How to Play Baseball Darts in 6 Simple Steps


Baseball Darts is all about mixing the fun of darts with the rules of baseball but these two games also look entirely different. It’s true, there are many terms or rules that work just like baseball but at the end of the day; it still looks and feels like a game of darts.

Baseball Darts is played in teams or single competitions and a great alternative to dart games like 19s and 20s. It’s also a rather straightforward game and players need not be able to play or understand baseball in order to get ahead with baseball darts.

But how does it actually work and what baseball dart rules should you know?

In this article, we go through the most important baseball dart rules and everything you should know to play this game with family or friends. But in order to know how these rules work, it’s also a good idea to better understand the theory behind the game.


What is Baseball Darts Exactly?

The name “Baseball Darts” is due to the fact that each game lasts for nine rounds, while baseball involves nine “innings”. During the game, each player will throw three darts at the number of their respective inning and receives a point for each dart that lands on this number. For instance, in the first inning, each player will aim for the number one. If they land inside the double or triple area, they receive two or three points.

When each player/team has thrown three darts, the next player/team follows suit. And this process goes on for nine more rounds (innings), and each point is referred to as a “run”. Whomever has the highest number of runs after nine innings is declared the winner. Pretty straightforward, right?

Now, it’s worth mentioning that baseball darts is not the same thing as “dartball” which uses a diamond-shaped playing board which looks like a baseball field. Anyway, baseball darts is a great game for beginners but even the most experienced players will find it a challenge to hit some lesser used spaces on the board. It’s also good for improving accuracy, while helping you get to know the dart board a little better.

You can also play baseball darts on any type of board including electronic dart boards, and the likes of the best dart mats or dart cases will always make the proceedings more fun. By the way, in case you might be wondering, here’s a rundown for some of the best dart boards on the market.

Now, let’s consider the basics of baseball darts rules:


The Most Basic Baseball Dart Rules to Know About

Baseball Dart Rules

Stepping Over the Line

As with any game of darts, you can commit a foul by stepping over the line in baseball darts. When this happens, a player will forfeit their turn and lose any runs that were scored during that particular round.

Clarification About Hitting the Target

You must hit the right part of the board to score a run in baseball darts and anything less is considered a “miss”. As you know, a different number is attributed to every section of the pizza-shaped board. This means that on the first inning, you must land a dart inside the section for number one. If you fail to land inside the relevant number, no score/run is awarded for that particular throw.

Clarification About Counting the Score/Runs

“Runs” is just a baseball term and a fancy name for points. You score a run any time a dart lands inside the section of the number you are aiming for. However, if you land inside the double ring for that particular number, you receive two runs. Similarly, if you land inside the triple ring for that same number, you will receive three runs/points.

What Happens When Tied After Nine Innings

If the game is tied after nine innings, the number ten is used as a target for an extra round. If the game remains tied after this extra round, an eleventh or twelfth inning or more will take place until a player or team wins.

Rules for Playing with Teams

You can create teams with either groups or single players. When playing with groups, players will take a turn throwing an inning or even a dart each. It’s really up to everyone in terms of specifics but you should always predetermine this rule before playing.

The Outs and Strikes Rule

You can spice things up by sticking post-it notes to specific sections of the board. On these notes, you can write words such as “out” or “strike” and players can stop other teams from scoring by landing a dart in these areas. After three-outs, a round is over.

Baseball Dart Rule Variations

You will find there are sometimes different baseball darts rules. Some players like to include the 7th inning rule in which the score of a player is halved when they fail to score a run during the 7th inning. It’s a fun rule so long as you hit the board yourself!

There is also a rule that you can use a “dummy” player when the teams are uneven. Dummy players will be given a set score before the game starts and this score is attributed to the team which is missing a player. Just so you know, this score is most often ten or fifteen runs but the players must agree on this score before starting a game.

Learn About Specialty Plays in Baseball Darts

Specialty zones are sections of the dart board in which there can be specialty plays. Don’t worry; it’s not as confusing as it may sound. Simply put, these are sections where players can steal a base or sacrifice. In the case of a dart landing inside the latter, an out is recorded if that player is not on base. This essentially means the player who lands a dart can skip forward one inning. Meanwhile, if a dart lands in “double play”, this accounts for two outs and a third out will mean the inning is over.

