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Top 7 Best Metal Swing Sets in 2021 (in-depth buying guide)


Backyard metal swing sets are a great addition to any home with kids. These sets provide hours of fun and entertainment for kids and will help to keep them outdoors for hours and stay physically active as well. The best metal swing sets are the gift that keeps on giving, for both kids and adults. Kids will get to play on these sets for years and, as they grow, use different fasces of the set. For parents, these sets will allow them to play with their children or to keep them busy with independent play.

The swing set is something that has been entertaining kids for thousands of years. There is evidence of early swing sets going back to Ancient Greece. Today, with so many toy and game options, the swing set sometimes goes overlooked. In 2021 though, having a backyard swing set is more important than ever. As kids put in more screen time than ever, giving kids the tool to engage in physical activity is important for parents to do. Also, as we deal with self-isolation and public park closures due to the global pandemic, having a swing set at home will help keep kids occupied and entertained which is so important for children and adults.

On this list of best metal swing sets, we will showcase a wide variety of sets within this category. We have traditional outdoor sets, indoor sets, and sets for backyards that do not have enough space for a traditional set. We will highlight the most important features of the sets as well as discuss the plusses and minuses of each. Here are the top 7 best metal swing sets in 2021.


1. XDP Recreation Deerfield 10 Child Capacity Kids Swing Set/ Outdoor Playground

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XDP Recreation Deerfield 10 Child Capacity Kids Swing Set Outdoor Playground

Last update was on: October 2, 2022 8:01 am

This tops our list of best metal swing sets because it gives you and the family everything you need for days, weeks, months, and years of outdoor, backyard fun. The swing set is just shy of 7-feet high and is 13-feet long. It is relatively easy to set up and most people report that it can be done in around 2 hours. Once it is set up, it is a very sturdy set that you will not have to worry about kids pulling down when playing on it.

The set is very versatile as well and has enough activities so that kids will always have something new to do and they won’t get bored. Some of the activities can be done by a child alone while others will work with a sibling or a friend. The set features a “Fun-Glidr” for 2, a see-saw, a large saucer swing for 2, a Stand N Swing, a standard non-slip swing, and a 6-foot plastic slide. With all this equipment, this is truly one of the best metal swing sets because it can hold up to 10 kids at once.

In addition to giving kids a lot to do, this is also a very safe swing set. As mentioned before, it is very sturdy but also has more safety features such as high-density foam padding on the legs of the set, safe-touch chain covers for the swings, and a safe landing zone for the slide. Safety is obviously very important with everything you buy for your kids but especially with a swing set, you want to be able to send your kids out to play on it independently without having to worry about them getting hurt on the equipment.


  • Easy to set up and sturdy
  • Lots of activity options
  • Includes many different safety features


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • One of the more, but not the most, expensive


This is a great swing set that will keep up to 10 kids entertained for long stretches of time. There is so much to do that it will be a hit with all the kids in the neighborhood and your child or children will love it because there is always a different way to play with it. The set is a little expensive but offers good value for the money. It is overall one of the best metal swing sets on the market in 2021. 


2. ActivPlay Modular Jungle Gym with Swing Set and Monkey Bars Kit

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ActivPlay Modular Jungle Gym with Swing Set and Monkey Bars Kit, APJGC3,...

Last update was on: October 2, 2022 8:01 am

This is the granddaddy of the best metal swing sets. To even just call this “just” a swing set is not doing it justice. This is like having a full playground in your backyard. And, the best part is that it is customizable so you can put the set in different configurations as your kids get bigger/ older or as they get bored with a certain formation.

The set really stands out with its bold primary colors and is an eye-catching addition to any backyard. The sections are module and can be set up in any way that works best for you and your kids. The modules are a ladder and a monkey bar set, a jungle gym, and a swing set that comes with a swing and a trapeze bar. All the equipment meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for safety and includes added safety features such as no-pinch joint covers and chain covers.

