Top 8 Best Disc Golf Baskets in 2021(In-Depth Buying Guide)


Disc golf is a traditionally rookie-friendly sport with a fun and casual feel to it. Still, you’ll need to put in the hard work and practice to tighten up your game. While you might work on your driving skills in an open space in your backyard, you will certainly need a decent disc golf basket to use at home for putting practice.

Unless you’re buying for your club, park, or other commercial settings, you’d want to steer clear of permanent disc golf baskets. At-home models are usually foldable and portable yet they provide you with most of the same great features you’ll find in a permanent course target.

Disc golf targets do vary in their portability, weight, assembly, materials, number of chains, and size.  Continue reading our buying guide to learn more about these targets in general, including how to pick the best disc golf baskets. We have also done the legwork and put together our top picks, so you can select and buy the best disc golf basket for your practice needs at home.


1. MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target

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MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target

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Last update was on: January 27, 2023 8:07 am


  • 24 HIGH VISIBILITY zinc coated heavy duty course weighted chains; 12 OUTER AND 12 INNER chains equidistantly oriented for zero weak pockets to reduce cut-throughs and pole bounces
  • STURDY & UNIQUELY ENGINEERED with an all-metal construction; it assembles or disassembles in under 1 minute
  • PDGA APPROVED – built to standard PDGA height and size regulation


If you are looking for the best disc golf basket that requires minimal assembly and upkeep, this PDGA-approved beauty from MVP Disc Sports is it. The basket brings everything you need to simulate course-level putting. The super study design boasts 24 zinc-coated, course-weighted chains: 12 in the inner ring and 12 outer chains equally spaced to eliminate pole bounces and cut-throughs.

Despite sporting an all-metal construction that’s sturdy and durable, we were surprised that MVP Black Hole Pro is fairly portable. The real beauty is its hassle-free assembly and de-assembly. If you have a decent knowledge of how disc golf targets work, you can set up or pull it apart in less than 60 seconds. You read that right: under a minute!

85 percent of Amazon reviewers have given the MVP Black Hole Pro a perfect 5-star rating, often noting its ease of transport and assembly. For a feature-studded unit, it’s pleasantly well-priced. You can also add a few bucks for a pack that comes with its transit bag. The only notable complaint is that its zinc-coated chains may rust if left exposed to elements for long.


2. CROWN ME Disc Golf Basket

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CROWN ME Disc Golf Basket Target Include 3 Discs, 24-Chain Portable Metal...

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  • Heavy-duty & Anti-rust: This disc golf basket is constructed of powder-coated metal frame and galvanized chains. Excellent rust and weather resistance make this basket a durable disc sports accessory for outdoors
  • Stable & Sturdy: Solid basket contains 24 strands of heavy-duty chain for better catching; welded joints and big base frame strengthen the stability of this basket, no need to worry about tipping over by the hit from the disc or wind
  • Portable & Easy-to-store: Built-in a lightweight yet sturdy structure, convenient to move and transport; can be simply disassembled into a flat and compact size when not in use


You can’t go wrong with a classic round-based disc golf basket, especially when it has everything you need, right down to a beautiful yellow flag. Along with essentials, the CROWN ME Disc Golf Basket comes with a set of decent-quality discs, so you can start practicing your putts in your backyard right away. Reviewers absolutely love the simple setup which comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

The straightforward structure has six pieces, including the cap, chain belt, top rod, basket, base rod, and the base. With the handy instructions, you can put it together in a few minutes. At the same time, this easy-to-setup design makes it effortless to break down into a flat, compact size for space-saving storage and convenient transportation.

The basket comes with the standard PDGA-recommended 24 strands of heavy-duty chains that are spaced equidistantly for easy catching of the disc. They are galvanized to resist harsh elements and rust. You’ll appreciate that the stand has a big, round base and welded joints for added stability and durability. It sports an attractive powder-coated finish in either black or red.


3. Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target

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Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target – Portable, Lightweight Disc Golf Basket, Colors May...

