles, and one net, this foldable table is a godsend for anyone interested in a versatile unit.

EastPoint Sports EPS 3000 is a quality, well-made table that’ll serve you well both in an open and folded up position. When unfolded and in use, it provides a decently large and smooth playing surface that will leave you smiling with each rally, backhand, and spin. Easily the best ping pong table for budget-conscious players.

We were thoroughly impressed by EPS 3000’s powder-enameled stainless steel frame that’s rust-resistant, durable, and sturdy to withstand heavy use and harsh elements. You will find the table portable and easy to move thanks to its lockable wheels. It can also be positioned into playback mode or folded up fully for compact storage.


7. JOOLA Regulation Table Ping Pong Table Top

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JOOLA Regulation Table Tennis Conversion Top with Foam Backing and Net Set...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: May 24, 2022 8:01 am


  • CONVERT ANY TABLE: Convert your billiard, air hockey, dining or picnic table into a 12mm thick, regulation size (9x5ft) ping pong table top in just minutes! (Minimum length of table underneath: 7ft / Minimum width: 3ft)
  • COMPACT STORAGE: JOOLA Tetra’s 4-piece Table Tennis Table hinge design makes the conversion process easy and storage compact which gives it an advantage over a standard ping pong table.
  • NO HASSLE, CONVENIENT QUICK SET-UP: Comes 99% pre-assembled and in only 3 minutes you’re ready to play! Simply clip on the ping pong net to the surface of the conversion top. When finished playing, remove the tops and you are back to billiards!


Conversion tops offer immense flexibility and versatility as they allow you to convert any sizable countertop or flat table into an excellent ping pong playing field. If you’re looking for a top-rated ping pong table top, JOOLA may be the solution to all your needs.

This a four-piece conversion top comprising 2 separate table halves that you can unfold and set on top of a dining table, air hockey table, pool table, picnic table, and so forth. Assembling the whole thing is a snap so you can start playing in no time!

The final setup is a regulation size table tennis table measuring 5 ft. wide and 9 ft. long. The tabletop weighs a little shy of 43 pounds, making it lightweight enough to be picked up and assembled by one person. To protect your precious dining table, JOOLA incorporated anti-scratch padding into the underside of this sleek design. The entire top collapses fourfold for extra-compact storage and portability.


8. MaxKare Table Tennis Seamless Folding Table

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MaxKare Ping Pong Table Table Tennis Table Foldable Standard Size 9'x5' MDF...

Last update was on: May 24, 2022 8:01 am


  • Experience indoor table tennis with an official, professional-quality folding table tennis table that opens and stays flat with no dips. The Summit table comes 95% pre-assembled for fast action.
  • The 3/4 inch (18mm) seamless table surface yields a consistent bounce during play, while the included competition grade net and post set comes with easy clamp attachments and provides high tension.
  • Halves easily fold for single-player practice and nest together for storage and portable rolling. The table is regulation size (9 feet L x 5 feet W x 30 inches H) and ideal for players of all skill levels.


The MaxKare Table Tennis Seamless Folding Table is designed for those who want to enjoy competition-grade play without paying the premium price. This regulation size model is the best folding ping pong table for the entire family; a great buy for your man cave, rec room, garage, basement, or games room.

Customers rave about its design precision that enables the table to unfold and stay evenly flat without unsightly seams or dips. While it’s big enough for professional tournament practice, it can be folded up to be just 60 inches long and 23.5 inches wide, so you can stash it in your closet, underneath the bed or prop against the wall.

We were impressed by its competition-grade net & posts system, and the 18mm-thick seamless playfield that delivers amazing playability and consistent bounce. It’s easy to lose track of time when playing with this beauty.


Best Folding Ping Pong Table Buying Guide

When purchasing a table tennis table, there’s at least one decision you need to iron out before going ahead. Will it stay up permanently or will it have to be tucked away when not in use? If you prefer the latter, then the best folding ping pong table is your safest bet. But to make the right choice, there are numerous factors that you need to keep in mind.

