Top 9 Best Pool/ Billiard Gloves in 2021


It’s stunning what difference a quality pair of pool/billiard gloves will make to your gameplay, especially if your hands tend to sweat a lot or play in a humid environment. This is why we’ve listed the 9 best pool gloves you can find on the market.

It doesn’t matter if you play professionally or recreationally, the pool is a game of skill and precision. Slippery cue sticks, cold, and friction can lead to missed shots, but sweaty hands are the main culprit. As such, you’ll want a good pair of billiard gloves to create a superior bridge and deliver high-accuracy shots.

Our top picks include professional gloves, with premium prices to match, and some are aimed at intermediate and casual players. All of them, however, are great value and topnotch-quality. We’ve also put together a nifty buying guide to provide you with tips and handy advice on how to pick a pair of the best pool gloves.


1. IBS Billiard Glove

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IBS Breathable Gold Mesh FITS Carom Billiards Pool Cue Glove Professional Tournament...

Last update was on: September 28, 2021 11:09 am


  • Ultra-Dry Breathable Mesh with Second-Skin Low-Friction Surface
  • Non-Slip Thumb Heel Pad
  • Double Stitched Construction Along with Elastic-Velcro Closure


Best of the best pool gloves, IBS is such a pretty awesome and catchy name for a pool glove and it certainly lives up to the hype. It comes as no big surprise that it’s considered best pool gloves by right-handed players. Just looking at it showcases its incredible construction and lightweight build.

Designed to offer a high level of control and accuracy over your shots, the IBS Billiard Glove is particularly desirable in fiercely competitive sessions. The durable glove is made from Lycra which is known to be extremely breathable and remains dry for extended periods of time.

The Second-Skin surface is extra smooth, so it’ll reduce friction between the cue and your hand, increasing the control and precision of each shot. This also generates fairly steady and smooth strokes. It also comes with a non-slip heel pad that ensures snug fit and mold to your hand for increased flexibility.

What’s more, the glove sports double-stitch construction and Velcro closure on the wrist strap to keep it tightly and comfortably in place. Overall, if you’re looking for a well-priced, competitive-quality, and lightweight pool glove with an appealing and durable design, this top-of-the-line option from Predator is worth checking out. You can choose from a range of color options too, including blue, black/gray, black/yellow, red, and yellow.


2. MIFULGOO Man Woman Elastic 3 Fingers Show Gloves

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MIFULGOO Man Woman Elastic Lycra 3 Fingers Gloves for Billiard Shooters Carom...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: September 28, 2021 11:09 am


  • HIGH QUALITY: Breathable and Stretchy Lycra Fabric Design Maximizes Shaft Movement
  • FLEXIBILITY DESIGN & CUE STICK PARTNER: Middle Finger Tip is exposed; Thumb and Index Finger are closed; They Fit Nicely and Allow the Cue Stick to Glide Smoothly while Easily Maintaining Control
  • GOOD FIT: Hook & Loop closure


The best pool gloves are designed especially to be worn on only the left hand or the right hand. There are only a handful of top-notch reversible options that can go on either left or right hand, and this three-finger show glove from MIFULGOO is one of them. Take your pick from six color schemes, including fabulous-looking silica-gel and black patterns.

If you’re looking for an excellent unisex option, look no further as it is made to fit both men and women. This best-value option is made of high-grade Lycra which is elastic and breathable, making it not only functional but also reasonably-priced.

The middle fingertip is exposed while the index finger and thumb are fully enclosed; a nimble design that provides a high degree of flexibility and adds a natural feel to the game. This way, you will enjoy a superb tactile grip and lots of freedom to position & move your bridge hand.

The universal glove is equipped with a hook-&-loop enclosure that will keep it in place for a secure and comfortable fit. If you want to try out a pool glove without shelling out top dollar, we highly recommend this choice.