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  • SIMPLE TRANSPORT & SET UP: Comes with matching tote bag for quick transportation and storage; Easy one-action set up. Extra-wide basket tray is made of lightweight, durable, quick-drying mesh; Designed to withstand wind and weather
  • STURDY DESIGN: 12 steel chains help better mimic a permanent target; five legs create a wide, solid base; Anchor rings and stakes help secure on uneven surfaces and windy days
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs just 15 pounds; our lightest portable target, perfect for camping, trips to the beach, adventures in the mountains or on a trip to the park; Also great for schools, churches, and youth camps


From one of the most beloved brands in the niche, the Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target is one of the best disc golf baskets for practice at home and away. While it’s built for the traveler disc golfer, customers say the lightweight design makes it incredibly versatile. You can take it to the beach, camping, the park, tailgating, and other fun outdoor events.

Weighing just 35 lbs., this is the lightest option you can get from Innova. Despite its small profile and lightweight design, it’s extremely sturdy. That’s all thanks to its 5-leg solid base that’s fairly wide and well-grounded. It also has anchor stakes and rings that secures and stabilizes the basket even on windy days or uneven surfaces. The narrow profile makes it an excellent target for those looking to refine their putting shots.

Even though the basket uses only 12 strands of chains, it boasts the authentic performance of a 24-chain target you’d find in tournament courses. It also folds nearly flat for convenient transportation and storage. If you fancy a practice basket you can quickly tuck in the trunk of your vehicle, this is your best shot.


4. Dynamic Discs Recruit Lite Disc Golf Target

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Dynamic Discs Recruit Lite Disc Golf Target | Frisbee Golf Basket |...

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$149.99 $179.99


  • The Dynamic Discs Recruit Lite features 24 zinc-coated chains that offer tournament quality practice without sacrificing durability.
  • Assembling in under a minute, the Recruit Lite is perfect for on-the-go practice routines or an easily-stored practice basket option; Sturdy all-metal construction and included ground stakes ensure quality practice on any surface.
  • An assembled weight of 35 pounds paired with its unique assembly design allows for maximum portability and disc golf practice with no need for assembly tools.


If you aren’t looking to break the bank for a practice disc golf basket and still get tournament-quality practice, we highly recommend the Dynamic Discs Recruit Lite Disc Golf Target. When fully set up, it tips the scale at just 35 lbs., so it’s incredibly lightweight yet sturdy and extremely strong thanks to all-metal construction.

Given its unique design, this disc golf target is easy to set up and it has the much sought-after appeal of the professional tournament-level baskets. It features a total of 24 chains, 6 inner and 18 outer chains, which makes it a more realistic basket for on-the-go practice. These are zinc-coated chains, which means the basket combines durability and quality without compromising portability and playability.

We like that it’s versatile and lightweight, so you can switch from practicing in your backyard to the expansive park greens in a jiffy. Customers say this is one the best disc golf baskets they have ever bought, noting how easy this unit is to carry around and assemble.


5. Axiom Discs Pro HD Disc Golf Basket

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Axiom Discs Pro HD Disc Golf Baskets (Red)

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Last update was on: January 27, 2023 8:07 am


  • 24 high visibility zinc coated heavy duty course weighted chains; 12 outer and 12 inner chains equidistantly oriented for zero weak pockets – reducing cut-throughs and pole bounces
  • HEAVY-DUTY – Sturdier chain rack, deeper cage, and stronger base when compared to other Axiom Models
  • FAST AND EASY ASSEMBLY – Uniquely engineered sturdy all-metal construction is designed to assemble in under 1 minute


For those who are on the market for something that functions (and looks) just like the targets on the course, this is an excellent choice. The Axiom Discs Pro HD Disc Golf Basket is a fan-favorite with a sturdier, wider base, an extra-deep cage, and a strong chain rack that will battle repeated use like a champ.  You can get it in a choice of eye-catching colors that include red, royal, lime, and orange.