It is an expensive set, but the quality and versatility make it well worth the price. The fact that it is more than just a swing set makes it ideal for all kinds of physical activity that will be good for kids’ physical health and development. The climbing, gripping, and swinging, helps develop motor skills and core strength to set your kids up with an active lifestyle from a young age. The high-quality materials and construction of the set will ensure its lasts throughout your children’s entire childhood as well.


  • Quality materials and eye-catching colors
  • Modular set-up for multiple configurations
  • Meets and exceeds safety standards


  • Most expensive swing set on this list
  • Wind stake anchors sold separately


This is the Rolls Royce of this best metal swing sets list. It is expensive but if you want to spend the money, you will not be unhappy. It looks great and the quality materials and customization options will allow the set to not only last a long time but to be played with for a long time because kids will not get bored.


3. KLB Sport A-Frame Metal Swing Set

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KLB Sport A-Frame Metal Swing Set

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Last update was on: October 2, 2022 8:01 am
$139.99 $149.99

If you are looking for a no-frills swing set for your backyard, then this is the best metal swing set for you. It is good-sized, safe, and, if your kids just love to swing, it will be a great swing set for them. It doesn’t take up a ton of backyard space but it isn’t overly small either. You can get swing sets that are a similar size but that also offers more features. The swing set comes in at a little over 8 ½-feet wide, just over 6-feet deep, and just under 6-feet tall. It says can support 2, 100 lb. kids swinging at once or 200 lbs. total.

This is one of the best metal swing sets to set up. It comes with all the poles, chains, swings, and hardware you need to set it us as well as anchors that firmly connect it to the ground. This means you do not need to dig holes or pour concrete with this swing set to keep it firmly planted in your yard. Once it is in, it complies, or in some cases exceeds all ASTM safety standards to give you even more peace of mind.

It is a simple and good-looking swing set. The frame is dark blue, the swing chains are yellow, and the swings are green. The poles are high-quality steel and have a UV-resistant coating so that they maintain their color and integrity even when left in the backyard season after season. The seat swings are a little narrow for larger children but as your children grow, they can be replaced with larger swings. Just make sure to follow the recommended weight limit or the stability could be compromised.


  • Solid, long-lasting materials and construction
  • Sleek and attractive look
  • Meets or exceeds recognized safety standards


  • Very simple; no additional features
  • Larger kids may not fit in swings and can pull out anchors


This may never be considered the best metal swing set available but it is definitely good and at around $200, the price isn’t too high either. It is safe, well-manufactured, and will look good in your backyard. It may not keep your kids busy for hours on end like some other swing sets with more features but it will provide some good, outdoor fun.


4. DreamGYM Indoor Swing Trapeze & Rings Combo and Therapy Sensory Swing

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DreamGYM Indoor Swing Trapeze & Rings Combo and Therapy Sensory Swing

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Last update was on: October 2, 2022 8:01 am

There are plenty of people who don’t have a backyard for a swing set. If you live in an apartment, condo, or something else with a small, shared, or no outdoor space, that doesn’t mean you still can’t own one of the best metal swing sets out there today. This ingenious set from DreamGYM allows kids all the fun of a swing set but completely indoors. This swing set consists of a metal rod that can be attached along the top of a door frame and several different attachments that turn a normal door into a super-fun swing set.

The main piece that creates the swing set is a chrome-plated metal bar that can fit between most door frames between 26″ and 36″ wide. The set comes with a bracket for each side and 10 screws. The bar can be removed but your door will still close with the bar and brackets in place. It also comes with carabiners and hanging straps to attach the sensory swing and trapeze bar that are included.

The attachments and even the bar itself is very versatile. The sensory swing is like a hammock where kids can relax or swing in. The bar can be taken out of the trapeze to create two rings and the bar can even function as a chin-up bar as kids get into their teen years. With the clip and carabiner system, you can hang other things as well like a baby swing or a traditional seated swing.


