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Best Ping Pong Balls to Buy This Year (In-Depth Reviews)


Owning a ping pong table is only half the battle; the other half is finding the perfect set of balls that will help you refine your game. Thankfully, we’ve done extensive research, and here the 16 best ping pong balls to buy in 2021.

Picking the right pack of table tennis balls can be tricky given that there are too many options. When shopping, you’ll come across a variety of training balls, competition balls, and recreational balls from a wide range of brands, not to mention they often differ in weight, speed, spin, material, and bounce quality.

A novice or recreational player may be okay with inexpensive, decent-performing balls, but mid-level players and pros would prefer something that offers better spin and bounce. Clearly, there’s a ton to consider when shopping for the right set, which is why we’ve rounded up a few tips to help you land the best ping pong balls money can buy.


1: Butterfly A40+ 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

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MAPOL 50 White 3-Star Table Tennis Balls Premium Training Ping Pong Balls

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The Butterfly A40+ is a set of the best ping pong balls ideal for the veteran player who knows the game inside out. These perfectly round white balls are 3-star rated and endorsed by both the ITTF and USATT for use in top-tier tournament play. That means they’re ready-made for international and national competitions and leagues.

With seamlessly even thickness, the A40+ balls have been designed with the state of the art ABS material and following ITTF guidelines. The product is a thing of beauty, a superb ball that offers consistent bounce and unbeatable playability.

If you’re in doubt, it helps to remember that the A40+ was the official competition ball for the World Table Tennis Champion in 2018 and 2019. This goes to show how much confidence the professional table tennis community has in this topnotch product.

The best-in-class performance and unrivaled durability make this ball set a great choice for tournaments as well as league-level practice and competitive training. They are sold in a pack of 3, 6 or 12 balls.


2: MAPOL Orange 3-Star Premium Ping Pong Balls, 50- Pack


This pack of 50 MAPOL Orange 3-Star Premium Ping Pong Balls fits the needs of budding players looking to develop their skills without hurting their wallets. Weighing about 2.7-2.85g each, these balls will help you practice and play a fast-paced game. And when you’re not dishing out hot serves, backspins, and shots at the table, you can turn it into a beer pong fiesta with these fun-looking and lightweight balls.

We love how smoothly round and comfortable they feel. You’d best believe, this is the type of ping pong balls you would love to play with until you achieve intermediate-level skills. They come in the standard 40mm size and carry a three-star rating, so you know you’re not getting a raw deal.

Feedback from players confirms that they’re not only durable but also generate good spin and are surprisingly bouncy, not too shabby for balls that cost a shade more than $15.


3: Huieson 50-Pack 3-Star 40+ Orange Table Tennis Balls


Lightweight and durable, this 50-pack of Huieson Table Tennis Training Balls will help you take your ping pong game to the next level. If you’ve been yearning the light touch and spin quality of celluloid balls, these beauties from ping pong equipment manufacturer Portzon will help you sate your cravings. They’re so light, quick, and bouncy that it’s hard to believe they’re competition-approved poly plastic balls.

The secret is that Huieson used the new ABS material to guarantee that smooth roundness and durable appeal. You see, most players have gotten used to the new poly plastic balls being less “spinny” and slower. However, when you play topspin and backspin with these balls, you’ll be wowed by how they kick spritely off the table.

If there’s one brand we can count on to bring back the spin magic, it’s Huieson, and they may have done it with this set. The balls are fast, hard, and of decent quality, plus the price is something to write home about!


4: Butterfly Easy Ball 40+ Training Balls, 120-Pack


Are you in the market for top-grade and yet affordable balls for your training robot or for multi-ball practice? If yes, this set of Easy Ball 40+ training balls from Butterfly might just be what you need to step up your game. They are specially made for professional players who can’t stand extra-lightweight 1-star and 2-star balls that produce unreliable trajectory.

With a price smirch shy of $50, this 120-pack will last a whole season, but won’t necessarily break the bank. Well, if you don’t want to drop good money for a bulk-pack, you can opt for a 6-pack instead. When compared to other training sets on the market, this pack is slightly more expensive, but they’re well worth the investment in durability and performance.

Elite players rave about their medium speed, superior spin, and consistent bounce. At 2.3g, each ball weighs just right, not too heavy, not too light. Plus, they are well-constructed and built to last.