Just like tournament-ready disc golf baskets standard in professional courses, this target has 24 heavy-gauge zinc-coated chains. They are also course-weighted with 12 in the inner ring and 12 outside. Customers rave about their catching ability, which doesn’t come as a surprise because the chains are positioned equidistantly to kill off weak pockets. That means fewer pole bounces and nearly zero cut-throughs.

This is a PDGA-approved basket, meaning you’ll get a solid disc golf practice right in your backyard. The construction quality and design of this unit is also something to write home about. Did we mention that this all-metal set can be assembled in less than 60 seconds?


6. DGA Mach 2 Disc Golf Basket

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DGA Mach 2 Disc Golf Basket

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Last update was on: January 27, 2023 8:07 am


  • By DGA, the founding company of disc golf, and the standard for disc golf baskets. Durable, heavy-duty steel, portable, outdoor, all galvanized practice disc golf basket.
  • Excellent, weather-resistant, high quality and tough disc golf target for practice, playing casual disc golf, or for standard tournament level play. Comes standard with a portable base.
  • Two Rows (18 strands) of chain to stop putts and prevent bounce-outs from hitting the pole. Patented Sliding link technology softening the impact of the disc to the chains


This tournament-ready disc golf basket may come at an eye-watering price point, but it will pay off in many years of quality practice & tournament play. It’s ultra-durable with heavy-duty steel construction for hassle-free outdoor use. Despite the imposing size and structure, this unit is pretty portable.

You can leave out the DGA Mach 2 Disc Golf Basket for several months without any noticeable drop in playability, durability, and stability. Durable zinc-plated design means it can handle everything from rain to windy weather. The portable base comes standard with the basket for stability you can count on.

It boasts two rows of 18 chain strands designed to efficiently catch discs and top bounce outs. And in addition to equally spaced chains, it integrated the patented Sliding Link technology that reduces abrasion and general wear on the discs. The steep price may be out of reach for many shoppers, though.


7. Franklin Sports Disc Golf Set

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Franklin Sports Disc Golf Set – Disc Golf – Includes Disc Golf...

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  • Complete set: This complete disc golf set from Franklin Sports is the perfect yard game for a family picnic, barbecue, or other get-togethers. 3 disc golf discs are included. They’re great for learning to play disc golf or for casual practice-fun for all ages
  • Easy set up: The sturdy easy assembly frame design makes setup quick on nearly any surface. The unique umbrella shape provides foldable simplicity, so you can play disc golf almost anywhere
  • Easy transport: This Franklin disc golf game folds up and down for easy transport and storage. This set makes a great portable beach game, yard game, or backyard game


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly complete practice set, look no further. The Franklin Sports Disc Golf Set offers everything you need to enjoy disc golf at a tailgate party, backyard BBQ, family picnic, and other fun get-togethers. It’s also great for traveling, camping, barbeques, and other outdoor events.

The set includes a basic Franklin Sports disc golf basket, three starter discs, and a carrying bag. The whole thing is extremely easy to set up and dis-assemble. It folds down neatly into a flat size that you can throw in the bag for easy carrying and storage.

It’s worth mentioning that the design is far from the tournament-quality baskets you find on the course. However, it can be fun for children, casual players, and the rest of the family. The canvas basket is available in a bunch of bright colors. It’s definitely among the best disc golf baskets for budget shoppers.


8. The Hive Disc Golf Practice Basket

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The Hive Disc Golf Practice Basket Cross Chains

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Last update was on: January 27, 2023 8:07 am


  • CROSS CHAINS – The Hive Disc Golf Practice Basket has 12 chains connected together with 2 crossing chains to reduce putt throughs and misses. It’s an easy way to practice disc golf putting at home or at the disc golf course.
  • QUICK SETUP – This easy to assemble disc golf practice basket takes just under a minute and requires no tools!
  • DURABLE – All Metal, All Joints Welded, and a threaded tension system makes this a great disc golf putting basket.


Most brands design their best disc golf practice baskets with equidistant chains to reduce cut-throughs, eliminate bounce-outs, and minimize misses. Hive takes up a notch by using two cross chains. When you hear that characteristic “chink” sound, it’s almost certain that the disc will land in the basket. That’s how robust this groundbreaking design is.