3. Anser M050912 Lycra Gloves for Billiard Shooters


  • Only 1PCS in the Packaging; It Can be used for Right or Left Hand; They Fit Nicely and Allow the Cue Stick to Glide Smoothly while Easily Maintaining Control
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Breathable and Stretchy Lycra Design Maximizes Shaft Movement
  • FLEXIBILITY DESIGN & GOOD FIT: Middle Finger Tip is Exposed, Thumb and Index Finger are Closed with Velcro at the Wrist to Adjust


To pick the best pool gloves, you must look for one that combines a budget-friendly price and high-quality with breathable construction. Anser M050912 checks all those boxes, and then some. As an ambidextrous option, it can fit nicely and can be used for the left hand or right hand.

The pool cue stick will drive smoothly on the bridge and yet provides you with incredible control over your shots. This glove is almost uncannily similar to the option from MIFULGOO as it’s a three-finger glove that encloses the thumb and the index finger while leaving the middle fingertip naked. This unique design delivers a great tactile grip and amazing control over strokes.

The adjustable wrist features a Velcro strap to hold the glove tightly in place. You can select from large and medium sizes to fit your hand snugly. They come in a range of colors and patterns that include pink, blue, gray, leaves, sky blue, light green, yellow, and white.


4. Longoni Black Fire 2.0 Billiard Pool CUE Glove

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Longoni Black Fire 2.0 Billiard Pool CUE Glove - for Left or...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: September 28, 2021 11:09 am


  • Ideal for any Pool, Snooker, Pyramid and Billiards player
  • New and innovative Techno Fiber fabric is breathable, comfortable and soft to the touch, machine washable (max 30°C)
  • Multiple features: Adjustable strap around the wrist area to ensure a snug fit; separated finger for better control, and gripping micro-suede pad for better stability


Those looking for a professional-grade option should seriously have a look at the Longoni Black Fire 2.0 Billiard Pool CUE Glove. It could have easily snagged the top spot of the best pool gloves, but it falls just a little short because of its high-end price. Don’t get it wrong; it’s an outstanding billiard/pool glove nonetheless, particularly suited for competition-level play.

Combining innovative design and high-quality construction, this glove will certainly up your gameplay. It is made out of what the Italian brand calls Techno Fiber, presumably a Lycra-based material that is super-comfortable, breathable, and extra-soft. It’s also machine-washable up to only 30°C.

There are two options on offer: one for left-handed players and the other for right-handed folks. Regardless of hand orientation, this glove provides a snugly and comfortable fit. You can choose from several sizes, from Small to XL.


5. IBS Three Fingers Billiard Gloves

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IBS Breathable Smooth FITS Carom Billiard Pool Cue Glove Professional Course Training...

Last update was on: September 28, 2021 11:09 am


  • 4 pieces of IBS three-finger pool gloves in 4 lovely colors: Navy, Blue, Black, Wine
  • High-Quality Material: They Are Made From Stretchable Nylon Spandex.
  • Fits both men and women, right and left hand; they’re elastic at the wrist for a good fit.


A good value choice for anyone looking for a high-quality glove at a budget-friendly price, the IBS Three Fingers Billiard Gloves come in four lovely colors – namely, wine, black, blue, and navy. They are unisex billiard gloves that will fit most men and women.

Each pack of this IBS product contains four pieces, which further reflects its value for money. What makes them the best pool gloves is their elastic nylon spandex material construction that will provide a good, snugly fit without compromising on breathability. Expect these gloves to wick away sweat and remain dry even for extended playing sessions.

Aside from offering a nice for any player, these stretchable gloves are superbly comfortable and ambidextrous, so you won’t have to worry if you don’t know which glove belongs to what hand. Customers also like that they are elastic at the wrist for a comfy fit.


6. Tiger Billiards Glove

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Tiger Billiard Glove - for Left Hand (Large)

Last update was on: September 28, 2021 11:09 am


  • Wear Your Way: Tiger Finger Wrap fits either the right hand or the left hand
  • It is available in an array of 7+ colors, including beige, purple, black, blue, turquoise, green, and silver
  • The unique design provides all of the benefits from the smooth, low friction stroke that gloves are known for, without the Velcro strap and hot sweaty palm that the traditional glove causes. This way, you will enjoy consistently smooth strokes throughout the game.