If you’re a stickler on aesthetics, you will probably notice that these balls are a touch translucent and not impeccably white. Yes, they seem a little dull, but is that really a deal-breaker?


5: NITTAKU 3-Star Premium 40+ Table Tennis Balls, 3-Pack


First introduced in 2015, Nittaku Premium 40+ is another superb set of competition ping pong balls. The Japanese brand went out of their way to deliver high-quality balls that feel much akin to playing with the good old celluloid balls. The mid-range pack has three 3-star white table tennis balls, but you’ve got an option of getting a 6-pack, 9-pack, 12-pack, or 24-pack.

The NITTAKU 3-Star Premium 40+ has been engineered with top-quality materials that ensure the balls rarely break and will last long. Players say the balls generate great spin without much effort, and they carry good bounce.

If you’re tired of inconsistent bounce and egg-like balls, Nittaku has listened to your pain points. These completion-quality balls are perfectly round, well-balanced, and produce exceptional performance every time. That’s because they undergo rigorous testing and must pass very stringent quality control checks set by Nittaku.

Talking of performance, they are bouncier and medium-fast. Don’t expect them to wobble or lose the intended trajectory in flight. Their price may not be a sweet song to your ears, but they will pay for themselves in playability and performance.


6: JOOLA Magic Training Table Tennis Balls, 144 Pack


Most people who’re looking for quality ping pong equipment will find JOOLA to be practical, trustworthy, and affordable for their needs. And the JOOLA Magic is a clear testament to this long-standing reputation. With a pack of 144 balls costing under $45, this set is the best bang for the buck!

Whether you have pro-level skills or just getting started in ping pong, these balls have the right features to help you take your game to a higher level. They are relatively fast, medium-light, offer average spin, and of course, the reassuring backing of a brand trusted for 60+ years.

While these balls are designed for anyone needing balls to feed into a training robot or for multi-ball practice, they will suffice for semi-league tournaments and a weekend of fun with family or friends.


7: KEVENZ 3-Star 40+ Table Tennis Balls, 60-Pack


This affordable set of 60 three-star 40mm balls by KEVENZ is ideal for the budding intermediate and advanced player looking to improve their spin play. They are high-performance and exceptionally durable balls that will last for one or two years before you notice wear and tear.

Each ball in this pack generates excitement from elite players who are after more control, quick serves, and topspin. At the same time, these well-built balls help you build confidence so you can feel comfortable during a match-day. Still, they can also be used by discerning casual players.

KEVENZ offers both white and orange balls at the same affordable price point. Even though these balls are great for developing and improving skills; they fall a little short to be used in official tournaments.

If you compare apples to apples, the KEVENZ 40+ balls will hit well above other similar-priced products in terms of performance, durability, and quality. Most customers love that these are well-balanced and near-perfectly round balls.


8: KEVENZ 60 White Beer Pong Balls – 40mm Ping Pong Washable Plastic for Decoration, Crafts or Party Game Balls


Serious ping pong players and enthusiasts deserve tournament-ready balls, and these ones from Totem World definitely will please those who love this sport. When it comes to practice, the KEVENZ balls will give you the much-needed edge and confidence to dominate your opponent come match-day.

Their three-star rated balls are endorsed by the USA Table Tennis (USATT). Not just that – they also come in regulation weight and size of 38mm, which makes them ideal for all national and international competitions, leagues, and events.

We’ve come to count on Totem World, a well-known brand in the world of table tennis, for topnotch-quality products, and they didn’t disappoint here. The balls are of superior quality and the white hue makes them instantly visible for a snappy reaction.

Save for a few quirks, this set will provide you with better-than-average performance, longer shots, consistent bounce, and excellent ball control. Pros love that they support longer volleys and yet manage to deliver perfect spin.


9: Franklin Sports Table Tennis Balls, 18-Pack


This set of Franklin Sports Official Size Balls is the reason why most players have paid attention to one-star rated options once again. Yes, these, the virtue of being 1-star balls, are supposed to suck big time, but surprise, surprise, they don’t!

First of all, they adhere to official 2.7g and 40mm weight and size standards, meaning they can technically be used in any tournament. However, these balls are more in the speed of an amateur player who wants to get a taste of the professional table tennis world without dropping big money on equipment.

