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Best Electronic Dart Boards You Can Buy Online Right Now in 2021


Playing darts on electronic dart boards is one of the easiest and most fun ways to play. Whether you think of darts as a competitive sport, a traditional pub game, or a recreational home activity, electronic dart boards are fantastic for every type of enthusiast. These electronic dart boards look good, make scoring and playing different games easy, and are a great addition to your home in a basement, rec room, man cave, home bar, or even your office.

Darts is a game with a storied history that goes back generations and has been providing fun, competition, and entertainment for people of all ages for a very long time. The dart board as we know it was created by an English carpenter in 1896 but the game itself goes back much further. It originates from the practice of people shooting arrows at targets carved into trees.

The game has developed since to the point where it is played all around the world and there are multiple professional leagues that hold yearly championship tournaments. The dartboard itself has evolved as well from a simple corkboard to complex electronic dart boards that make the game more exciting and more accessible to players of every level.

There are a lot of electronic dart boards out there to choose from though. Trying to find the best one that fits your needs can be difficult and even frustrating if you do not know what you are looking for. Below we will review 10 of the top electronic dartboards on the market as well as give you some very helpful tips on how to choose the dart board that is perfect for you. Here are the best electronic dart boards you can buy online right now in 2021.


1. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard with Built-in Cabinet Doors 

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Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard, Built In Cabinet Doors With Integrated Scoreboard,...

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Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:06 am

This electronic dart board is the full package. It is built into a classic, attractive wooden case that will look great in any room. When you open the doors, you get a fully modern dart board with all the bells and whistles you expect from great electronic dart boards.

The inside of the case is black and the dartboard in the center adds red, white, and blue. On the left door is a convenient bar where you can store as many as 4 sets of darts and on the right door, you get an easy to read electronic cricket scoreboard. Below the dart board there is an LCD electronic scoreboard for different games as well as easy to see and use buttons that activate the different features of the board.

The board offers some great features as well. There are 34 different games you can play and more than 180 scoring variations on those games. You can play with up to 8 players or play against a CPU opponent. The cool thing about playing the “computer” is that there are 5 different skill levels you can assign your faux-player to challenge you as much or as little as you would like.

This dartboard comes with everything you need to get started playing by yourself or with friends right away. You get 6 darts each with a spare tip, the AC power adapter, a manual that explains all the games, and how to set it up and all the hardware you need to mount the board on a wall. The board also comes with a 1-year warranty so if anything goes wrong, you can get a new one from Fat Cat.


2. Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard with Classic Cabinet Door Style

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Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard, Classic Cabinet Door Style, Target Test Tough Segments...

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Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:06 am
$169.75 $299.99

This is another beautiful wood cabinet, electronic dart board, with a cabinet and doors that are red hardwood inside and out. If you are outfitting an upscale game room or man cave, this board is the perfect addition that will make for a great centerpiece and conversation starter. When closed on the wall it looks understated and classy. When open it looks like a professional level dart board.

The dart board itself has a large, 15.5” face and the cabinet dimensions are 26.5” high, 21.75” wide, and 3.5” deep. When opened the doors spread out to 58” wide. It has an old-school red, black, and silver color scheme as well as a good-sized LED scoreboard and easy to use and press buttons. The shiny silver numbers around the board and yet another touch of refinement.

The game includes 57 games with 307 scoring variations and can keep score for up to options 16 players in a single game. The doors have holders to store your darts and the board comes with 6 high-quality, 3-piece darts You also get the AC adaptor and mounting hardware.

The quality of play with this board is very high as well. The board has a wide catch ring so errant throws stick in the board, not ding the cabinet. It also has thin dividers to reduce bounce-outs and for larger segments which means you can score more often. This is among the pricier electronic dart boards on the list but it is definitely worth the money.


3. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard 

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Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard with 24 Games, 132 Variations,...

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Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:06 am
$309.99 $349.99

If you don’t have the space, wherewithal, or permission to hang an electronic dart board on your wall, this standing game from Arachnid is the perfect solution. Standing 6’ tall and weighing around 75 pounds, this free-standing dart board game has an old-fashioned-looking black, faux wood cabinet, a bold “Bull Shooter Dart Challenge” logo, and a classic red and black board with yellow lines. It wouldn’t look out of place in an Old West saloon… if Old West saloons had electricity!

