Top 8 Best Teeter Totters In 2021 (In-Depth Buying Guide)


Considered an all-time playground favorite, a teeter-totter has a way of bringing lots of fun, joy, and unbridled excitement to children’s playtime. We’ve curated a list of the 8 best teeter-totters that are certain to transform your game room, rec room, or backyard into a fun-filled playground for the whole family.

Gone are the days when a teeter-totter was just a wooden plank pivoted in the middle on a stable log as the fulcrum. Today, you’ll find a variety of modern and much safer design styles, including two-seat, four-seat, and rocking chair models. Some of them feature fun themes, while others take the shape of boats, sharks, airplanes, and whatnot to appeal to your child’s style, whim, and taste.

You’ve probably set a ballpark budget, but you should also keep in mind the maximum weight limit and appropriate age range when shopping for the best teeter-totter. Both considerations will help you score a solid model that’s not just safe for your little ones but will also last longer, so you can get more bang for your buck. You must also factor in the space available in the play area. But that’s not all — continue reading our shopping guide for more tips on how to select & buy the perfect teeter-totter for your family.


1. Gym Dandy Spinning Teeter Totter

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Gym Dandy Spinning Teeter Totter - Impact Absorbing Kids Playground Equipment -...

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Last update was on: October 20, 2021 8:00 am
$189.98 $299.99


Two-in-one playset – This seesaw can rotate in a complete 360 degrees. Thanks to its urethane wheels, once a seat goes down, it can be moved parallel with ease. Urethane won’t break nor crack under impact. It is highly resilient against bumps and abrasion.

Heavy-duty construction – This Teeter totter is built with a heavy-duty frame that’s ensured to carry 300lbs. It has a weather-resistant powder coat finish for added durability and protection against corrosion and rust. It’s the ideal play-set for outdoors!

Safe and ergonomic design – This playset features 2 elongated soft cushioned seats and ergonomic handlebars with rubber grips. The roller wheels under seats absorb the shock impact and soften the landing, protecting your children from any possible discomfort


You can turn pretty any backyard into the ultimate playground with the Gym Dandy Spinning Teeter Totter. More than 80 percent of Amazon customers who bought it gave a perfect 5-star rating for its top-notch safety features, durability, and ease of use. The swirl-style teeter-totter features a patented rotary pendulum system that can swirl in a complete 360° for added fun and excitement.

The rig is constructed with a heavy-gauge powder-coated steel frame that’s extremely durable and can hold up to 300 lbs. of weight. It also offers protection against rust, corrosion, and other harsh weather elements. We love the elongated cushioned seat design that’s ergonomic, super-safe, and comfortable. As if that isn’t safe enough, it sports roller wheels under the seats to dissipate impact shock and soften heavy landings.

2. Little Tikes 486098 Classic Whale 3-Rider Teeter Totter

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Little Tikes 486098 Classic Whale 3-Rider Teeter Totter Toy with Handles, Blue

Last update was on: October 20, 2021 8:00 am


  • Adorable 3.5-foot, whale-shaped teeter totter toy for up to 3 riders; helps toddlers develop motor skills and team cooperation
  • Stable base helps kids rock the boat without capsizing
  • Simple 1-piece design cleans up easily with soap and water; perfect teeter-totter for indoor or outdoor use


There’s something enchanting about Little Tikes toys and playground equipment. Their simple design paired with safety considerations makes them a kid and parent favorite. The Classic Whale 3-Rider Teeter Totter is no different; it has no moving or small parts that can be a safety hazard while the hard plastic construction makes a bold statement about its durability.

Little Tikes decided to forgo the classic two-seat or four-seat design and went for a three-seat setup sure to be a hit with the little ones during playdates. This model is highly recognized for its simple design, pleasantly affordable price, and eye-catching color. It’s a great addition to your child’s playroom, as it helps young ones develop their social and motor skills.

As a careful parent, you’ll appreciate the easy-to-grip handles and no-assembly design. The one, seamlessly piece design makes it among the best teeter-totters for ease of cleaning. The sturdy, grooved construction combined with a delightfully low profile will help your kid feel comfortable and secure.