The Lowdown on Folding Ping Pong Tables

As the name suggests, ping pong tables of this style are designed to be folded up for hassle-free, compact portability and storage. When you hit the game point, it’s easy to disassemble and fold the table into a smaller, relatively flat structure that you can tuck away underneath the bed/coffee table, store in the closet, or stand it up against the wall.

No matter where you plan to store it, a fold-up table is a great addition to any space-constrained rec room or game room. Apartment owners or those buying for their children will appreciate this collapsible design.

Ping pong is an exhilarating game. If your family enjoys playing the game, why not have your own table so you can hit the ball whenever you want without taking up too much space? It’s a godsend game table for parents who want to encourage their children to stay active and ditch TV binging and video games.

Generally, mid-range options are a great value and can provide you with the best combo of handy features. But that isn’t all; here are some crucial factors to consider when selecting the right one:

Here are some important factors to consider when shopping:

Table Size

The size of your folding table will depend primarily on the purpose and your skill level. The dimensions of standard table tennis table top are 9’ long by 5’ wide. However, if you intend to practice on a regulation size table, the International Table Tennis Federation recommends a model that measures 108” x 60” x 30.” This size is ideal for you if you’re a professional player or intend to compete in the future.

In reality, most folding ping pong tables are smaller than regulation size, with some coming at the half, 1/3th, 2/3th, or 5/6th the ITTF regulation size. Compact models are especially great for casual players, family, kids, or recreational enthusiasts who are out to fun without breaking the bank.

The bottom line: if space in your games room or rec room is tight, consider a compact model with a smaller footprint. The table itself is already foldable; meaning the size of the tabletop surface will be the most important consideration here.

Certified is Superior

A certification stamp showcases that the table has been built up to the strict standards set by the ITTF, USATT, and other certification programs. ITTF certification, for one, offers some level of assurance and confidence that the table meets construction, safety, and feature standards, but may not guarantee them. That’s why it pays to check out online reviews and get recommendations from people and sites you trust.

Previously, the ITTF used to certify only blue or green tables. However, any tournament-ready model approved by the authority must now have a dark matte finish. Trivial as it might sound, that’s a small detail that may matter to a pro or intermediate player looking to take their gameplay to the next level.

Design and Style

From traditional to contemporary and high-tech, folding ping pong tables are available in a variety of décor-enhancing and space-saving designs. Some are practical with detachable net & post set, leg levelers for added stability, and quick unfolding mechanism for increased usability.

Tables that fold up into playback mode are great for players who want to hone their skills and practice regularly alone at home. Those with adjustable-height legs are convenient and accommodate players of all ages and skill levels. Others are decorative – such as those with LED lighting, decals, and other beautiful designs to spruce up the décor of your rec room.

Here are some popular styles to choose from depending on your specific needs:

Convertible ping pong tables: These versatile folding ping pong tables boast interchangeable tops. These conversion tops allow your folding table tennis table to double as a foosball table, air hockey table, pool table, mini-bowling table, or even a board game playfield.

This is particularly a great choice for a space-limited rec room. The trouble is that most multi-game or composite ping pong tables do tend to go short on quality. As such, you may unintentionally end up with subpar 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 combo table tops in your hand.

Tabletop ping pong tables: If you already have too many tables in your games room, it might not be wise to get another when you don’t have a dedicated spot for it. That’s where a folding tabletop comes in handy; they allow you to convert your existing billiards/pool table, coffee table, foosball table, air hockey table, or countertop into an awesome ping pong playing field.

Tabletops come in either two or four-piece construction in which the pieces are held together by brackets for easy folding and unfolding. While 4-piece construction tabletops have a smaller footprint, they are more difficult to assemble and may leave unsightly seams that will impact ball bounce quality and playability.

Standard size tables: These are regulation size folding ping pong tables are 9 feet long and 5 feet wide, which makes them ideal for more serious players who are looking for a practice unit. For this table style, we recommend that you have a room that is at least 10 feet by 16 feet for optimum gameplay experience. If your rec room doesn’t have much space, you’re better off considering some smaller models.

Mini ping pong tables: Again, if you’re constrained by space in your rec room, a regulation size folding table may not be feasible. Mini ping pong models are there to fill this gap, but they are typically geared towards younger players. The compact built and low height of mini tables make them easy for the little ones to enjoy the game.