The top half of this game is the electronic dart board itself while the bottom is actually a large, 3-shelf cabinet where you can store your darts supplies and anything else you need to tuck away in your game room or home bar. The board offers 24 different game choices with 134 scoring variations of those games.

The board itself is larger than average at 15.5” in diameter and the “Micro-thin segment dividers” are designed to limit the occurrences of a dart hitting the divider and bouncing out. Although the board is large, one complaint might be that the scoreboard, game list, and buttons – while user-friendly and easy to operate – are small and may be difficult for some to read. However, the game does offer voice prompts as well which may make it easier for you to navigate.


4. Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet

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Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet – Solid Poplar with Dark Cherry Finish

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:06 am
$313.45 $456.95

This is a free-standing electronic dart board but it is not an arcade-style one like the Arachnid above. This is a nice Centerpoint electronic board that comes in a beautiful solid poplar wood cabinet with a dark cherry finish. It is a perfect piece for and high-end game room of any sort.

The cabinet is 6’9” high and the bottom is a very convenient cabinet with 3 shelves to store dart supplies and other game room necessities. The dark wood finish and craftsmanship make the whole setup look more like a piece of furniture than gaming equipment. The cabinet with the dart board in it is heavy though. The whole thing weighs in at almost 80 lbs.

The electronic dart board that is part of this set is a good board too, not just window dressing for the stunning cabinet. It has 29 games with 90 different scoring varieties on it. It also has great voice and sound effects which makes these games that much more exciting. It also comes with 6 darts which you can store either on the inside of the cabinet doors or in the dart board itself.

The worry with this board is that it is so tall and so heavy that it may tip over easily. The makers at Hathaway Games & Sports have obviously thought of this so they provide some extra features for stability. The base has sturdy, base-stabilizing legs so it won’t wobble during a game of tip if it gets jostled. Also, the kit comes with wall mounts to connect it to the wall behind it if you want even more stability and safety.


5. Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard

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Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard, Illuminated Segments, Light Based Games, Green And Blue...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:06 am
$106.49 $179.99

Darts is a game that is often played in dim or dark rooms and at night. That is why this light-up dart board from Viper is a fantastic innovation. The board is black with green and blue segments and white divider lines. The real draw here is the LED lights that light up the segments. This can help you see the board better in dimly lit rooms and is also incorporated into the games for easier and more enjoyable play.

The board features 48 different dart games which allow for an incredible 315 variations of games to play. Of these 48 games, 17 are exclusive to this Viper board because they incorporate the LED lights. There are even several moving target games where you shoot at a segment as it lights up. This makes for a much more fast-paced darts experience than on most boards.

There are settings for up to 8-player games and a cyber player setting where you can take on the CPU. It as good-sized and user-friendly buttons that make it easy to navigate through the game and player options as well as a digital scoreboard on the bottom corner. The scoreboard is quite small though so even though the board is easy to see at all times, the scoreboard is not.

One concern for some may be that with the LED lights on the board, there is more that could break or go wrong. However, the board itself is tough and durable. The holes are nicely proportioned so the 6 soft-tip darts (with replacement tips) that come with the set stick in the board well. You also get mounting instructions and a gameplay manual as well. It is one of the two boards on this list that are


6. Bullshooter Reactor Electronic Dartboard and Cabinet with LCD Display

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Bullshooter Reactor Electronic Dartboard and Cabinet with LCD display, Cricket Scoring Displays,...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:06 am
$29.99 $49.99

If you are looking for very affordable cabinet-style electronic dart boards, the Bullshooter Reactor is a great value for the price at less than $50. It is a wall-mounted unit with plastic cabinet doors that close to hide the board while not in use. On the inside of the doors are slots to store 6 darts. The look of this cabinet set is definitely less high-class than the wooden cabinet electronic dart boards but it is also about a quarter of the price of those setups as well.