Reviewers note that this unit offers a good bang for your buck. There’s plenty to love about it, including a threaded tension system, welded joints, and all-metal construction. You can rely on this gorgeous gem to last longer than most practice baskets in the mid-price bracket. In some way, the construction design and quality are comparable to PDGA-approved models.

Customers also reported that setting up the basket was an easy task. Given the simple yet practical design, you can expect to assemble it in around 1 minute. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, it should come together beautifully in less than five minutes. This is a classic example of “simple is best”.


Buying Guide for the Best Disc Golf Baskets

Call it Frisbee golf or Frolf, disc golf is a highly entertaining and engaging sport that is easy and fairly modest to get into. It’s an excellent affordable alternative to traditional golf. After all, you won’t have to splurge on a complete set of golf clubs to get in on the action or pay an eye-watering amount to secure country club membership.

In most cases, all that you require to get started is a couple of discs; it helps that most disc golf courses are located in parks and other free-to-use localities. Yes, playing a few casual rounds with your friends can be a lot of fun, but disc golf is also a pretty competitive sport with tournaments being held year-round across the country.

If you have resolved to get serious with disc golf or want to compete in tournaments, you’ll want to practice frequently to up your game. You can easily practice and develop your driving technique in an open field. To practice your putting skills, however, you may want to consider investing in the best disc golf basket. It’ll help you sharpen your spin putts, approach shots, hyzer throws, anhyzer throws, and other putting styles right in your backyard.

Some people choose to go the DIY route and build their own homemade practice targets. These are hardly good enough, and they seldom match the designs, size, and chain quality of the targets found in professional disc golf courses. Buying a regulation-grade basket for home practice will help you get used to the chain setup and standard size of a real disc golf target.

In this extensive shopping guide, we’ll detail everything you need to know to decide which is the perfect disc golf target. We’ll also include key considerations and expert tips poised to help you score the best disc golf basket for your at-home practice needs.

First up — what is a Disc Golf Basket?

Disc golf, like the regular ball golf, is played on a standard 18-hole course. The players throw a Frisbee-like disc intending to land it in a basket (also called disc golf target). You could say the basket is to disc golf what the hole is to regular ball golf.

According to the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association, the governing association for the sport), the ring of a standard disc golf basket must measure 21-1/3 inches in diameter while the chains can hang below the rim by no more than 22 inches. The lower basket to which the chains extend into must measure 25.7 inches in diameter and rise around 6.7 inches high above the base. The basket is usually constructed from weather-resistant fabric or metal.

By design, the chains hang from the chain support and are connected to the bottom basket, creating some kind of traps that help “catch” incoming discs. Once the putter, driver, or disc is captured by the chains, it’s more likely to fall into the basket. The entire target structure is supported by the base frame and the central pole.

Why Should You Buy a Disc Golf Basket?

Investing in a decent disc golf target is not a question of why but rather which one is right for you. A practice basket is a great accessory to have in your disc golf arsenal especially if you’re a die-hard who takes the game seriously or wants to play at tournaments.

Elevate your game and techniques: Disc golf is one of those sports that may seem all fun and dandy on paper but calls for lots of practice behind the scenes if you want to excel at it. If you just slack off in between competitions, your game will go to the dogs, giving your rivals the competitive edge they need. With your practice basket, you can take your disc golf techniques and gameplay to a whole new height.

Even if you practice a few throws every day in your backyard, this can help improve your game dramatically. Some reports say that practicing often using a personal practice basket can enhance your performance tenfold. Indeed, you can use the basket to work on your approach shorts, accuracy, putting technique, and so much more.

You can practice whenever and wherever you wish: When you have a good disc golf basket at your disposal, you can practice whenever you want. You don’t have to check if the golf course is available or wait for the foursome ahead of you. Do you wish to practice at the crack of dawn? No problemo; just burst out your favorite discs and get some putts in.

