Top 16 Ping Pong Tables to Buy in 2021


The right ping pong table can make or break the game. If you’re looking to paddle your way through 2021 like a pro, let’s dig into what makes a ping pong table great and run down our list of ping pong tables available now that really make the grade.

Ping pong players are an opinionated lot. It would seem like all you need is a flat surface, but even that can be hard to find. Your average kitchen table or bar top usually has a slight tilt, or minor scratches and imperfections.

This won’t do for a great game of ping pong. If your ping pong table is not completely flat and blemish-free, one of the players could have an unfair advantage.

Additionally, the pros expect a certain amount of bounce and springiness in their board. If the ball doesn’t bounce properly, the game falls flat. A great ping pong table must have the right thickness and composition before the light plastic ball will move the way you want it to.

Whether you’re a beginner, a ranked amateur, or an ITTF pro, don’t settle for less when shopping for a ping pong table. Here are our picks for the 16 best ping pong tables to buy in 2021 …


1- STIGA Premium ITTF Approved Compact Tennis Table

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STIGA Premium ITTF Approved Compact Tennis Table – Folds to Minimal Storage...

Last update was on: November 29, 2022 7:44 pm

If you want a pro-caliber portable ping pong table that fits in a corner or closet when you are not using it, STIGA offers the Premium Compact, one of the best portable tables on the market. It also comes with the advantage of arriving pre-assembled, with no additional assembly required. 

Standout features of this table include a 2.2” steel apron and the 25 mm (1 inch) tabletop thickness coveted by professional players. Sanded, UV-protected, and laminated with a silk-screened smooth matte finish in sporty blue, it complies with all ITTF regulations for a pro table.

Despite its heft and durability, the Premium Compact is easy to manage. It collapses and reopens in one motion, with only one operator. When collapsed, it rolls on heavy-duty five-inch caster wheels. When flat, it sits on steel legs, individually adjustable to create a flat playing surface on any floor.


2- STIGA Advantage Pro Tournament-Quality Indoor Table Tennis

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STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Tables 95% Preassembled Out of the...

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Last update was on: November 29, 2022 7:44 pm

For players not ready to commit to the Premium Compact, STIGA offers the Advantage Pro, a little cousin to the Premium Compact that arrives 95% assembled with many of the same features that make the Premium Compact stand out … but at a fraction of the price.

One person can set or collapse this portable table with one easy motion. It rolls on 4-inch caster wheels when collapsed and sits on adjustable steel legs when the table is assembled for play.

The surface is a hefty ¾ inch thick and sits on a 1.5” steel apron. The 72-inch table itself is tournament-grade, suitable for professional gameplay. A fantastic, affordable table for a home, workplace, pub, or recreation center.


3- JOOLA Rally TL – Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

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STIGA Premium VM Net Set

Last update was on: November 29, 2022 7:44 pm

Manufacturers of ping pong tables since the 1950s, JOOLA comes with a pedigree that is easy to respect, as official sponsors of the Olympics, World Championship, and US Open.

 The Rally TL by JOOLA is an affordable, portable tournament-quality ping pong table that comes with the stamp of approval of the USATT.

With a regulation-sized, 15mm thick table, screen-printed in sleek matte black with matte still trim on the apron, this table cuts a dashing figure in any game room. When not in use, it folds in half, rolls on caster wheels, and fits in most storage closets perfectly.

JOOLA backs up this table with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


4- MD Sports Table Tennis Set

MD Sports makes a ping pong table with extra flexibility. Most portable ping pong tables are only suitable for two-player or four-player match games. This table features an innovative design that allows you to fold half of the table into a backstop, which allows you to use it for single-player gameplay, or for practice.

When fully extended, the ⅝” thick table is regulation-sized and suitable for either singles or doubles, tournament-grade and mounted on a 1.2” steel apron. 

When folded, this table rolls on caster wheels and takes up very little space. MD Sports offers a satisfaction guarantee on all their products and backs it up with stellar customer support.


5- Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table Tennis Table

The Killerspin MyT7 Blackstorm also features a single-fold mode that allows you to use half the table as a backstop for practice or solo play. This portable outdoor table also features a weatherized top made from a blend of aluminum and plastic.

In both match and solo mode, this hardy table will be a hit at a pool party, picnic, or BBQ. It folds up into a compact shape that fits in the back of most trucks. The hardy steel construction can handle multiple trips and rough treatment.

Trimmed in aggressive black and red, the Blackstorm also features extra conveniences like paddle and ball storage. Two paddles and up to eight balls can be stored at the ends of the Blackstorm, making it even easier to transport with everything you need to play.

Based in Chicago, Killerspin designs products specifically for the needs of the discerning table tennis player.


6-Kettler Eden Tables Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Kettler Eden makes a bare-bones, no-frills, high-quality Outdoor ping pong table suitable for professional gaming at a price that won’t break the bank. 