We particularly like the neon orange coloring, as it lends the balls that techno appeal. Of course, these balls are highly visible and easy to keep track of against most ping pong table tops. With each shot, they will provide you with a great performance, good spin & decent bounce, so they are great for both practice and competition play.


10: Newgy Robo-Balls, 144-pack


Certainly not the best ping pong balls for competition play, the Newgy Robo-balls are ideal for practice and robot training. They will also do well for recreational play, so they should be your go-to if you’re looking for balls for a weekend full of family fun.

Even novice and casual players deserve great balls, and this set of orange ping pong balls are sure to please. They particularly receive plausible reviews from low to mid-intermediate players, since they work perfectly for use in table tennis robots and for playback solo practice. 

Admittedly, they fall a little short on ball bounce and spin, which is probably why they are not rated 3-star balls. Also, some customers have noted some dust on the surface of the balls when they first unbox them, but that is to be expected from 2-star models.

Despite these few concerns, we think this pack of 144 long-lasting balls is well worth the hype, especially for anyone who does regular multi-ball practice. Did we mention they are regulation size balls?


11: 144 40mm Seamless Regulation Size Party Hard Heavy Duty Beer Pong Balls


This pack of 144 regulation size (40mm) and weight white table tennis balls shows are perfect for the amateur ping pong player.

These are 1-star balls, so don’t expect the fancy features from them. They are great as budget replacements for your practice balls. But since they meet regulation standards, they can be used in low-tier competitions and events. The good news is that they feel and even look almost exactly like tournament-level balls.

At around the $10 mark price for 144 balls, this is perhaps the most budget-friendly one-star option you can get. Even so, they are adequately durable, providing you with several months if not years of hassle-free practice. Overall, this is a decent-quality set of ping pong balls made by a trusted name in the industry.


12: STIGA 1-Star Table Tennis Balls, 38-Pack


This set of STIGA 1-Star Table Tennis Balls is another fantastic option for recreational and casual play. Sold in both orange and white, these balls have been assigned a one-star rating, and arrive in a box of 38. These are celluloid-made balls that feature official ITTF weight (2.7g) and size (40mm).

If you’re a newbie or casual player, you’ll find this set to be spot-on. There have been rare incidences of balls in the same package not weighing the same. However, don’t expect this to affect your gameplay experience, unless you’re playing at the professional level.

Given that these are made of celluloid, they are less likely to lose trajectory mid-flight. More so, most enthusiasts were impressed by the bounce and spin delivered by these balls, the reason we think they will upgrade your backyard ping pong games.


13: KEVENZ Beer Ping Pong Balls Assorted Color Plastic Balls, 100-Pack


KEVENZ sold itself short on this 100-pack of assorted-color ping pong balls. Even though the manufacturer explicitly says that they are not for ping pong tournaments and practice, they are a decent choice for rookie players, family fun, and other forms of ping pong-related recreational play.

These balls are marketed as having the regulation size and weight, but some users have reported that they are smaller than 40mm. This can impact your practice and gameplay, particularly if you are a pro-level player.

Thankfully, there are a whole of fun and exciting things you can do with these beauties. They are perfect for all kinds of art & craft activities, from painting to model-making. They can also work well as beer pong balls, water balls, décor balls, cat balls, and much more. They don’t seem susceptible to cracks like other costlier competitors.


14: TADICK Multi-Color Ping Pong Balls, 72-Pack


If you or your family loves playing with ping pong balls, this set from TADICK is sure to appeal to your crowd. They aren’t actually table-tennis balls, as these are more like colorful decorations you need in your arts & craft kit. Even so, these assorted-color balls are decent enough for casual play and practice, plus they are super easy on the wallet.

If you have a pet who loves to play with colored ping pong balls, your four-legged friend will thoroughly enjoy them. Considering this, don’t expect these balls to be of the same size (even though the manufacturer claims they’re regulation size), or to be bouncy enough for table tennis play and practice.

Instead, these budget-friendly balls are exceedingly pretty, making them great for beer bong, and as decoration balls for Christmas, parties, carnival, and so forth. Fair warning: they are not perfectly round or evenly thick.