3. Lifetime 90135 Ace Flyer Teeter Totter

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Lifetime 90135 Ace Flyer Teeter Totter, Earthtone

& Free shipping
Last update was on: October 20, 2021 8:00 am
$299.98 $349.99


  • Can seat up to 7 kids at once; dimensions: 92″L x 95″ W x 30-35″ H; heavy-duty all-weather construction; will not crack, warp, rot, split or fade like wooden playground equipment
  • Features up and down, side to side dual-action movement, plus interactive flight features include a dashboard, steering wheel, gauges, and spinning foam rotor
  • Easy to assemble with 3 different height settings; backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty


Add an aviation touch to your child’s playroom with this Lifetime 90135 Ace Flyer Teeter Totter. It’s quite a looker and does much more than rock your little one’s world! With an interactive dashboard, dual set of teeter-totters, and a 2-seat cockpit, this magnificent beauty will take your child to new heights while offering countless hours of fun and creative play.

The interactive flight simulator includes a spinning foam motor, gauges, steering wheel, and a dashboard. What more could you want for your budding aviator? Easily the best teeter-totter on this list, it can sit up to 7 kids at a time and boast 2 axes of motion so your little ones can move side by side, as well as up and down.

The whole set-up measures 92 x 95 x 30-35 inches and can support up to a whopping 600 lbs. of combined weight. It features weather-resistant heavy-duty construction that will withstand strong elements, preventing warping, rotting, cracking, fading, and much more. It’s surprisingly easy to put together and boasts three different height settings. To cap it off, the teeter-totter is backed by a one-year warranty.


4. SLIDEWHIZZER Kids Outdoor Backyard Playground Seesaw

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SLIDEWHIZZER Kids Outdoor Backyard Playground Seesaw: Swivels and Rotates 360 Degrees Teeter...

Last update was on: October 20, 2021 8:00 am


Spinning Seesaw: Unlike traditional seesaws, the Slidewhizzer Seesaw can spin 360 degrees while going up and down! Like a merry-go-round, children can spin around and around or move up and down and side to side in a frog-like motion. The perfect backyard equipment for some electronic-free fun!

Safe & Durable: The heavy-duty steel frame can support up to 154 pounds or 77 pounds per child. With a rust-resistant finish and an adjustable frame (72” to 78.7″) that grows with your child, this seesaw will last your children for years!

Gross Motor Skill Development: Seesaws promote balance and coordination skills. With a spinning function, a greater range of motor skills are learned and the skill set developed. Learn while they play; the ultimate addition to your backyard playset!


The SLIDEWHIZZER Kids Outdoor Backyard Playground Seesaw is a teeter-totter and a merry-go-round, all wrapped in one handy piece of playground equipment.  It can spin a whole 360 degrees, move up and down, and rock side to side in a fun, frog-esque movement.

The unique seesaw weighs 21.6 lbs. and spans 86.2 x 21 x 24 inches, so it’s lightweight and compact yet it can hold up to 154 lbs. of weight. That translates to about 77 lbs. per rider, making it perfect for older kids aged between 3 and 8. We love the gorgeous powder-coated finish and the adjustable frame that allows the seesaw to grow with your child. Definitely one of the best teeter-totters for juniors.


5. Step2 Dino Rocker

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Step2 Dino Rocker

Last update was on: October 20, 2021 8:00 am


  • Saddle up on this character rocker and let him take your child on an imaginary dinosaur exploration! This Dino’s friendly design and bright color make this kids rocker toy an ideal choice for little ones excited to learn and play with dinosaurs.
  • The contoured seat and easy-grip handles provide a secure ride through any adventure; the lightweight design allows for easy clean-up, storage, and portability – wherever their next adventure leads!
  • Check out Dino’s sturdy design to prevent tipping and over-rocking! And, the durable ever tough resin construction ensures this rocker toy is ready for years of Dinosaur-themed play.


For those parents looking for a single-seat rocking chair teeter-totter, the Step2 Dino Rocker is one that’s sure to delight your kiddo. It flaunts a vibrant green dino theme, so your child can explore the proverbial Jurassic park with the rocker leading the way. We particularly fancy the countered seat design that’s ultra-comfortable for the little one, alongside the easy-grip handles for maximum safety during tumultuous rides.

The rocker is well-designed and sturdy, so your child won’t tip over. The hardy resin build will provide many years of dino exploration. Even better, the seamless one-piece construction means the teeter-totter is easy to transport, store, and clean. A unicorn-themed rocker is also available for your little princess.


6. Gym Dandy Teeter-Totter Playground Set TT-210

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Gym Dandy Teeter-Totter Home Seesaw Playground Set TT-210

& Free shipping
Last update was on: October 20, 2021 8:00 am


  • COLORFUL DESIGN – Brightly colored powder coated finish with padded grip handles to prevent calluses even after hours of play
  • BUMP ABSORBER – Reinforced with a bump-absorber mechanism that allows for comfortable play by reducing impacts, making it safer than traditional park seesaws.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS – This playground is made with premium-quality steel and the finest plastic. Large, elongated, and padded seats for a comfortable ride, supporting riders up to 300 lbs. in total weight.


