The 8 Best Ping Pong Shoes This Year


Whether you’re a beginner, casual or professional player, you want ping pong shoes that are lightweight, provide good grip, support your arches, and actually look stylish. After doing thorough research, we’ve found the 8 best ping pong shoes to buy in 2021.

Ping pong, or table tennis as it’s officially known, is one of those sports that don’t get enough praise. Football gorges on all the attention for physicality, combat sports are known for brutality, and racing gets plenty of limelight for the danger factor. However, when you watch a pro ping pong game closely, you’ll soon appreciate how much skill and agility it requires.

Every little movement and tactic is crucial to excelling at table tennis, which calls for the right tools, including the perfect pair of shoes. The following ping pong shoes are sure to enhance your gameplay and help you beat your opponent to the game point.


1. Butterfly Lezoline Rifones Table Tennis Shoes

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Butterfly Lezoline Rifones Shoes - Table Tennis Shoes for Men or Women...

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:07 am


  •     EXTREME CUSHION – The B-Armor covers the front upper part with KPU material that cushions the forefoot and protects your foot during rapid movements
  •     SUPERIOR SUPPORT – Design prevents undesired movements and enhances the feeling of a perfect fit. The bridge-shaped middle sole supports a sliding motion during play
  •     EXCELLENT GRIP – Contains a wingtip: specially formed outer sole with superior grip and assists your footwork


The Butterfly is easily one of the well-known ping pong brands in the globe, and the Lezoline Rifones is their flagship table tennis shoe. Incredible slide, reliable, and well-made – this classic pair from Butterfly needs no introduction. They’ve become a darling of pro and amateur ping pong players, meaning they are suitable for every level of player.

Best known for the bridge-shaped middle sole, the Butterfly Lezoline Rifones is our top pick for the best ping pong shoes in 2021 as it provides just the right combo of sport style and top performance. Like most fans, we love their ability to slide. When you’re playing table tennis, you tend to move fast around the table, and it pays to be able to perform controlled slides. This is where this pair is light-years ahead of the rest thanks to its bridge-like midsole and wingtip that offers superb.

They’re also equipped with B-absorber, a revolutionary sponge sandwiched between the middle sole and the outer. This helps absorb shock out of intense movements, so you don’t injure your ankles. That isn’t all; it also sports B-armor, a protective patch for your forefront during rapid movements.


2. Butterfly Trynex Table Tennis Shoes

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Butterfly Trynex Table Tennis Shoes – Stylish Shoes for Ping Pong –...

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:07 am


  •     SUPERIOR GRIP – Rubber sole provides superior grip on any surface and is scuff resistant.
  •     GREAT COMFORT – The Trynex is a comfortable shoe due to its all-mesh construction and lightweight shoe design. The cushioned sole contains EVA sport foam memory for extra comfort.
  •     DURABLE ATHLETIC SHOE – This ping pong shoe is a very durable shoe that is made for multiple table tennis playing styles.


Butterfly Trynex is our best value shoes and was another effortless choice in this review. Yes, they don’t boast many hi-tech bells & whistles you would expect to come in modern table tennis shoes. However, this pair does simple things incredibly well.

For instance, these durable athletic-style shoes sport patterns that are spread across the whole outsole, offering superior grip on any type of surface, plus it’s scuff-resistant. This pair is also extremely light, and the shoes are designed to take a brunt of a beating from heavy use.

If you’re after a well-made pair of shoes for intermediate players, this should be your top pick. These mid-level shoes are fairly affordable and comfy, with loads of style. It’s a great budget buy. They are available in one scheme: blue.


3. Butterfly Lezoline Sal Table Tennis Shoes – Lime Green

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Butterfly Lezoline Sal Table Tennis Shoes - Lezoline Sal - Blue, Grey,...

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:07 am


  •     Tournament quality table tennis shoes
  •     Excellent grip for sharp movements when playing ping pong
  •     High-quality table tennis shoes preferred by top professional table tennis players


This pair of Butterfly Lezoline Sal Table Tennis Shoes offer the best of the two worlds – they are affordable and provide extreme performance. They’re probably the lightest out there, which is why they have become very popular among professional ping pong players. Well, this Butterfly Lezoline must be doing something right to deserve this attention.