If you’re tired of Velcro straps and hot sweaty palms of the conventional billiard gloves, then you will flip over this finger-wrap-style glove from the premier poo brand UnGlove. It is hands down among the best pool gloves in the two-finger style, especially if your palms tend to get very sweaty. We love that it generates extremely minimal friction on the cue, allowing it to glide smoothly.

Customers were impressed by how the glove is largely visually unconstructive so you can focus on your shots without any distractions. Furthermore, they are ideal for someone who uses two fingers to create a bridge. In fact, if you alternate between a closed and an open bridge based on the shot, you will absolutely love the Unglove Fingerwrap Billiards Glove.


7. KAMUI Billiard Glove – for Left Hand

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Kamui Billiard GLOVE QuickDry, for LEFT Hand, Black (L)

Last update was on: September 28, 2021 11:09 am


  • Adjustable Hook & loop strap around the wrist area to ensure a snug fit. Fits on the LEFT hand, and ideal for right-handed players
  • Made of quick-drying fabric so that you can have smooth strokes, accurate shooting, and speed regardless of sweaty hands
  • Made of smooth, stretchable fabric so you can have a comfortable fit on your hand, even when playing for a long time; Anti-slip pad attached to the palm supports a more stable bridge and allows you more confidence in your game


If you’re looking for a high-end option that’s worth the premium price, then check out the Kamui Billiard Glove. It’s often regarded among the best gloves on the market for right-handed pro players. It boasts a number of nifty features that speak to its fairly steep price tag.

It is made from a quick-drying synthetic fabric material that allows for accurate shots, smooth strokes, and snappy play. The glove ensures that your sweaty palms dry fast and your bridge stays perspiration-free for those long, intensive pool sessions.

Users are happy that the glove incorporates an elastic fabric that guarantees a snug fit no matter the size of your hands. In addition, it includes an adjustable hook-and-loop strapping at the wrist, ensuring that the glove stays put even during rigorous play.

As if that isn’t great enough, there’s also anti-slip padding in the palm area to provide more comfort and encourage bridge stability. Some customers, however, have complained that the glove is on the small side so make sure to pick one size up for better comfort and fit.


8. Molinari Billiard Glove – for Left Hand

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Molinari Billiard Glove - for Left Hand (Black, Regular (One Size fits...

Last update was on: September 28, 2021 11:09 am


  • Fits on the LEFT hand, designed for Right-handed players. Choose your color and size using the size chart. Ideal for any Pool, Snooker, Pyramid and Billiards player
  • Molinari glove provides an excellent fit and feel. The double-stitched mesh prevents transpiration build-up and provides high durability
  • Equipped with a gripping pad for better stability and more confidence in your game. Open fingers for increased feel, and an adjustable strap around the wrist area to ensure a snug fit


Molinari is a reputable pool brand recognized in the US and across the world; they’re known for high-quality billiard accessories for both the recreational and competition tournament markets. Little wonder that the Molinari Billiard Glove is taking the pool world by storm.

The first thing you’ll notice is the top-quality double-stitched mesh construction that results in a durable and hard-wearing glove ideal for the pro player. On top of that, the fine meshing makes it more breathable, allowing transpiration so that your palm and fingers remain reasonably dry throughout the play.

We’re particularly excited about their range of bright colors that include yellow, blue, cyan, black, red, and dark blue. Other notable features are the Velcro strap and stretchable wristband that gives the glove an impressive fit and adjustability. You will appreciate that the glove is reasonably lightweight and fingerless, making it a great option for technical jump shots.


9. Vapor Cool Sport Billiard Gloves

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Vapor BG-CEGRY-M Pro Series Tech Cool Edge Billiard Glove, Medium, Grey

& Free shipping
Last update was on: September 28, 2021 11:09 am


  • Fits either hand
  • Made with Vapor Technology to wick away moisture
  • A non slip gel pad


Vapor is an up and coming billiard brand that is giving top-tier players a run for their money. The budget brand has caught the attention of professional and amateur players alike for its Cool line-up that includes Cool Edge, Cool Edge Fingerless, and Cool Sport, all of which are some of the best pool gloves right now.