  • A great alternative for indoor fun
  • Lots of different activities; good for kids as they get older
  • Doesn’t take up floor space


  • Only one user at a time
  • Need to drill holes in door frame do secure


This is a great alternative for people without a lot of space or who don’t have the outdoor space to have a regular swing set. It provides a lot of the same activities you get from a swing set and lots of the benefits as well such as upper body and core strength development. It is great as an alternative swing set or as an indoor option in places with cold and snowy climates.


5. Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing in Multi-Color Rainbow 

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Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing in Multi-Color Rainbow – Kids Indoor/Outdoor Round Mat...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: October 2, 2022 8:01 am
$51.99 $54.49

Sometimes, even if you do have access to your own outdoor space, the conditions don’t allow for a standard swing set like some of the best metal swing sets listed above. If you have a yard with a lot of trees or one without enough flat space to support a swing set, there is still an option to give your kids a swing to play with. This tree swing connects to any pole or strong tree branch and gives kids hours of swinging fun.

This set consists of all the hanging hardware and tools you need, 2 strong, multi-strand ropes, and a disc seat that consists of a black mesh seat, a steel frame, a rainbow frame cover and is around 40-inches in diameter. It can hold an adult or two and one to three kids depending on their size. The company suggests around 220 lbs. for safe swinging but the swing is rated to hold up to 330 lbs.

The swing is also waterproof and what the company calls “low-grade weatherproof” so it can withstand being stored outside in nice climates or seasons but should be taken in if there is harsher weather or climates. It can hang on a tree branch, a swing set, or over a beam in a garage or house. It is very versatile for use indoors or out.


  • Doesn’t need flat ground space
  • Looks colorful and fun
  • Good for kids or adults


  • You can only swing on it, no other activities
  • Cannot leave up year-round in most climates


Another great alternative for people who don’t have the open outdoor space to have a regular swing set. For wooded areas or hilly backyards, it is the perfect swing to put up for kids to enjoy in those conditions. Its rainbow color scheme makes it look like fun and it truly is, for both kids and adults.


6. Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center

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Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center (Primary Colors)

& Free shipping
Last update was on: October 2, 2022 8:01 am

This may not be what you think of when you hear the words “swing set” but it is a great piece of backyard playground equipment that your kids will love and play with for a long time so it makes the backend of our best metal swing set list. This dome climber comes in three different sizes, 54-inches, 60-inches, and 66-inches for kids of all ages and also comes in four different color schemes; primary, mantis green and bronze, earth tone, and blue and brown.

Depending on the size, the dome is 4½-feet to 5½ feet tall so kids are able to climb up the outside of hand and swing from the inside. You can also hang a baby or rope swing from the top for kids. It is great to develop kids’ hand-eye coordination as well as grip and total body strength. It is also a great outdoor set that will encourage imaginative play and can be perfect for kids who seem like they are glued to the TV or video game system.

The dome does not anchor to the ground so you can move it around the yard if you want. This will help you follow the sun, not kill the grass, or give you a better angle to watch your kids while they play. Watch out in windy weather though. Although it is heavy enough at around 130 lbs., if the weather is too severe you could have a problem. You can buy anchors on your own though and tether it down.


  • Easier to move than a normal swing set
  • Provides great physical activities
  • Lots of colors and sizes to choose from


  • Does not come with safety anchors
  • Doesn’t come with a traditional swing


If you are looking for an outside-the-box alternative to a traditional swing set that will provide lots of physical activity and imaginative fun, then this may be the best metal swing set you will find. It is great to climb and play on and you can get a size that fits perfectly in your yard in a color you love for your home.


7. Super Deal Metal Swing Set with Ladder Climber and UV Protective Sunshade

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SUPER DEAL Swing Set, 40" Kids Web Tree Swing Saucer Swing +...

Last update was on: October 2, 2022 8:01 am
$90.99 $95.99

This is a great swing set for kids that comes from a great brand and at under $200, is the best overall value on this lust. Super Deal is a brand that had been around since 1985 and is about more than just paying and having a good time. The brand states that their mission is to serve kids who are “inspired and motivated through sport to lead an active, positive and healthy lifestyle.”