Many players are impressed with Lezoline Sal’s comfortable feel and great cushioning. These tournament-quality shoes offer superb grip on the floor while allowing plenty of freedom of movement with breathable mesh. Most people credit its front mesh for its comfort and breathability.

Don’t expect this gem to emanate bad odor even after several hours of intense play. Aside from outstanding support and orthotic insole, this pair is also competitively-priced.


4. LI-NING Men Saga

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LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Anti-Slippery Badminton Shoes Breathable Professional Sport Shoes Silver...

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:07 am


  •     HIGH-QUALITY, BREATHABLE MATERIAL – Upper mesh is made from synthetic leather overlays and abrasion-resistant, anti-skid rubber sole for high-performance and breathability.
  •     TOUGH TIP – Reinforced lining ensure extended life and offer superior performance
  •     MULTIFLEX SOLE COMBINED WITH XSTRUCTURE – flexible soles perform superbly well and feel extra comfortable, plus X-structure improves protection against rolling over


Originally designed for badminton, the LI-NING Men Saga has garnered glowing reviews from professional and amateur ping pong players, too. You’ll find this pair to be ultra-comfortable and the nonslip design ensures that it provides extreme performance without the risk of skidding or rolling over. Revolutionary features like XSTRUCTURE and MULTIFLEX sole are what make these shoes stand out from the crowd.

These shoes are fitted with a tuff tip, an additional layer of reinforcement applied along the toe area and the inner front. This feature helps increase the durability of the shoes, as well as provides unrivaled performance on the court.

The “it-thing” on this shoe is its self-tightening mechanism for the heel. It can adjust the tightness of the laces automatically depending on your needs, providing anti-roller protections. The price is on the lower end, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on the pair. You can choose from 5 color schemes, including silver, yellow, blue, green, and orange.


5. Adidas Men’s Pw Tennis Hu Sneaker

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adidas Men's PW Tennis HU Sneaker, Carbon/Carbon/Chalk White, 10 Medium US

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:07 am


  •     The Tennis Hu is a modern approach to the classic styling of past Adidas models.
  •     Features a minimalistic approach with textures midsole, mesh upper, and Pharrell Adidas markings on the back heel
  •     Inspired by past tennis models as the Forrest Hills and Stan Smith models


It’s true; Adidas Men’s Pw Tennis Hu shoes are not strictly designed for ping pong players. However, we think they will do an almost bang-up job on a ping pong game because of at least two nifty features. First of all, these shoes boast super grippy rubber soles which are going to play a critical role during quick movements. And unlike conventional rubber soles, these ones sport diamond-like inserts that offer extra traction, a trait that will allow you to move precisely side by side and around the table.

The other snazzy feature that will sure to impress you is their lightweight and comfortable design. Thanks to the low-profile upper mesh made from an ultra-light material, these shoes feel like you’re wearing only socks so you can be quick on your feet.

Let’s not forget that the HU brand has become almost synonymous with stylish trends and soft colors, something that’s clearly evident on this pair. It’s available in a whopping 31 color schemes, ranging from white-pink to grey and all-blue.


6. LI-NING APTM003 Men Table Tennis Shoes

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LI-NING Aurora Men Table Tennis Shoes National Team Sponsor Wearable Breathable Lining...

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:07 am


  •     Breathable upper synthetic material helps keep your feet dry and cool for hours of playing
  •     Includes EVA-lined rubber outsole with special grooves designed to resist abrasion and provide anti-skid qualities
  •     Fitted with Tuff tip and anti-collision toe cap for optimal performance and longer lifespan


The preferred sponsor of China national table tennis team, LI-NING APTM003 has proven to be the brand to beat when it comes to ping pong shoes. Unlike most styles on this list, Li-Ning is specially designed to prevent skidding and rollover, providing ample support for both feet. This means the pair offers a high-level of performance coupled with unparalleled protection during quick movement.

The synthetic material making up the upper side has numerous mesh vents that make these shoes incredibly comfortable and breathable. The other notable feature is the anti-collision toe cap that reduces friction on the frontend, making sure your feet are always comfy during high-impact landings.

Each shoe is fitted with non-abrasive gum rubber sole and grooves designed to provide optimal anti-skidding. Besides, the EVA foam-lined midsole helps keep the shoe lightweight, while providing that comfort wear feel.


7. ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9

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ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes, 10.5M, White/Black

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:07 am


  •     Traditional lacing closure for optimal fit and molded-EVA midsole provide enhanced cushioning and shock absorption
  •     Lightweight mesh upper with synthetic overlays provides structured support and comfort.
  •     Foam-padded collar and tongue with breathable mesh lining and a cushioned foot-bed which provide added cushioning.


Originally designed for volleyball players, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 has become the go-to for discerning ping pong players. After all, volleyball and table tennis share multiple similarities. This style was designed and produced by ASICS in collaboration with ping pong brand Butterfly. A great deal of R&D went into these shoes to offer great stability and maximum grip on the floor for table tennis players.

This is easily one of the top-class table tennis-friendly shoes from ASICS, and they beat most footwear released by big-name ping pong brands like JOOLA, Stiga, and Hathaway. Durability and comfort are some of the biggest selling points for ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9. The shoes feature molded EVA foam midsole designed to offer shock absorption and proper cushioning for your feet.

Gel-9’s traditional lacing enclosure ensures optimal fit, while the GEL Cushioning System on the forefoot and rear of the shoe offers superior movement and support at toe-off. These beauties also integrate Trusstic System® Technology that helps lighten the load of the shoe without compromising its structural integrity.


8. Adidas Men Table Tennis Shoes

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adidas Men's GameCourt Tennis Shoe, White, 7 M US

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:07 am


  •     Made from a breathable mesh fabric which helps your feet stay dry and cool throughout the play
  •     Fitted with an anti-collision toe cap for maximum comfort
  •     It has the UFF tip, which is an added layer of reinforcement along the toe area and inside the front. It helps extend the shoe lifecycle and offers superior performance.


Our best breathable product was an easy choice here. The Adidas Men Table Tennis Shoes are exactly what you need for nonstop play. They are a little chunky and feel like they’ve been padded with 4 inches of memory foam. And indeed they sport EVA foam midsoles that water down the weight of the product, as well as enhance comfort and bring out that soft feeling over your feet.

This mid-range beauty will not leave unsightly marking on the surface as the sole is made from non-abrasive gum rubber. Other top-notch features include a robust design with extra grip, anti-collision toe cap, and the UFF tip that increases its lifespan and offers superior performance on the court.

Ultimately, we love this pair for its breathable front mesh and unmatched comfort over your toes. It’s fairly priced too, given that it can double as your shoes for basketball, tennis, and even badminton. They are available in grey back and red.


Ping Pong Shoes Buying Guide

First up – Do you really need ping pong shoes?

You probably have several pairs of running shoes, sneakers, and other comfy walking shoes in your wardrobe, so why would you want to invest in a pair of ping pong shoes?

There are loads of reasons to get shoes specially made for playing or practicing table tennis.

Put your best foot forward. Despite not getting a lot of attention, ping pong is a pretty physically demanding sport that calls for a specific skill set. When you’re playing the game, you will have to be quick on your feet because you’ve to make intensive lateral movements and hundreds of small, rapid steps.

That’s why basketball shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes, and other indoor shoes will not cut it. For instance, typical walking shoes are heavier and padded with extra foam to support your heels, while table tennis shoes are lightweight and have thin soles.

Avoid injury. Selecting the wrong shoes for ping pong will not only ruin your footwork but can also increase your chances of getting injured on the game. Muscle strain, tennis elbow, wrist injuries, and ankle injuries are common ping pong injuries that could be easily prevented by using shoes with proper grip.

Improve your performance and stay competitive. Wearing the wrong shoes gives your opponent the much-needed competitive edge. The last thing you want is to step onto the floor with a disadvantage-play.

Quality ping pong shoes are designed for swift and hassle-free movement. That means they ‘re light, thin, and have amazing grip, three bonus hallmarks that are sure to enhance your odds of beating your opponent.

This is particularly true if you have got a good posture, with most of your weight spread over your feet, instead of your heels. Overall, you will feel more agile, sharper, and quicker on your feet to deliver winning shots!

10 Tips for Choosing the Best Ping Pong Shoes this Year

How to find the perfect pair of table tennis shoes for you? Here are 9 great tips that will prove useful on your ping pong shoes buying journey.