The Vapor Cool Edge is the model that impressed our experts; it’s a stylish and elegant glove that’s available in two styles. You can get a whole-finger and fingerless design, so there’s something to fit most players. In either design, the thumb area is constructed of mesh fabric made using Vapor Cool technology. This breathable fabric is not only comfortable but also encourages transpiration to dry off sweaty hands and keep them so for a long time.

Both the middle finger and the wrist area of the glove are made for a breathable and stretchable fabric that provides an added comfort and snug fit. You’ll be glad to know that the glove sports non-slip gel bands around the wrist which allow the player to shoot outstandingly accurate bridge shots. These wrist bars are also tacky, meaning they prevent the cue stick from slipping when you’re making a stroke.


Best Pool Gloves Buying Guide

Pool gloves are a great addition to any player’s toolkit. But, with so many styles, brands, sizes, and materials, it can be hard to find the perfect pair for your gameplay. This section offers up tried and true considerations, tips, and other important buying advice to keep in mind.

First Things First – Why Invest in the Best Pool Gloves?

Pool and billiard are indoor games that carry the badge for being not only fun and exhilarating but also easy to play. While the pool table, cue stick, and balls ultimately affect the playability of the game, slippery grip and sweaty palms are some of the worst shortcomings that will adversely impact your gameplay.

In light of that, you’re recommended to invariably make sure that you have a pair of the best pool gloves. The work of the pair is to enhance your performance at the table and guarantee impeccable gameplay.

Superior bridge formation is what the pool doctor prescribed. If you’re a pool pro player or enthusiast, you probably understand the importance of a well-formed bridge. It’s indispensable for shooting the most precise shots. In other words, players are required to hit the ball with high-precision to generate great strokes for a bridge.

Even the tiniest slip-up in your pool cue stick can lead to a missed shot. Talking about competitive play, gloves are especially handy when playing with a closed bridge, though they can also be helpful with open bridges.

Deliver better and more accurate strokes. Often, slippery grip, sweaty hands, and cold palms are responsible for inaccurate strokes and slip-ups that will end up ruining your gameplay.

It’s natural for your palm to sweat as you grip on something like a cue stick. Unfortunately, sweat creates a thin film of perspiration on the outside of the cue stick, making it slippery and somewhat difficult to grip. The result is lopsided or missed shots.

Enjoy upped competitive play. The best pool gloves provide you with a distinct advantage play when compared to shooting with a bare hand. Aside from keeping sweaty hands from hampering your gameplay, they help improve your grip on your pool stick. The superb grip offered by the best billiard gloves allows for better control over cue stick strokes and shots. More importantly, this helps keep cue slipping and miscues at pay.

Say goodbye to messy powders. Previously, most pool players applied talc, powder, chalk to their hands to keep them dry and improve grip before making their shots. Even though useful, these powders are usually sticky and, even worse, filthy.

If used often, chalk and talc powders spill all over the billiard table and other surfaces, not to mention they are particularly hard to clean up and get out. Eventually, they will create smudges or stains that will reduce the aesthetic value and playability of your table.

A well-made pair of billiard gloves will help you get rid of the baby powder. Best of all, talc powder has been banned by the official rules of the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) from official tournaments and games.

Types of Pool/Billiard Gloves

Like traditional gloves, ones designed for playing pool comes in an assortment of styles, sizes, and colors. While nearly all glove designs help reduce friction and cover sweaty hands, you might discover that you love one type more than the rest. By design, pool gloves are meant to be worn on your bridge hand, which is simply the right hand for those left-handed people and vice versa.

The primary function of the gloves is to minimize friction between the pool stick and the fingers on your steering hand (also called bridge hand). It’s this way that you can ensure the accuracy of your shots and keep slip-ups to a minimum.

Whole-hand pool gloves: These are basically traditional gloves that cover all five digits on the hand. They can double as your cold-weather gloves as each glove protects all of the fingers. The biggest plus of these gloves is that they feel more natural and comfortable since you’ve gotten used to this type of hand-wear.