Practice disc golf baskets are wallet-friendly: Whether you’re an amateur looking to take your gameplay to the next level or a seasoned pro wanting to add a few tricks up your sleeve, a practice basket can be truly godsend. The best part is that it won’t cost you an arm and leg to get a high-quality basket.

You’ll pay around $100-$150 for a mid-range basket which usually offers a myriad of features and most of them are durable enough to last for many years, if not a lifetime. The best disc golf baskets are sold in a wide range of designs too, so you can readily find one that best suits your budget and style.

Types of Disc Golf Baskets

The first decision you will need to make is what type of disc golf basket you need for your specific situation. Disc golf baskets have gotten moderately fancy and elaborate (and equally pricey) over the years, which can make your choice a little harder if you don’t know which type is going to match your practice routine.

The most common types of disc golf baskets include light-duty, heavy-duty, foldable, narrow target, and permanent. Each type comes with its advantages as well as downsides that you should be aware of before you pay top dollar for one. If you intended to use the basket for personal practice in the park or at home, a permanent disc golf basket may be out of the question; this commercial model is built for tournament-level courses, parks, and adventure resorts.

Your choice often will come down to at-home disc golf basket styles. Whichever type you pick is a matter of your skill level and personal preference.

(a) Heavy Duty Baskets

As the name suggests, disc golf baskets of this type usually sport heavy-duty material construction and therefore are sure to last longer than other styles. The central post and stand of the target are typically made of non-corrosive metal while the basket and chain setup are composed of higher-quality metals like galvanized steel, stainless steel, or zinc-coated metal.

With heavy-duty design and construction, these are usually some of the best disc golf baskets you can get for home practice. In many ways, they look and perform like professional-grade permanent targets you’d find in major golf courses. Thanks to their all-weather construction, heavy-duty baskets can be stationed outside for several months at a time without compromising their durability.


  • All-metal, heavy-weight construction delivers more stability even with hard hits
  • They closely resemble the real professional disc golf basket
  • Most of them are PDGA-approved and they are suitable for permanent installation
  • The rigid structure makes this type great for both tournament and practice play
  • Durable construction translates to a good bang for your back as you can purchase only one heavy-duty basket for a lifetime


  • They are usually heavy and may be difficult to transport
  • They don’t at a premium price

(b) Light-Duty Disc Golf Baskets

Light-duty disc golf baskets are designed for easy portability, so you can practice whenever and wherever you are. Expectedly, these portable models feature lightweight material construction and usually have fewer chains. While most of them are not foldable or collapsible, they are still comfortable to carry. Most new players on lean budgets should consider this type of practice targets.


  • They are extremely portable thanks to their lightweight construction
  • Light-duty baskets are generally inexpensive, making them a good choice for beginners who are still discovering their passion for the sport
  • Smaller chain setup with fewer chains makes it an excellent basket for practicing putting and throwing accuracy


  • Not as durable as heavy-duty models
  • May not be foldable for compact storage

(c) Narrow Target

Narrow target baskets are meant primarily for practicing putts and improving accuracy. It helps the player refine their backhand and forehand shorts so they can consistently land their discs right in the center of the basket. The small profile of this type of target is all thanks to the narrower-than-standard chains and basket, which makes it a little hard to throw the disc into the basket.


  • Narrow targets are great for practicing accuracy, which is an important skill for both amateurs and pro golfers
  • Most narrow targets are half the size of the standard baskets, so they are more portable and lightweight. You can take one with you to summer camps, picnic at the park, and wherever you wish to enjoy a leisurely game of disc golf.
  • They help you perfect the art of putting and improve your approach throws. After practicing with a narrow target, making accurate throws at a regular course will be a cinch
  • They are relatively affordable


  • May not hold up well to prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions
  • Not as durable as heavy-weight and standard disc golf baskets

(d) Foldable Baskets

Foldable disc golf baskets are a handy option for people who like to practice or an impromptu round of golf on the go. You can simply take your basket with you, whether that’s to the beach, your backyard, camping, tailgate parties, and so forth.