The functionality and features of the board include the ability to play with up to 8 players at a time who can play 24 different games with 65 different scoring variations. The buttons are on the smaller size but they are so easy to use and understand that even kids can do it. The heckler feature makes it even more fun for the whole family. This setting makes sounds to praise good shots and entertainingly shame bad ones.

The game board is in a classic black, red, green, and tan color scheme. It has a small LCD scoreboard display in the corner that can be difficult to see. And, it comes with 3 red darts, 3 black darts, and replacement tips for all of them. It is lightweight at just over 3 pounds and very easy to hang on the wall.

If you are looking for a cabinet dart board to be a centerpiece of a nice game room, you may be disappointed with the look and quality of this board, However, if you are looking for a cabinet-style dart board on a budget that is perfect for a kids’ playroom, family rec room, or college dorm room, this is a really great option.


7. WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board 

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WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board,Soft Tip Dartboard Set LCD Display with 6 Darts,...

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:06 am

While this is not the cheapest of the electronic dart boards on the list, at under $75, it is one of the best values for the combination of what you get and the price point. The board is black with tan, red, and green segments, and the board features a wide catch ring so even darts that don’t find their intended target will be caught by the board and will not end up damaging your walls behind the board.

The board features 21 games with 65 scoring variations, easy to use color-coded buttons and a small LCD scoring screen. The screen will automatically keep score of whatever game you are playing and it also features announcer sounds to keep track of who’s turn it is and make the game feel more alive. The scoring system can keep track of scores for 4 individual players, or 2 teams of 2, 3, or 4, meaning up to 8 people playing at a time.

Like many of the dart boards on this list, you get a set of 6 darts with the board. Unlike many of the dart boards on this list though, these are upgraded darts, not just your standard, cheap, molded types. The darts are made up of three pieces. There is a two-part shaft that screws together and connects with an O-ring, and an “ultra-stable extra thick PVC flight” piece in back for truer flight and more control. The tailpiece also has cool and colorful graphics as well.

You get a lot with this dart board as well. The whole package includes the board and darts as well as 40 extra dart tips, 12 extra tails, a flight protector to keep your tails safe and strong, and a dart multi-use tool. You also get the AC adaptor, the mounting hardware, and a nice game manual. All in all, this is a great amount of equipment at a relatively small value price.


8. Biange Electronic Dart Board

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Biange Electronic Dart Board, Dartboard Set 13.5” Target Area Digital Soft Tip...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:06 am

This is the next step up in value electronic dart boards, which you can find for sale at less than $100. While it won’t compete with many of the $100-plus products, you will see a noticeable difference between this dart board and the under $75 and under $50 value dart boards on the list. Looks-wise, it is similar to these other value dart boards but offers additional equipment and functionality that is worth paying a little extra for.

This is a great party dart board for a room where you will have a lot of people who all want to play darts throughout the day or night. The board can be powered by AC adaptor or batteries and has 4 different scoreboards, each of which can calculate and rotate the display of scores for 4 players each. This means you can have 16 players playing at once. These players can partake in any one of the 27 games the product offers and the 243 scoring variations within those games.

You get a quality dart board from Biange here for sure. The segment dividers are ultra-thin to stop bounce-outs and the board is durable and strong enough for kids or to be played at a party with varying levels of dart players. You can play by yourself as well as it includes a CPU opponent with different skill levels to compete against as well.

The darts that come with this are great and come with a number of different segments that you can change out depending on personal preference and player skill level. You get 6 metal darts with 12 flights that go on the back. You also have your choice of aluminum shaft grips or nylon shaft grips for each dart. There are 20 soft replacement tips as well. Darts of this quality and adaptability would cost a good deal extra if bought alone.


9. Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard

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Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard, Built In Cabinet, Solo Play With Cyber...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:06 am
$99.57 $189.99

This is a plastic cabinet electronic dart board that makes the list at the best value under $125. It is a dartboard housed in a black plastic cabinet but it looks and functions more substantially than some similarly designed, cheaper options. It is made of a higher-quality plastic and the red, white, and blue dart board looks more professional-grade than cheaper models as well.