Another gem from Gym Dandy, the Playground Set TT-210 is a much cheaper alternative to our top pick. Save for the lack of rotation, it brings most of the premium features to the table, including the bump absorber to reduce the impact of heavy hits and soften the landing. The colorful design will become an instant hit with your kid and their friends.

The teeter-totter is made with premium-quality plastic and topnotch steel with a powder-coated finish, which makes it durable, rust-proof, and all-weather-resistant. The combination of padded grip handles and the bump absorbers help echo the seesaw’s impeccable safety record.

Kids rave about its large, elongated & well-padded seats that are supportive and comfortable. The setup has a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs.


7.  ECR4Kids Spinner Seesaw

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ECR4Kids Spinner Seesaw - Swivel 360 Degree Spinning Teeter-Totter for Kids -...

Last update was on: October 20, 2021 8:00 am
$149.99 $179.99


  • Moves up and down with 360-degree rotation
  • Metal and plastic construction with easy grip soft handle for small hands
  • Maximum weight of 99 lbs. per seat; recommended for ages 3 years and up


One of the best teeter-totters offering the swirl mechanism, the ECR4Kids Spinner Seesaw is an excellent all-rounder that’s well-built, superbly priced, and easy to set up. Like our top pick, Gym Dandy Spinning Teeter Totter, this model can rotate in a full 360 degrees. Your little ones will love playing on this beauty for hours on end without losing interest thanks to its bright colors.

The solid metal and plastic construction imply that it’ll provide your ilk with years of hassle-free fun. And with a 199-pound maximum weight limit for every seat, it can accommodate pretty much any kid ages 3 or up. The highlight of the teeter-totter is its soft-grip, ergonomic plastic handles coupled with nicely-shaped molded seats that are sure to offer countless hours of comfortable rides.

Most customers were impressed by its incredibly durable steel frame with quad feet support and 360-degree rotation. The under-$149 price tag is quite wallet-friendly, too. Unfortunately, it lacks bump stops, which might not be a deal-breaker for most parents of older kids.


8. Pidgey Two-Sided Rock and Roll Teeter Totter

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Kids Teeter Totter and Table Set, Toddler Activity Seesaw Play and Rocking...

Last update was on: October 20, 2021 8:00 am


  • A Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner:  Kids will love sharing this rocking action ride that encourages balance and imagination. Two-sided play for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Rocker side accommodates up to 4 children safely, has two seat levels, and molded safety grips providing stability and comfort even on the rockiest rides; the Bridge side has molded textured steps for easy traction and safety.
  • Durable, double-wall plastic construction is weather-resistant and includes drainage holes. Fully assembled and made in the USA.


Sporting a cool blue color and double-wall molded plastic build, the Pidgey Two-Sided Rock and Roll Teeter Totter promotes imaginative play and encourages balance. The Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner features one of the best teeter-totters that can be flipped to become a climbing bridge. We dare you to find another option that brings the best of the two worlds.

The teeter-totter has two-seat slots and easy-to-grip molded handles for easy comfort and stability. It can sit up to 4 kids with a recommended age range of between 24 months and 6 years. The double-wall plastic construction resists elements, not to mention it has holes to help drain out captured water.

This one-piece design requires no assembly and is super-easy to clean. Did we mention that it’s made right here in the USA?


10 Tips on How to Pick the Best Teeter Totters This Year

There’s something of beauty about the teeter-totter which has made it a staple of the playground for centuries. Better known as seesaws, teeter-totters have come a long way from when they were just wooden planks pivoted over logs. Today’s market is rife with different designs, models, and styles. Each one sports a different dimension, material, price tag, shape, and weight, plus they boast varying load limits.

With all these options, finding the right one can become a little confusing and tricky. Lucky for you, we have rounded up important considerations you should keep in mind in your search for the best teeter-totter.

(1) Commercial vs. Home Models

Commercial teeter-totters are way different from those meant for home use, both in design features and durability. Home models are typically small, lightweight, and portable, perfect for your kid’s room, home rec room, or backyard. They are definitely more affordable with a lighter construction than commercial counterparts. After all, they’ll sit idle most of the time, only getting 30 minutes to an hour of action per day.