The matte silkscreened composite surface and steel frame are rust-resistant and built to last. Featuring both match and backstop modes, this table is perfect for tournaments. Set up multiple tables, level the legs, and you’re ready for a high-stakes bracket.

This ping-pong table also features an extra-sturdy adjustable net assembly. Once you get the table out of the box some assembly is required, but you will be ready to play in as little as 10 minutes. The table folds for easy storage and rolls on thick 3” caster wheels.


7- Sponeta Official Size Wood Table Tennis Table

 The Sponeta Collection is perfect for a more refined, old-school game room or man cave, adding earthy class to any joint with its cool, dark-stained wood tones. 

The Sponeta ping pong table arrives in two pieces and assembles easily into a stationary ping pong table with a ¾” think PVC laminated table top.

The table is mounted into a durable solid birch apron. The legs are also solid birch and adjustable within a range of 2.5 inches with floor adjusters.

This table is perfect as a permanent addition to a home game room. It blends with almost any decor, rather than sticking out like a more sporty table would.


8- Killerspin Table Tennis Table MyT7 Pocket

Killerspin complements the Blackspin outdoor table with the MyT7 Pocket indoor table. Despite the name, it doesn’t fit in your pocket; it’s a tournament-scale table suitable for professional indoor gameplay.

The Pocket features many of the extras players love about the Blackspin, including storage in the ends for two paddles and eight balls. It also comes with the popular feature whereby one half can fold into a backstop for solo play or practice.

The Pocket is also available in the same big-attitude black and red, as well as a more traditional but still-classy blue surface with steel legs.

Other key features include an 18mm bouncy MDF board and adjustable feet on the steel legs. It also folds easily and rolls on caster wheels for extreme portability and easy storage.


9- Barrington Fremont Collection Official Size Table Tennis Table

This stationary ping pong table, part of the Barrington Freemont Collection, makes a huge impression with its burly wood construction.

Despite its imposing looks, it’s a remarkably lightweight table. The stained wood planks that make it up are broad, but thin. They assemble into a solid construction with EZ-assembly technology. This table will look like it has lived in your game room for decades … but it only takes minutes to install.

The 18mm matte-black table surface is tournament-grade, regulation-sized, and ready for professional play in the classiest game rooms the world over.


10- Butterfly Personal Ping Pong Table

The Butterfly Personal Ping Pong Table is the perfect amateur table to install in a home with kids who love to play with paddles. With kids in the mix, you want a table that can stand up to heavy wear and tear.

The Butterfly Personal has got it, and Butterfly backs it up with a three year warranty. If your kids take less than three years to destroy this table, Butterfly has your back. 

The 19mm table top folds into a compact storage mode that rolls on caster wheels, or you can fold one half for solo play. Butterfly also sells a package that comes with paddles and balls, which tuck away into dedicated pockets under the table when not in use.

While the steel folding adjustable legs look thin, they feature extra steel bracing so the table can take whatever hits come its way.


11- MaxKare Foldable Table Tennis Table

MaxKare designs its indoor portable ping pong tables to go the distance. The four steel-reinforced adjustable legs look lightweight, but they prevent wobbling and tilting to ensure a fun, fair game for all players.

Extra-low profile with a ⅝” thick surface, this table is quick to assemble and install, with no extra tools needed. When not in use, it can be folded up, rolled on caster wheels, and stored in compact storage spaces or nooks. The MaxKare table can be folded to either half-court backstop or match mode.


12- Butterfly Active 19 Deluxe Indoor Ping Pong Table

 Most portable ping pong tables are long on function but short on form. The Butterfly Active 19 Deluxe has both. It cuts a dashing figure in either modern or retro gaming rooms. Its laminated 19mm playing surface is colored electric blue, as are the gracefully arched adjustable legs.

The rest of the table is trimmed with matte steel, a testament to the durability of its metal construction. There’s more to this ping pong table than good looks, though. It also plays like a champ in either match or playback mode. The three-inch locking caster wheels help stabilize the surface for remarkably consistent gameplay.

When game time is over, the table has a remarkably low profile in storage mode, folding and fitting into even small closets and storage spaces. However, this table looks good enough that you will want to leave it out if at all possible.


13- Rally & Roar  Ping Pong Table with Net Set

Rally and Roar offers an affordable, lightweight ping pong table with a 15mm board, perfect for beginners or hobbyists with little space to spare. The table arrives pre-assembled except for the caster wheels on the base, which allow it to be rolled into whatever space you have set aside for gameplay.

The table folds into a full-sized professional playing surface with leg adjusters to create the perfect level playing surface. Ideal for garages and family game rooms.


14- Butterfly Easifold DX 22 Table Tennis Table

This mid-range ping pong table offers a little extra board thickness than lower-priced ping pong tables at 22mm. Generally speaking, the thicker the table, the more robust the bounce. For players looking to upgrade or looking for a little bit “extra” right out the gate, the Butterfly Easifold DX 22 is an attractive choice. 