From the name, you can infer that these baskets are lightweight and collapse into a compact size for easy transportation and storage. The vast majority come with their own carrying bag, so you can tuck it in the trunk of your car, underneath the bed, or clip it to your backpack.

Most foldable disc golf baskets are made of lightweight materials like mesh, canvas, or synthetic fabric. This lightweight setup may be ideal for a family get-together or hanging out with your pals, but it’s not for serious play.


  • They are lightweight and portable
  • Foldable for compact and easy storage and carrying – most models come in their own carrying/storage bags.
  • Perfect for casual play
  • They are inexpensive


  • They are typically not PDGA-approved
  • Not suitable for tournament play
  • They can’t be permanently installed

Important Features to Consider when Choosing the Best Disc Golf Baskets

Disc golf baskets for use off the official course can vary greatly in terms of features. What features to look for in your basket will depend on your budget, personal preference, and level of skill. Portable baskets, especially foldable ones, are often picked for their portability and versatility, but they are also available in a variety of styles, sizes, prices, and materials.

Here are top features that you should keep in mind when buying the best disc golf basket for you.

(1) Assembly

The best disc golf basket should be well-made and easy to set up, so you can get it up and running in no time. Intricate components not only reduce their practicality but can also jeopardize the durability and stability of the basket.

Most portable baskets need no tools to set up and oftentimes feature pin fasteners that easily snap into place, making the assembly process effortless. Some may use twisting screws, clips, or locking systems that you can tighten without the need for any special tools.

These units will pull apart into individual parts that are easy to store and move around. Besides, it’s also easier and much cheaper to replace an individual part than to pay for a new basket. However, this convenience and ease of assembly usually come at the cost of durability and sturdiness as separate components that can fall through the cracks or get damaged.

On the other hand, some disc golf baskets may require a little bit of assembly, often requiring the use of fastening tools. These models are usually more durable and sturdier because you can fasten the bolts and screws properly. On the downside, they can be reasonably heavy, complicated, and are less portable. This is a trade-off that you need to wrap your head around before you make a choice.

(2) Chain Setup

The chains suspended from the top of the stand to the base of the basket play an important role in the game. Their purpose is to “catch” the putter, driver, or disc so that it can eventually land in the basket and not get spit out. Even though disc golf baskets might seem all the same in appearance, they may vary in the number and length of the chains.

It’s crucial to check the number of strands of chains fused into the design of the basket before you purchase it. That’s because this number will affect the possibility of your disc getting spit-out (a situation whereby the disc bounces out instead of landing in the basket). A higher number of chains means a lower chance of the disc bouncing out.

The majority of practice baskets have between 12 and 28 chains, most of which are made up of a series of stainless steel or galvanized metal links. All PDGA-approved baskets, however, must consist of 24 chains. Thus, if you are looking for a tournament-grade practice basket, you should keep an eye out for this number. It’s often this way that you will get a good feel for the real thing.

Let’s make one thing clear, though: most practice baskets don’t seem to adhere to the PDGA regulations, so they may not have a regulation size, number of chains, and other officially-sanctioned specs.

Something to remember is that some models may include an inner ring of chains to increase your odds of the disc making it into the basket.

If you want to make your practice sessions more challenging, however, you should opt for a 12-chain basket, as this chain setup makes landing your putts difficult. This way, throwing discs to the standard 24-chain targets later will be a piece of cake. Baskets with fewer chains are usually lighter and more portable, too.

The gauge or thickness of the chains also does matter. Heavy-gauge chains are more durable, and the same is true for thick chains. But that can also translate into a higher price tag.

(3) Frame and Pole

The best disc golf baskets have sturdy frames with all-weather poles. Even in portable models, the frame almost always comprises stainless steel, powder-coated, or galvanized steel pole. Together with the base, they help provide the basket with the necessary stability and support. The worst thing you can do is buy a basket with a weak frame that’s likely to bend, fall, or tip over every time it gets hit by a fast-flying disc.