Playing Surface/Field Thickness

The thickness of the ping pong playfield is very crucial; it will likely affect not only the playability of the table but also the ball bounce quality. In fact, the thicker the surface of the table, the better and more consistent the bounce of the ball.

The best folding ping pong table surfaces range in thickness from 0.25 inches to an inch. 12mm-thick tables are on the low-end of the spectrum, but they might just be OK for kids and beginners. Competition-grade models can get as thick as 25mm, and they’re ideal for professional practice and play. These provide a consistent bounce throughout the entire playfield.

If you’re on the market for a foldable table, the odds are high that you’re looking for something to play just for fun. In that case, it won’t make much difference if the table surface is adequately thick or not. Something in the 15mm neighborhood will do just fine.

Frame Construction and Strength

The frame construction will impact the table’s durability and performance. A sturdy frame, preferably one made from solid steel, will last longer and ensure the table is reasonably stable. To figure out if the table frame is strong, check out its construction material, thickness, and the chassis width.

Ease of Assembly

You may not know for sure if a folding ping pong table will best meet your needs until you set it up. Some of them require a bit of assembling and may arrive with more components than you expected or can be challenging to set up. If you aren’t a handy person, it is best to purchase an easy-assembly table or a model that arrives 100% pre-assembled.

Types of Folding Ping Pong Tables

Wondering which one is best for you – outdoor or indoor foldable ping pong table?

Indoor tables: These are designed specifically to be used inside and therefore are not able to stand up to elements like moisture, sunlight, strong winds, and whatnot. The vast majority of the best folding ping pong tables are meant for indoor use as they are designed for intermediate, casual, kids, and beginner players. It helps that they’re collapsible for easy storage.

When you compare models in the same price range, indoor tables tend to provide more consistent and better-quality bounce than outdoor counterparts. Don’t leave them in a moisture-ridden environment – don’t say you weren’t warned!

Outdoor tables: What if you want to play outside to take advantage of the fabulous weather? Outdoor models help you keep avoid bringing in more clutter into your home. It pays to double-check if a particular table is designed for use outside.

High-quality outdoor table tennis tables are constructed of strong materials like stainless steel or aluminum composite. They are corrosive-resistant and weather-proof, and therefore will offer years of great outdoor play. However, these hard-wearing materials may compromise bounce quality.

Hybrid tables: These are crossover models that are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Accordingly, they are crafted from hard-wearing yet lightweight materials. Just make sure that your table comes with adjustable levelers built into the legs to ensure level playfield on uneven grounds.

Other Important Tips for Picking the Best Folding Ping Pong Table

  • Get a regulation size table for competition-level practice – if you’re a professional table tennis player or intend to play it competitively, you’ll need a table that’s not only high-quality but also affordable to practice with at home. The best folding ping pong table in regulation size will pull double duty as it will save you lots of space while allowing you to practice professionally.
  • A good net is a must-have. Make sure the table comes with a set of net and posts system, but don’t worry if it is wider than the actual table. That’s because the net should overhang by 6” on either end.
  • Table frame stability tip – For a sturdy and stable ping pong table ensure that it has lots of contact with the frame, instead of only meeting at the points where the legs join the tabletop.
  • A standard ping pong table stands at 30 inches tall. However, to cater to both tall and short players, as well as both kids and adults, consider a shorter or adjustable-height option.
  • Ensure that wheels or casters are lockable – A few folding models are equipped with 2 or 3 pairs of caster wheels for added mobility. Make sure that they are lockable or become immobilized during play.
  • Practice solo often? It’s imperative to buy a foldable table with a playback position in which one half of the tabletop flips up, allowing you to practice or play alone.
  • Getting around bubbling and warping. Most table tennis panels and tabletops made from wood or composite material tend to warp or bubble up when exposed to moisture, strong sun, and other extreme elements. Get one with thicker playfield, which makes it less prone to warping. Otherwise, we recommend investing in a quality cover for your table to preserve durability (if it comes with the table, even better!)

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