Teeter totters designed for commercial use at school playgrounds, public parks, and community recreational centers, on the other hand, have an industrial build and are usually poled into the ground using concrete or bolts for added stability, durability, and to keep theft at bay. These large models must be exceptionally weather-resistant and sturdy to withstand hours of rigorous rocking each day. They’re often found along with the best metal swing sets, merry-go-rounds, metal slides, and monkey bars, just to name a few commercial playground essentials.

Most commercial seesaws must be set up by a professional to meet certain safety codes, while those aimed at home users are generally freestanding and arrive almost fully pre-assembled, ready for play. The best teeter-totters for use by younger kids at home boast seat backs and are anchored using sturdy pegs.

(2) Indoor vs. Outdoor

Backyard teeter-totters are perfect for spring and summer when kids are most active, but the fun doesn’t have to stop when the temperatures start dipping. You don’t have to look hard to find a variety of models that can do well year-round, as they can be used both inside the home and outdoors in the backyard, patio, or deck space.

What’s if you live in an apartment, condo, or place without any yard space. If you don’t have enough space in your yard, your choice is narrowed down to only indoor models. While that might seem to limit some people, there are numerous compact indoor options that will enable your little one to have fun see-sawing, let off steam and burn off excess energy right in their playrooms.

The best teeter-totters, however, are versatile, allowing you to use them seamlessly indoors and outdoors. These flexible guys are usually easy to move and sport weather-proof construction.

(3) Type of the Teeter Totter

Teeter totters are available in a raft of styles, from the classic two-seat seesaws to chair rockers and complex four-seat models.

i) 2-seat seesaws: Two-seat models are what come to mind when you talk about a traditional seesaw. The classic platform balanced over a pivot design has been re-engineered over the years, so you may not be able to recognize instantly modern 2-seat teeter-totters.

This type of seesaw is basically a board pivoted on a fulcrum. However, two seats at both ends and a metal bar with handles have taken the place of the classic wooden board. This modern setup is more comfortable, safer, and more fun for youngsters, especially toddlers.

The traditional fulcrum in this model has been replaced with a spring (in the case of commercial options), quad base, tripod, or a raised metal bar. Even though they vary greatly in design and construction quality, all these setups are designed to fit two children at once, with each rocking up and down alternatively on their respective end.

ii) Teeter totters for four: Also known as four-seat teeter-totters, these models are an excellent choice for in-home daycares, hospitals, shared living communities, and larger families. As the name suggests, these seesaws allow four kids to seat and rock at the same time.

They come in different designs, as well. The most common design has two side by side seats on either end of the seesaw, making room for four participants. Another simpler four-seat design incorporates a teeter-totter that’s long enough for two kids to sit one in front of the other on one end.

You’ll also find a 4-seat model that couples a pair of 2-seat seesaws on the same fulcrum at a perpendicular angle. While this style might seem fun, it tends to be heavier, less practical and occupies more space. Be that as it may, this comes quite handy in promoting active group play. After all, the more children accommodated the merrier.

iii) Swirling teeter-totters: These models take a rather exciting twist to the classic seesaw design. Not only do they allow kids to bounce up and down but also rotate at the fulcrum. This enables kids to swirl 360 degrees, adding an adrenaline-charging element of excitement to the whole experience.

By design, the swirling seesaw structure has 2 seats mounted on both ends of a wooden board or steel tube anchored from a central rotary base. These swirling teeter-totters are meant for kids up to ages 3. If you have pre-school kids who love to play with others in the neighborhood, this might be an excellent choice for you.

The best teeter-totters in this category can be installed in any spacious backyard or public/personal garden. Thanks to the clever design, you can turn just about any play area into an oasis of exhilaration and true fun. It helps that most swirling models can handle up to 70 lbs. of load on either end.

iv) Rocking chair teeter-totters: Seesaws of this type ditch the classic pivoted fulcrum for a chair rocker design. It can be a single-seat rocker, dual-seat rocker, or a four-seat version with either a metal or plastic frame. The rocking motion helps sway the riders up and down, instead of depending on the kids to push themselves off the ground.

A single-seat rocking chair is usually geared toward toddlers who are just learning to be independent. In this design, the toddler is sat on a central seat which then rocks them in a swaying motion from its curved base. You can find this model in a variety of toddler-friendly themes like fruits, birds, animals, cartoons, and other fun & attractive color schemes or patterns.