The dart board has all the top features that you expect from a Fat Cat board. You get the single-player/ CPU player option with 5 different skill levels. You also get 38 games and 167 different scoring varieties. There are multiple LCD scoreboards that are easy to read and can track scores for up to 8 players. There is a lot going on at the bottom of the board in the interface section but once you know what everything does you will appreciate all the features.

The cabinet itself is very sturdy and mounts to the wall well with the included mounting hardware. You also get 2 sets of 3-piece darts and a game manual. You only get 6 spare tips with this set but that is better than none and those are relatively cheap to purchase separately.

What is really nice about this dart board is how “sticky” the board is. The holes are concave and made from polymer compounds so they really grab onto the soft tip darts. If you have experienced boards in the past where the darts fall out easily when jostled, you know how frustrating that can be. With this set, a strong hold on a scoring dart is yet another thing that makes this a very high-quality set at a good price.


10. Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament-quality Electronic Dartboard

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Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament-quality Electronic Dartboard with Micro-thin Segment Dividers for Dramatically...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:06 am
$147.42 $179.99

This wall-mounted electronic dart board from Arachnid is very similar to the top half of the free-standing, arcade-style Pro 650 board but it hangs on the wall if that is more your style. It offers all the same features and benefits at about half the price. And, if a wall-hanging unit works better than a free-standing one, this is an incredible deal at ½ the price!

The board looks great in the classic and bold red, black, and yellow style that the Arachnid brand is known for. It has all the features it needs to be used as a tournament dartboard including a regulation 15.5” face. It offers 24 games and 132 scoring variations including five separate cricket games. There are 4 separate scoreboards that can rotate to show the scores for 8 individual players playing simultaneously.

This is a life-time electronic dartboard too. It is a little more expensive than some other boards on this list, coming in at just under $150 but for as long as it should last, it is worth the investment. The board is made of “NylonTough” segments which give the board increased durability as well as a high level of “stickiness” and playability. Darts stay in once they hit and even playing a lot of tugging hard on the darts will not ruin this board.

There are a lot of games and scoring options but one of the most fun and interesting is the handicap option. This allows players of different skill levels to play against each other on equal footing and have a competitive match. It makes it more fun for the whole family and for friends of all skill and experience levels.


How to choose Electronic Dart Boards This year

Now that you have an idea about the electronic dart boards that are available online, some of the great features they offer, and how much value they provide at their price point, you need to figure out how to narrow your search down and pick the perfect electronic dart board. Here we will answer some questions and provide some additional information about electronic dart boards vs. bristle dart boards, the most important features of electronic dart boards, and the games you may find included on electronic dart boards. There should all help you choose how the best electronic dart board for you this year.

Electronic dart boards versus steel tip bristle dart boards. Which one is better?

There are two major styles of darts boards, each using a different type of dart. Many people start off their dart board search by thinking about which one is better for them. The answer to this question is usually a matter of personal opinion. There are pros and cons to each style and which you like more depends on what you want out of a dart board. Electronic dart boards have more in the pro column for most people but some do like a bristle board anyways. Here is what you need to know about each type.

Bristle dart boards 

A bristle dart board game is often called steel tip darts or even “real” darts. It is played on a board made of natural materials – possibly sisal (ideally), hemp, or basswood – and is played using sharp steel darts that pierce the material, sticking onto the board. Here are the pros and cons of a bristle dart board.


  • It is the traditional way darts are played
  • They tend to last longer when taken care of correctly because there are no electronic parts
  • The weight of steel tip darts makes them easier for some people to control


  • Sharp tips of steel tip darts can be dangerous to people and property
  • They are vulnerable to the elements like moisture and sunlight
  • They do not provide any guidance for different game rules or scoring variations
  • Does not keep score automatically
  • Metal section dividers and larger holes from use can lead to more bounce-outs

Electronic dart boards 

Electronic dart boards are dart boards usually made from plastic – although some do come in wood cabinets – and are either powered by battery or AC adaptor. They have a range of features and functionality that make it easy to play different games and learn new games without having to do a lot of research. Here are the pros and cons of electronic dart boards.