The swing set weighs in at 85 lbs. and is 6-feet tall, just over 10-feet wide, and 6-feet deep. It is fairly easy to set up and with two people, most can get it up and running within an hour or two. You will need additional tools though that are not provided. Once assembled, the swing set is very sturdy for smaller kids although some users report that once kids start getting over 75 lbs., the swing set is not as stable.

The swing set has four main features. These include a swing, a 2-person glider, a single monkey bar, and a large, A-frame ladder feature. The set can be enjoyed by up to 5 kids at once, although using the monkey bar while the glider and the swing are in use may be a little tight. It also has an attached UV sunshade to protect kids from the beating sun. It is a great feature to keep kids cool and their skin safe. It is a great feature to have, especially if you live in a very hot, sunny climate.


  • Great value for the price
  • Protects kids from the sun while playing
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not great for older/ heavier kids
  • Need additional tools to set up


This is a very good swing set for the money. It can’t handle a ton of kids and doesn’t offer a ton of features but it certainly has enough to get lots of enjoyment out of. It is good quality and with a lifetime warranty, you know the company backs it up. The sunshade is a great little bonus that will make kids more comfortable while playing which is what bumps it up the best metal swing set list.


5 tips on how to pick the best metal swing sets this year

If you are looking for the best metal swing set in 2021, there are a lot of questions you probably have. While the reviews above are helpful and a great place to start, there are some other things you may want to know before you pick the set that is best for you and your family. To help, here are 5 tips on how to pick the best metal swing sets this year. 

Checklist for buying a swing set

If you are thinking of buying a new swing set, there are a few main things you want to consider before you make your purchase. Here is a handy checklist for the important questions you want to ask yourself and answer before you buy.

  • Indoors or Outdoors? This may sound silly because most people think of swing sets s a piece of equipment for the yard but this is not always true. If you live in an apartment or condo without a yard or have a big basement or playroom, an indoor swing set could be great. Check out the alternative types of swing sets below.
  • What type of material? The three main materials you will find swing sets made out of are metal, wood, or plastic. Each has its pros and cons in looks, strength, and safety. Whether you choose the best metal swing set for you or some other material really comes down to personal preference. To learn more about the differences between these three styles, see the section on “metal vs. other materials” below.
  • How much space? Most traditional swing sets have some type of footprint they need to be set up on. There is also the concern with the height of the set if you have tree branches hanging down or an overhang from your home. This means you don’t have to just measure the footprint when deciding on what size swing set you can have. You also need to consider leaving a safety cushion around it as well. Every set and situations differs so make sure you consider your thoroughly and heed any manufacturers instructions but the general rule of thumb is a 6-foot to 10-foot cushion in every direction, including above.
  • What type of accessories? Most of the best metal swing sets will come with any number of accessories that kids can use on the swing set. These things will include but will not be limited to:
    • Swings – traditional sitting, standing, group, or baby
    • Gliders – for 2 people
    • See-Saws – for 2 people
    • Jungle gyms
    • Slides
    • Monkey Bars
    • Trapeze bars and rings 
    • Ladders 
    • Climbing walls
    • And more… 

What you pick out for your swing set will be a combination of what you and your child like to do, what you hope to get out of the set, and what price range you are looking at.

  • How handy are you? Pretty much no swing set will come fully assembled right out of the box so you want to find out how difficult the set is to set up. If you are fairly handy (or have handy help) and have the right tools you should be able to set up most sets with one or two people. If you are not, ease of set up should be a major factor. You can always hire someone though to do it for you if worse comes to worst. 
  • What does it cost? Last, but definitely not least, you want to consider the price. The best metal swing sets can range from just under $100 to well over $1,000. How much you want to pay will determine the quality, size, and accessories you get with your set. Looking at the list above, you should easily be able to get one of the basic best metal swing sets for $100-$200 or one of the more high-end best metal swing sets for a little under $1,000.