Two-seat versions are designed much in the same way as traditional two-seat seesaws, except that they don’t have central fulcrum. Rather than using a central pivot, these models rock upon the base’s curvature. Tubular 2-seat rockers are another popular type that functions in nearly the same manner, and the tube can be replaced with a wooden rocking platform. Some of the best teeter-totters for toddlers belong to this category.

(4) Maximum Weight Limit

Safety should be your top priority when looking for the best teeter-totter for your tot, which is why the maximum weight limit should be among the first things you check. It should be clearly indicated by the manufacturer, as the load limit varies from model to model depending on the size and material used.

Small teeter-totters aimed at younger kids, most of which are plastic made, have a maximum weight limit of between 100 lbs. and 150 lbs. On the other hand, larger models boasting metal construction can hold up to 300-400 lbs., meaning they can accommodate up to 150 lbs. on either edge.

Molded plastic teeter-totters usually have a much lower weight limit than metal counterparts. As a general rule of caution, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions to the tee. Look for safety requirements and recommendations when doing your research – it’ll save you a lot of headaches later.

(5) Recommended Age Range

While the weight limit is normally the be-all-end-all safety factor to consider, you might also want to check out the manufacturer’s recommended age range. Each model has one. Most single-seat rockers are typically designed for younger toddlers who have just taken their first few steps. Their low profile coupled with added safety features will ensure that your little one is always out of harm’s way. At this age, your tot should be into other smaller & safer toys like kids wagons, toddler swings, and so forth.

Most swirling seesaws are meant for kids up to the age of 3, while others can be used by children of all ages, as long as they don’t surpass the weight limit. The best teeter-totters make the age range known right from the get-go.

(6) Size

You probably want to place an indoor swing and your teeter-totter side by side in your kid’s playroom, in-home daycare, classroom, or backyard. That’s why it is imperative that you measure the space available for the seesaw before you shop for one.

Chances are, you have already invested top-dollar in the best swing set, so the last thing you want is a monstrous seesaw that will end up knocking everything else into the corner of the playroom. It pays to compare the dimensions of the model to the measurements of the available space, so you can be sure there’s enough room for it.

Some of the best teeter-totters are compact enough for both indoor and outdoor use. These small beauties make an awesome addition to a playroom, game room, or rec room that has ample clearance.

(7) Is It Portable?

Most domestic models are reasonably lightweight and easy to move around. Some may have a hook system or anchors for permanent attachment, but they are usually not difficult to relocate. Molded plastic teeter-totters are generally very portable, making it easy to move to and from the playroom or storage to the park, backyard, or other outdoor sports.

While you might need an extra pair of hands to handle the size, they aren’t heavy. Ideally, you should pay particular attention to portability, if you’re after the best teeter-totters for home use.

(8) Seat Design and Features

The best teeter-totters for younger kids have seats with raised backs to make them feel comfier and prevent accidental falls. Those with backless seats increase the likelihood of your child falling off the seesaw. These models usually ditch the seat back for handles to add an adrenaline rush to play, but they aren’t recommended for younger toddlers.

At the end of the day, seesaws equipped with backed seats provide more stability to the child and takes the pressure off of you by giving you more peace of mind.

(9) Strong Base

A flimsy seesaw has no spot in your kid’s playroom. As such, you should make sure the base is sturdy, durable, and wide enough to offer the necessary stability and support. Whether you plan to anchor it down permanently or not, the best teeter-totter should be stable and able to hold the maximum allowable load without tipping over.

(10) Material

Teeter-totters are commonly made of metal, molded plastic, or wood. The choice of material construction will affect its durability, playability, and maximum weight limit. Models constructed entirely of molded plastic are incredibly wallet-friendly, lightweight, and fairly durable because they don’t easily succumb to the elements.

In some options, plastic handles, seats, and seat backs are coupled with a solid or tubular metal frame to help add a pop of color and improve the level of comfort. High-end teeter-totters are usually made from powder-enameled steel, as it’s an all-weather and strong material. They can be used indoors and outdoors, often sporting plastic seats and handles for increased comfort.

While metal models are naturally durable, they tend to be less portable and heavier than wooden or plastic teeter-totters. So, if you’re on the market for the best teeter-totters for commercial use, look no further.

Even though they are no longer widely available, wooden seesaws have a vintage and rustic touch to them. If you’re inclined to get a wooden model, make sure it has a water-repellent coating or sealant to preserve its elegant, natural look and prevent wobbling or bubbling of the lumber. The best teeter-totters with wood construction are usually kitted out with plastic handles and seats for added comfort.


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