Tip #1: Avoid running shoes

Your instincts might tell you to slip into your favorite running shoes, tennis shoes or sneakers. While they might look set for the job, these shoes feature high-heel caps, thick outsoles, and some are a little bit heavy, so they’ll make it hard for you to move side by side. Worst-case scenario, they might cause unwanted injury.

Walking shoes, on the other hand, are usually designed to have a little more bend and tough outer sole. That’s no good – you need a pair that will offer more control and absorb as much impact as possible.

Tip #2: You current level of play will do much of the talking

The type and style of shoes to get will depend partly on your current level of ability. Most beginners have poor or infantile footwork, and wearing specialist ping pong shoes won’t make much difference.

Of course, there’s no harm in having them, but these shoes won’t instantly transform you into a world-class ping pong player. As such, if you’re a newbie on budget, you stick to your trainers until you take your footwork and gameplay to the next level.

Advanced and intermediate players with good footwork stand to benefit the most from owning ping pong shoes. They’ll help you change directions quicker and execute snappier movements, as well as feel lighter on your feet. Although the benefits are marginal at best, if shoes can help you move faster, you can improve your performance.

Tip #3: Consider the surface you often play on

If you play recreationally at home, then chances are you’ve to be content with your house’s floor. The truth is, if the playing surface is hard (tile floor, cemented, etc.), then standard table tennis shoes might not be your best bet. Hard surfaces require thicker shoes with a little more spring, which is why trainers are endorsed.

The same goes for people who suffer from ankle pain, hip pain, knee pain or other joint pains. These folks may feel too much pain and discomfort using typical ping pong shoes on a hard floor.

The good news is that most ping pong tournaments and competitions are played on sprung wooden flooring and Taraflex. This is where you can bring your A-game with thin, high-quality table tennis shoes.

Tip #4: Don’t spend too much on your first pair

Table tennis shoes will set you back anywhere between $25 and $150+. Strictly speaking, you shouldn’t spend more than $200 on your first pair. Decent shoes that cost around $50 will provide you with over 2 years of quality and comfy play.

Most of these shoes are made in Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand or China, so they are already affordable for the quality and value you will get in the long run. Well, if you’re a seasoned player with a hectic match schedule, don’t hesitate to splurge on high-end, durable classics from brands like ASICS!

Tip #5: Lift before you try them on

Again, it’s a no-brainer that your ping pong shoes should be light, preferably lighter than 200 grams per shoe. Avoid heavy kicks that will keep your feet bogged down.

Lighter shoes offer quicker and better footwork. Note, however, that light pair of shoes ready-made for table tennis should have as little leather as possible, and be crafted from lightweight mesh fabric. This way, it’ll be breathable and easy on your feet at the same time.

There’s only one exception, though. If you’re flat-footed, you need a shoe with a little padding to provide extra support.

Tip #6: Road-test as many styles and brands of shoes as possible

No two players are the same, and there is no one-size-fits-all style of table tennis shoes. There are many brands and styles out there; and each has varying fit and sizing, both of which can impact your gameplay and footwork. That’s why you need to road-test as many styles as you can.

Tip #7: Go for shoes with flat heels

Table tennis is a uniquely fascinating sport, and versatility can go a long way. In light of this, experts recommend shoes with flat heels as they offer more support to protect your feet when you jump side by side.

Tip #8: Grip is everything!

While ping pong shoes need thin outsoles to reduce weight and increase ease of movement, they should also have an excellent grip on the floor. This will make it easy for you to jump from side to side, as well as change direction easily and prevent injury.

Tip #9: Spot the right fit

Most shoe brands on Amazon offer free returns or replacements. As soon as you put on your new pair, make sure it’s not too tight by wiggling your toes. You can take it for a spin on the court to see if the right fit.

If you’ve got an existing foot condition, go for a pair of shoes that will not exacerbate the pain. Any pair that will get rid of the pain is a sign that you found a winner.

Tip #10: Don’t skimp on quality

If you play frequently, your ping pong shoes are going to take a serious beating. Trust me on this one, which is why quality is super important, right from the sole to the wingtip. Make sure to check the user reviews, stitching, and materials to get a clue of the quality.

Generally, the more expensive the shoe, the higher the quality. However, you can snag high-quality products from lesser-known brands.


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