  • Plastic is a very durable and long-lasting material
  • It keeps score automatically
  • You can lay by yourself vs. a CPU opponent in many cases
  • It is more visually stimulating with LED scoreboard and lights
  • Helps you learn new games with ease


  • Soft tip darts may weigh less and be more difficult to control
  • Electronic parts may break down over time.
  • You need a battery or power source to use the features.

There is plenty to like and a few things to dislike about both electronic and bristle dart boards. When you look at the big picture, electronic dart boards make the most sense for most people but if you are a traditionalist, or want to play in a setting where an electronic device doesn’t make sense, a bristle board can work too.

Sought-after features of an electronic dart board

The reason people love electronic dart boards is because of all the great features they provide players with. Some of the features will be things that some boards will have and others will not and with some, there are varying numbers or degrees of the feature on different boards. Depending on how and why you like to play and what you need to be happy with your electronic dart board, these features will move up or down your list in terms of importance. Here are the most sought-after features of an electronic dart board.

Free-standing vs. wall-hanging 

The majority of electronic dart boards you see will be ones that are meant to be mounted on walls. However, if you do not want to or are not able to mount a board to your wall, there are plenty of arcade-style, free-standing varieties to choose from. Just not, these free-standing versions will usually e more expensive on average.


Some electronic dart boards come in a cabinet with doors that can close when the game is not in use. This is mostly aesthetic but it also protects the board when it is not being played. The open doors can also protect the wall behind it from being damaged by errant darts.

Target size 

This refers to how big the actual dart board scoring section is. The majority of dart boards out there for home use are just over 13” in diameter but regulation, tournament-style dart boards must be 15.5”.

Catch ring

The space with holes that accept darts outside of the main board is known as a catch ring. This will help catch errant throws and protect the wall behind the board and stop you from having to bend over to pick up darts all the time.

Number of games

One of the best parts of an electronic dart board is all the games it has preloaded and allows you to play. If you love variety and learning new things, the more games the better. If you like to stick to a few main games, you do not have to pay for boards with a ton of options.

Number of scoring varieties

This gives you even more variety in your darts. There are multiple scoring varieties of most games. Cricket, for example, has variations such as scram, bowlers and batters, Faldo, and more. If you love a certain game and want variety within that, lots of scoring options could be good for you.

Number of players

Electronic dartboards usually accommodate anywhere from 2 to 16 players playing at once. Of course, you can have as many people playing as you want but this refers to how many people it will keep score for at the same time. When a board advertises its max number though, look to see if that is in teams or individual. Some boards say a max of 16 but they are referring to displaying 4 scores at once for teams of 4.


Almost all electronic dart boards have an electronic, LED scoreboard but they are not all created equal. They come in different sizes and some have a single scoreboard where other boards have multiples. They also can differ in brightness and contrast making them easier or more difficult to see and read from far away.


The buttons that control the features also vary in size, how easy they are to push, and how user-friendly they are to use, navigate, and understand.

CPU opponent

Darts is still fun to play by yourself but one of the best parts of an electronic board is that some give you a digital opponent to compete and hone your skills against. Some varieties even allow you to assign different skill levels to the CPU opponent to up the difficulty factor.

Darts and tips

A nice value add for dart boards is when they come with high-quality darts and replacement tips. 3-piece darts with flyers are usually better than ones that are a single molded plastic piece or a 2-piece with just a dart and tip.

Heckle feature

This feature is a little silly but can be a lot of fun, especially when playing with a rowdy crew. This feature makes sounds that boost you up when you make a good shot and heckle you when you make a bad shot. It is like digital trash talk!

Guide to a multiplayer darts game

One of the best parts of electronic dart boards is all the awesome games that are built-in. The machine has these games preloaded and gives you the rules and automatically tallies your scores. Some machines can have dozens of multiplayer games to participate in while others only have a few. Here is a list of the most popular multiplayer darts games you will find on electronic dart boards.


This is the most popular dart game and is included on almost all electronic boards. Your goal is to score 3 darts in each of the scoring sections – 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, and bullseye. Once you “close out” a section, if you hit it again before your opponent closes out, you score points.