Metal vs. other materials 

The best metal swing sets are not always the best swing sets overall, but they do have some big advantages over other types of sets. As noted above, the other two materials that you will most often find swing sets made from are wood and plastic. So, how do the best metal sing sets stack up to the best of wood and plastic?

With metal, as opposed to a wooden swing set, you will get no splinters, no warping, or no rough edges that skin or clothing can get caught on. On average, metal swing sets also last longer than wooden swing sets and require less maintenance to keep its strength and shape over the years. The things you need to watch out for with metal swing sets versus wooden is rust, which can be avoided with a little care on most of the best metal swing sets and heat. Metal swing sets can get hot when the direct sun beats down on them so have kids exercise caution on sunny days.

Plastic swing sets have the advantage over wood and metal that they require basically zero care and they are softer and a little safer in that regard than wood and metal. However, plastic swing sets are not meant to last that long and will likely only be useful for a few years. Also, they are not nearly as strong as wood or metal so they are not good for older and heavier kids.

Your personal needs will help determine what type of material will make the best swing set for you. Metal is a great choice but in many cases, wood or plastic will be great too. If you want to check out some of the top swing sets of 2021 of all different materials, take a look at this great list from pingpongetc.com.

How to take care of a metal swing set

The good news is, most of the best metal swing sets will be made of metal but covered in some type of protective coating that will make the swing set weather-proof for long periods of time. In these cases – which is why metal swing sets are so popular – you really do not have to do much at all for these swing sets and will get years and years of quality and safe play out of them.

If you do get rust on a metal swing set though, there are things you can do. You can always spray the area with a commercial rust-remover but there are also plenty of things you probably already have around the house that will do the trick. A lemon juice and salt combo, baking soda and water paste, or straight up distilled vinegar will do the trick.

If you can, remove the rusty party and soak it in whatever solution you choose for as long as you can, up to overnight. Then, use a rough cloth, steel wool, scouring pad, or some other abrasive tool to scrub off the rust. Once you get the rust off, you should spray paint the swing set with a rust-proofing paint to protect it going forward.

What are some alternatives to traditional swing sets?

Sometimes the best metal swing sets aren’t exactly swing sets. At least not in the traditional sense that we think about these pieces of playground equipment. There are plenty of alternatives that you can find for your home or yard that will accommodate your special needs or just offer you something different than what everyone else has for their kids. Some of the most popular alternative styles of the best metal swing sets include things like:

  • A Tree Swing – For yards that are densely wooded or do not have enough flat ground for a traditional swing set, there are a lot of great tree swings available. These swings often accommodate multiple people – even adults – while hanging on one branch or pole. They are great alternatives for kids having a real swing when the conditions aren’t perfect.
  • A Jungle Gym – A jungle gym not only allows kids to swing from the bars but climb and sit too. These types of swing sets make for more active and imaginative play and also are a good physical fitness workout as well as being lots of fun.
  • A Climbing Dome – Similar to a jungle gym, these are a great workout for kids and make great forts or hideouts. If your dome is tall enough, it is also very easy to hang some type of swing from the top to create a more traditional swing set inside.
  • An Indoor Swing Set – If you don’t have the outdoor space or just want an option for cold-weather swing set fun, there are indoor options that are great as well. Some are freestanding if you have the space while others take up very little space and are created with a bar on the inside of a door frame.

Are swing sets only for kids?

No! The best metal swing sets can be for kids and adults in some situations. Some of the bigger swing sets are great for adults and you can have plenty of fun with your child swinging, climbing, and playing right along with them. The biggest thing to take note of is not how big the swing set is, but what the maximum weight limit is. It all depends on what that number is and how big the kids and adults playing on the set are. You will find that plenty of the best metal swing sets on the market are rated for up to a few hundred lbs. which should easily support a child or two and an adult with ease.


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