While you don’t need to know or understand the specialty plays above, these are great ways for advanced players to add some more excitement or interest to baseball darts.

Moving along, we take a look at how to play baseball darts in six simple steps…


How to Play Baseball Darts in 6 Simple Steps

Baseball Darts

1. Decide the Order of Batting

According to baseball dart rules, you must also decide on the order of batting. That is to say, you need to agree who goes first, second, third etc. If you cannot decide on this order, it’s best to get each player to throw a dart at the bullseye and the furthest away is the player to go last.

2. Create a Chart for Baseball Darts

You should make a chart with a vertical list of the names for each player/team. This chart should also have a row of nine columns from left to right which will hold the scores for each round. Keep in mind, there may be extra innings and so extra space should be left on the right hand side of the page for more columns/innings.

3. Agree on the Rules and Discuss the Terminology

Before starting a game, it’s important that everyone has agreed on the baseball dart rules. Also, in case you need reminding, here’s a quick rundown of the terminology:

Inning –  Refers to the round number. The first inning is the first round, the second inning refers to round two and so on.

Runs – A run is simply the equivalent of a point. You receive one run for scoring in the single area and two or three runs any time you hit the double or triple section.

Rings – Rings refers to the different scoring sections on a dart board. The ring on the outside is the double section and the triple section is in the middle. In between these two sections, you have the single scoring area.

“Outs” and “Strikes”If you designate “out” or “strike” sections on the dartboard, a player can receive a first, second or third out before a round is over. Strikes work the same way.

4. Each Player Throws Three Darts at the Board

Each player will take turns throwing three darts at the board in accordance with your predetermined order. The goal is to simply aim for the number of that same inning and try to score as many runs as possible. Keep in mind, players can also aim for the double or triple ring which count as two and three runs respectively.

5. Add the Score of Each Player to the Chart

When each round is finished, you should add the number of runs for each player to your scoring chart. Instead of just writing down the number of scores for each round, it’s also more exciting to have a total column in which the combined score is visible at all times. This way, players can quickly see the difference between who is leading and losing.

6. Declare the Winners and “Losers”

The game is over at the end of nine innings. Whatever team has the most runs is the winner and the game can win before the ninth inning if a team has enough runs to win. If the game is tied, you can start the extra innings we mentioned earlier in the article.


Last Minutes Tips for Playing Baseball Darts


Consider Including the 7th Inning Rule

Baseball dart rules are pretty simple. But if you want to add more fun to the game, we recommend including the 7th inning rule in which you must hit the target or lose half of your current score. That being said, depending on the players, this can also be a rather frustrating rule and one that takes some of the innocence out of the game. For instance, when playing with family, you don’t want younger siblings getting overly upset during the game!

Aim for the Triple Area as Much as Possible

As a rule, it’s best to aim for the triple section because this area is worth three runs. However, if you miss this area, there is also a chance that you might land directly above or below the triple which will still count as a point in baseball darts. That is to say, if you land on the wrong side of the double section, you miss the scoring area of a dart board.

Strive for the Holy Grail by Scoring 81 Points

Let’s be honest, it’s unlikely you will ever achieve 81 points and I’m not sure this has ever been recorded. But you are still more likely to score high by aiming high and landing as many triples as possible is not a bad tactic to have any time you play!

Practice as Often as You Can

Okay, this might sound obvious but it takes time to learn how to throw a dart correctly. With this in mind, most of your friends and family are unlikely to do very well in a game of baseball darts which means you only need to practice a little to be better than most!


Final Thoughts

Baseball darts is arguably the best dart board game for keeping things light and breezy with friends. It’s a game that baseball enthusiasts, in particular, will enjoy but also one that beginners will find easy to learn. In fact, you can teach this game in just a few minutes and there are no complex rules or strategies that can help players take advantage of less experienced players.

At the same time, practice will certainly help you get ahead at baseball darts, and knowing the baseball dart rules will allow you to focus on your game. And then there are the additional rules like strikes, outs and the 7th inning which are easy ways to spice things up once the other players are familiar with the rules.


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