Positioned on the bottom of the structure, the base itself ordinarily has several legs or a circular frame. This bottom-heavy design helps spread out the weight of the whole structure and thus improves its stability.

Most low-priced disc practice baskets often feature a plastic frame and pole (naturally that’s why they are so inexpensive). The issue with baskets with plastic poles and frames is their susceptibility to tipping over, which can turn a fun practice or play session into a bothersome experience.

(4) Stand

The stand makes the fundamental structure of a disc golf basket, so it pays to investigate its design, materials used, and stability before you hit the “buy” button. You’ll find that some stands are welded at the joints for added balance and stability, which may come at the expense of portability and style.

Most baskets make use of standard screws or hand-tightening pins/fasteners to secure the stand. Of course, each type of fastener will impact the stability and durability of the stand. Thanks to their permanent nature, stands with welded joints are typically the most durable and stable, while those using pins or fasteners offer the least stability.

Some models do swap the traditional stand for multiple legs (normally 3 or 4). While this design sacrifices some stability, legged baskets are less wobbly on uneven terrain. If you don’t plan to peg your basket to the ground, then you should consider one with a circular stand since they tend to be very stable.

(5) Basket

The basket itself does vary from one target to another. They are commonly categorized into three primary groups: basic, recreational (standard), and tournament-grade.

Recreational baskets: The vast majority of light-duty disc golf targets fall into this class. Recreational baskets are widely available and popular among children, beginners, and casual players. They are highly portable, lightweight, and typically have galvanized chains.

Nearly all recreational-level baskets are built without strict consideration to the standard PDGA regulations. In fact, most of them consist of fewer chains than what’s recommended by the PDGA, usually in the neighborhood of 12-13. On the upside, these lightweight units are very affordable yet decently playable.

Tournament baskets: Built for use in official PDGA-sanctioned competitions, tournament-level baskets are the real deal. They are designed to meet all PDGA requirements for weight, chain number, and size. Case in point is the MVP Black Hole Pro with an all-metal, heavy-duty stainless steel construction.

While they offer maximum playability, stability, and durability, tournament-level baskets come with a steep price tag to match their premium built and features. They are also significantly bulkier and less portable. If you’re willing to splurge on the best very best disc golf baskets, then focus your search on options in this category.

Aside from recreational and tournament baskets, there are also models built around portability. These basic baskets boast foldable designs, making them ideal for those who like to carry their equipment around for an impromptu practice. Because they fold down almost flat (some going down to roughly 1/3rd their original sizes), they are amazingly easy to store and transport.

Foldable and portable baskets are mostly intended for new and casual players as they are a cheap alternative to full-fledged professional disc golf baskets. Note, however, that they offer average or lower-than-average performance.

(6) Material

Although disc golf baskets may look almost the same, they often vary in terms of the material used to make them. Material construction is therefore a crucial factor to consider since it will affect the basket’s weight, durability, and playability. Baskets made from higher-quality materials tend to last longer, offering more value for your money.

Some foldable and portable models are made out of high-quality canvas or plastic material. Indeed, these baskets are lightweight, easy to transport, and you can quickly tuck them in your car’s trunk or space-constrained storage. But then again, these materials don’t guarantee that the basket will last as plastic and canvas tend to wear out quickly.

In light of this, you should be on the lookout for disc golf baskets constructed of metal (preferably stainless steel). They are super-durable, look sleek, and can withstand constant use and harsh elements. On the downside, they are often heavy, making it hard to carry them around.

As far as material construction is concerned, the chains and base of the basket are some key areas you should pay more attention to. Cheaper baskets typically have chains made from zinc-coated iron; these may develop rust if they are left out for months at a time, especially if you live near the ocean.

Stainless steel chains are preferred, which is why they’re primarily found in the best disc golf baskets — and it’s not difficult to understand why. Thanks to stainless steel, they are rustproof, weather-resistant, and look great, not to mention they last much longer. However, you’ll have to be content with the higher cost tag that comes with these sets.