Assembled in 10 minutes, the table can be folded up for storage or set up for two modes of gameplay—full extension for one-on-one or two-on-two; or in backstop mode for solo play or practice. 

The heavy steel apron and legs make this ping pong table a good investment for the long term, while the three-year warranty protects you in the event that the table arrives with damage or fails before its time.


15- DONIC Waldner Classic 30 Table Tennis Table

The DONIC Waldner Classic 30 ping pong table features a playing surface that is a hefty 25mm thick, recognized by pro players as the thickness that creates the most efficient and consistent bounce.

When folded up, the Waldner Classic rolls easy on heavy-duty, thick-tread caster wheels. The sturdy steel frame features safety locks and adjustable legs.

This table complies with ITTF regulations for professional gameplay. Perfect for a gym, rec room, high-end game room, or professional tournament. One of the most decent ping pong tables around, that’s for sure.


16- Kettler Outdoor 6 Table Tennis Table with Accessories

Kettler’s outdoor professional ping pong table is designed to weather any conditions the great outdoors can throw at it. Waterproof and sturdily built, it can be left out in a rainstorm and still be ready for gameplay the next day. (Don’t be reckless, though. A plastic cover will bestow a longer lifespan on your table.)

The tabletop is sheathed in waterproof aluminum. The underside features Kettler’s patented ALU-TEC climate control design.

When folded in half, this portable ping-pong table rolls on beefy five-inch dual caster wheels. When locked into place the table is regulation-sized and sits on four adjustable, wobble-proof steel legs.

Made in Germany, the 2.25” apron resists warping and bending, even after years of abuse. Overall one of the best ping pong tables around.


7 Tips on How to Pick the Best Ping Pong Table

With so many ping pong tables to choose from, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Seasoned players may insist that only indoor tables 1” (25mm) thick are worth your time, and if they’re out of your budget, well, too bad.

What to think about such advice if you’re just starting out? Or if you’re shopping for a ping-pong table to lighten the mood in the dining room or the office break room?

The truth is that ping pong tables in a variety of styles and constructions may be suitable, depending on the situation and a user. Here are seven tips to pick the best ping pong table for you:


1. Consider the Age and Skill Level of the Players

A pro-quality ping pong table is a wonderful thing, but if the users are beginners, it may be overkill. A $1,000 table may have that perfect bounce height, but what does it matter if you’re still developing the hand-eye coordination it takes to connect a paddle with an airborne ball?

For beginning and intermediate players, a lower- or medium-end table may be the right way to go. A more expensive table may last longer, but there’s nothing wrong with getting your feet wet on a starter table. By the time it needs to be replaced, you could be a table shark.

If the intended players are children, it may be better to default to a higher-quality table. Kids tend to be rough on their toys, and a less-durable table may not long withstand the beating.


2. Decide—Stationary or Portable?

A high-quality stationary table tends to play better, have more sturdy legs, and last longer. If you have a dedicated space for your table tennis recreation and practice, consider stationary tables. 

On the other hand, if your space is limited and needs to serve multiple purposes, the downsides of a portable table must take a back seat. Portable is what you need.


3. Decide—Indoor or Outdoor?

If the space you have dedicated for your table is outdoors, the choice is obvious. An outdoor table is more likely to have the weatherproofing you need for your table to withstand the elements and enjoy a long life of gameplay.

 If you can dedicate an indoors space for your table, that’s a different story. Indoor tables tend to have better surfaces, with a more optimal bounce height and a playing surface free of defects and dead spots.

Garages are a special case. They protect your table from wind and rain, but with less climate control they may not protect your table from swings in temperature. While you might not need to settle for an outdoor table, try to find a table made from a material that won’t expand, contract, and warp in extreme temperatures.


4. Bring A Bubble Level

When inspecting a ping pong table, a bubble level is your best friend. The more level the surface, the more consistent the gameplay, with no advantage or disadvantage on either side. You won’t know if the surface is level without a bubble level. 

Place the level in multiple positions around the table and set your eyes at the level of the table. See if it is completely flat. If it is tilted in any way, see if you can adjust it.


5. Bring a Yardstick

The yardstick is to test the height to which the ball bounces. The rule of thumb for a ball bounce 23 cm when dropped from a height of 30 cm.

Stand the ruler up perpendicular to the table, hold the ball at 30 cm, then drop it. See if it bounces to 23 cm or close to it. Try this test at different positions of the table.


6. Focus on the Legs

Opinionated ping pong players expend a lot of breath on the proper thickness of the table, but the sturdiness of the legs actually play a bigger role in the longevity of the table and how level it remains. If in doubt, defer to a table with a more stable leg assembly, with fewer moving parts.

7. Measure Your Space

Don’t make the mistake of buying a regulation-sized ping pong table only to discover that the space you intended it for is not big enough. Remember, the size of the table isn’t the only thing to consider. You need at least five feet of clearance on each side of the table to play without feeling cramped.


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