Around the Clock 

The goal is to simply hit all the numbers, 1 – 20 in order. Players get 3 shots each turn. The quickest to hit all 20 numbers wins.

180 Around the Clock

This has the same goal as around the clock but there is a precision scoring element involves as well. You throw 3 darts at each number and get a point for each. You get 3 points for 3 singles, 6 points for 3 doubles, and 9 points for 3 triples or combinations of the 3. To measure up against the best, know that a good score is between 120 and 140.

Chase the Dragon

This is a very popular game that mixes cricket and around the clock. The goal is to hit the triple section of each segment, 10 – 20, the outer bull, and the inner bull. The first one to do this wins.

301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, and 901 

These are all variations of the same basic idea. Each player starts with a certain number and the goal is to reduce your score to 0 by subtracting any number you hit. The first player to 0 wins but if you go below 0, your score reverts to a certain number and you must try to get back to exactly 0. Some versions may require you to hit a double to win.


Each player is assigned a number and must hit that number’s double spot 3 times. The first player to do so is then the “killer”. The player can hit any other players double and if they do, that player loses a life. Lose 3 to 5 lives (depending on your rules) you are out of the game.

Nine Lives 

The goal is to hit all the numbers, 1 – 20, in order. Each player has 3 darts and 3 lives. If you miss your number with all 3 darts, you lose a life. Lose all 3 lives and you are out. The winner is the first or quickest to hit 1 – 20 or the last player standing with lives left.


In this game you shoot at 20, 16, Double 7, 14, Triple 10, 17, and Double Bull. Your points add up with how many of that number you hit each turn. If you miss with all 3 darts, your point total is halved.


Players start shooting at number 1 and move in order each turn. To win, you must hit a single, double, and triple of a given number. As soon as a player accomplishes this, the game is over.


Like the game of golf, you can play 9 “holes” or 18 holes here. Each hole your goal is to get the lowest amount of strokes. The segments on the board equal different numbers of strokes. These are:

  • Doubles – 1 stroke
  • Triples – 2 strokes
  • Singles on the narrow part of the wedge – 3 strokes
  • Singles in the fat part of the wedge- 4 strokes
  • Miss all 3 – 5 strokes

At the end of the game, the lowest score wins.


Named after the European version of the sport, not American football, the goal here is to score goals. Each player only starts scoring goals after they hit 2 bullseyes or 1 double bullseye. After that, every double they hit is a goal. Usually, first to 10 goals wins.


Not to be confused with “dirtball” which needs a special board, this game is scored like baseball where the winning team or player scores the most “runs” in 9 “innings. Each inning you shoot at the corresponding number and your runs are multiplied when you hit double or triple spots.


Like tennis, the game is played in the best of 6 sets. If the set is tied 3-3, it goes to a tiebreak. The first player “serves” and tries to score as many points as possible. If they hit a bull, that is an ace. If not, the other player goes and gets the point if they get a higher score.


The first player must score as many points as possible. The next player just beat that score. If they don’t, they get a circle (or an x). With 3 circles, you are knocked out. Play continues until all but 1 player is knocked out.

Tic-Tac-Toe (or Noughts & Crosses) 

Played like the standard pen and paper game, the board is divided into 9 sections with the middle being the bullseye. You must stake your claim to a section and try and beat your opponent to three down, across, or diagonal. On a steel tip dart board you need to physically divide the board but an electronic board will do it for you.


This is a game of follow the leader that is, as the name suggests, a little loopy! The first player shoots a dart. Wherever it lands, even if it is off the scoring part of the board, the other players must follow. If a player can’t get it in the same section they lose a life. Lose 3 to 5 lives and you are out. The last player with lives wins.

51 by 5

You can shoot at whatever you want in this game but at the end of the round, your score only counts if it is divisible by 5. So, if your score for the round is 20, you divide by 5 and get 4 points for the round. If it is 21, you get nothing. The goal is to get 51 points (which is actually 255 points over the course of the game).

There are plenty of other games you can play on an electronic dart board. Some boards have over 60 games. These few here are the most common ones you will find on electronic boards.


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