Since it’s the part that bears most of the load, the base of the basket must remain grounded and stable at all times to prevent tip-overs. With that in mind, the base construction should be sturdy and strong. Generally, heavier materials like metal will result in better build quality.

The best disc golf baskets usually have a powder-coated finish to withstand harsh elements and avoid rusting or corrosion over time. Powder-coating also helps preserve the longevity of the basket.

(7) Extra Features

As with any purchase, you’d want to look for a few extras that will enhance your playing or practicing experience. A foldable unit that comes with its own carrying bag, for instance, can make transportation and storage an easy-peasy task.

Some of the best disc golf baskets also include a banner or flat on top of the target. This makes it easy to spot the target from far. Flags can also lend your basket an authentic appeal.

If you wish to safeguard your precious basket from rain, storm, and other nasty weather conditions but you still want to keep it outdoors, it pays to get a few bungee cords or tarp. They offer a nice-looking, secure cover.

(8) Skill Level and Usage

Are you a newbie, intermediate, or advanced disc golfer? The great news is that most practice baskets are intended for players of all skill levels. However, some models are made exclusively for mid-tier or top-tier golfers.

Another key question to ask yourself is whether you’re looking for a professional-grade or casual disc golf basket. Are you on the market for recreational play or to train/practice for a tournament? What purpose do you intend to use it for?

Disc golf baskets classed by PDGA as Championship are heavy-duty models that are meant for professional events. Touring players should go for these practice baskets.

Standard disc golf baskets are PDGA-approved sets that are designed for mid-level play. If you are playing in a B-tier league, this could be the best choice for your skill level. They are also geared towards public parks to accommodate a wider range of players.

If you’re after a portable option for at-home practice, we recommend a basic disc golf basket. These are no-frills units that offer just enough features for the beginner player. They are also acceptable for X-tier and local leagues and events.

(9) Disc Golf Basket Prices

Depending on material, brand, and style, disc golf baskets are found at various price points. Expect to pay from as little as $60 to as high as $200 or more. You’ll find portable and light-duty baskets on the lowest price range, costing between $60 and $100. They are not the fanciest baskets out there but they can deliver decent playability and last for a while if you take good care of them. At best, they are made for occasional play or practice at home.

Mid-range disc golf baskets will set you back somewhere from $100 and $150. In this price range, you have a nice selection of heavy-duty and standard models. And the actual price will reflect the construction and material quality of the basket. Still, expect to see some impressive features and durable materials, like stainless steel. Whereas mid-range baskets don’t match the durability and playability of the permanent models you would find on professional courses, they are reasonably playable and can last for several years.

The best disc golf baskets on the high-end bracket cost more than $150. Top-tier pros and die-hard disc golf players should consider baskets in this price range. They are designed to withstand outdoor use and handle the exacting practice demands of more advanced players. Some high-end models can cost well over $200, but they will pay off big time in terms of durability and playability.


Disc Golf Baskets FAQs

 1. Should I get a PDGA-approved disc golf basket for home practice?

PDGA sets and maintains the specs and rules for official practice and tournament disc golf baskets. If you play in a PDGA-sanctioned tournament or league, then it’s a no-brainer to get one that has been approved by the association.

For casual, recreational, or non-league play, you can get an unofficial basket, which is mostly a portable, foldable, or basic model.

 2. Where should I keep my disc golf basket?

The best disc golf baskets are usually made of high-quality, all-weather materials like stainless steel. You don’t have to lose some sleep if they left out for several days or weeks. After all, they are built to resist rust, corrosion, and other harsh conditions thrown at it by Mother Nature.

Nonetheless, it’s a wise idea to store your portable disc golf basket indoors in a dry spot away from the elements. If these low-end baskets are left outside  exposed to rain, strong sunlight, and other weather conditions for long, they may corrode, rust, and otherwise become compromised.

 3. Is there any other way of using the basket?

While you can’t really use the basket for any other well-established sport, you can get creative. There are lots of other ways to enjoy your disc golf basket.


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