On the downside, whole-hand billiard gloves don’t have a more natural, secure grip on the jump cue stick. That’s mostly true if you typically use the pinky and the ring finger (collectively called non-bridge fingers) to steady your hand and make sure it is stable when driving the cue stick. When these two fingers are gloved, your shots feel a little bit awkward, and you actually end up with missed shots.

Three-finger pool gloves: This is the most common and widely used design, particularly in official pool/billiard tournaments. It’s exactly what the name suggests – a pool glove that covers the middle finger, forefinger, and the thumb, leaving non-bridge fingers exposed.

Billiard gloves of this kind are quite popular among more advanced players because they offer the much-need friction reduction with the added benefit of leaving non-bridge fingers exposed for stabilization of the hand on the table felt. In addition to that, most of these gloves are generously padded in the palm area, offering more comfort when you’re trying to shoot from the rail.

Two-finger pool gloves: unlike their 3-finger counterparts, gloves of this style only cover the thumb and forefinger, leaving the other three fingers naked. Because of their small footprint, these are considered more of strips of fabric than actual gloves. These are designed especially for professional players who use the said two fingers to form the bridge, plus they are normally comfier than other styles.

Some billiard/pool gloves have exposed fingertips; a design concept which most players believe gives a more secure and comfortable grip on the jump pool stick. Exposed fingertips also offer a great tactile grip on the felt for those who prefer the open bridge over the closed bridge. Even so, the right choice will come down to your personal preference and style of play.

Key Criteria for Choosing the Right Pair of Pool/Billiard Gloves


You can find billiard/pool gloves made from a variety of synthetic and natural materials, including elastane, spandex, neoprene, nylon, cotton, lycra, mesh, and their blends. While synthetic fabrics are cheaper, they are not as breathable as natural materials like cotton, leaving your hands sweaty and hot when worn for longer sessions.

We recommend a set of gloves made from top-grade and breathable material blend to keep away the sweat. If your hand tends to slip while making the bridge, get gloves crafted from high-quality low-friction fabric with tacky heel pad.


While the vast majority of gloves come in a universal size that will fit most players, you can find models in a range of sizes from XS to XXL. Most brands provide you with a sizing chart you can check out to select the correct size for your hand.

Because you will have to refer to the sizing chart in question, you’ll want to measure out your hands accurately to figure out your correct fit. For the most case, that’s across or around the knuckles of your hands, and in some cases, maybe the measurement from your wrist to the tip of your index finger.

It is crucial to be as precise as you can because a mere ¼ or ½ inch could throw off your measurement and you will end up with gloves that are either too small or too large. If you aren’t sure of your size, we suggest that you buy a stretchable glove that will fit most people.


Some sellers claim their gloves can be worn on either hand. These pool gloves are said to be reversible or ambidextrous. While you might be lucky to find a good ambidextrous glove, it isn’t always a great idea to buy one.

Pool/billiard gloves prices

Just how much should you expect to cough up for pool gloves? While almost all gloves on the market are reasonably affordable, they will cost you between $10 and $40. Pro players should consider getting something more expensive, while beginners and casual players should stick to models in the price range.

On the pricey end of the spectrum, you’ll find the best pool gloves that offer optimal comfort and the best fit. They are usually fitted with gripping pads which, to some extent, may affect flexibility and control of your hands over the cue stick.

Other Tips on How to Pick the Best Pool/ Billiard Gloves this Year

  • Avoid gloves with an under-$10 price tag as they will present numerous challenges in due time. Some often are uncomfortable to wear, made of unbreathable material, their seams may come undone, and their poor construction means they’ll be more prone to wear & tear.
  • For a better fit and comfort, go with mid-range or high-end options with decent construction quality and made from breathable materials.
  • Consider your hand orientation before you choose the best pool gloves
  • Gloves with padded palm region offer support via compression but tend to limit your hand’s range of motion. It’s a worthwhile trade-off that’ll lead you to the best pool gloves that are sure to last.

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