15: JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle + Balls Set


The JP WinLook Ping Pong set is a perfect choice if you also need paddles with your table tennis balls. We were royally pleased by the comfy grip on the rubber paddles fitted with composite five-plywood handles. The whole package won’t dig a big hole in your wallet; another good reason why amateur and recreational players will love it.

Eight 3-star regulation size 40mm white ping pong balls are included in the package. These ITTF-endorsed balls are designed for optimal performance and to support consistent bounce and great spin. Together, the combination of the lower price-point and a good number of paddles and balls make this set a good addition to any family rec room.

The paddles have wooden handles made from quality five-plywood. The rubber completes the ensemble, rendering maximum control, speed, and balanced spin. More excitedly, everyone is impressed by the handy carry bag fitted with an ergonomic handle, so it’s perfect for players of all ages.


16: ZHENAN 3-Star 40+ Training Balls, 30-Pack


Whether you are a novice or have elite-level skills, this set of yellow ping pong balls by ZHENAN has everything you need to upgrade your practice and training. These are well-made 3-star regulation size balls in bright yellow, so they are strikingly visible and easy to track on the table.

Take some of these balls to your next school, club or solo practice, or pop them into your table tennis training robot. Either way, you are set to offer excellent control, superior spin, and amazingly consistent bounce. They are more durable too, so they will last you two or more seasons without showing wear signs.

You will notice that these weigh a bit more than some of the best ping pong balls on this list. The extra milligrams add some momentum to your serves and shots, as well as maintain the intended trajectory. It helps that they are perfectly round and uniformly thick.

The bottom line is that these are some of the best ping pong balls for training and practice. Save for one or two quirks, they are quality pieces from a boutique brand that backs the product with a 90-day worry-free warranty.


7 Tips on How to Pick the Best Ping Pong Balls this Year

ping pong balls

Any seasoned ping pong player will tell you that, while having the right table and paddle is indispensable, it’s the right collection of balls that can make a tangible difference and improve your gameplay. A wrong choice, on the other hand, can surely put a damper on the whole playing experience. 

In truth, balls aren’t pricey like other ping pong equipment, but they come in a variety of sizes, weights, and styles to suit different skill levels and playing styles, which can be a little confusing. Also, they don’t last that long, so you’ll likely need a bunch of them if you play regularly.

So, how do you go about choosing the right set? In this section, we shall outline seven key tips and considerations you should use to tell quality table tennis balls from knock-off imitations, cheapies, and duds.


1- Check out the star rating for your ping pong ball

Most ping pong balls available today are rated on a 1-3 scale based on quality as explained in this video; with three (3) being the highest-quality while one (1) denotes the lowest quality. Durability, bounce, elasticity, weight, balance, and shape are some of the chief factors that go into determining the rating of a particular ball.

One important thing to note, however, is that these star ratings are self-assigned by the brand, and therefore aren’t validated by independent third-parties. Despite this, most three-star balls on the market meet or surpass playability and quality requirements set by governing bodies like the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). 

In a lot of cases, the manufacturer would downgrade otherwise three-star balls that fail to meet quality control checks to one-star or two-star balls.

If you’re buying for competitive or tournament play, you should gun for 3-star balls because they are usually well-made, perfectly round, nicely-balanced, slightly heavier, and harder. 

That’s not to say 1-star and 2-star balls are worthless. Two-star balls boast medium quality and are relatively firm, so they should be used for robot training, practice, and family fun. One-star balls are rarely firm and tend to be soft – they’re okay for kids and newbies, with their lower price points being the silver lining.

2- Polystyrene vs. celluloid ping pong balls: A trade-off between cost and quality

Ping pong balls have gone through a raft of transformation in the past couple of decades. One such major change is the material used to make the ball: ITTF now prefers Polystyrene (Poly) over celluloid, and with good reason. Poly balls are more eco-friendly, a teensy bit heavier, and offer more bounce than their celluloid counterparts.

As well as being ITTF-approved, poly plastic balls are durable and easy to lug around but tend to be more difficult to mold and manufacture. That’s why they come at a higher price than celluloid balls.

3- Ping Pong Balls Color consideration

White and orange are the only colors the ITTF has given the green light to be used on official tournament table tennis balls. Come to think of it, both of these colors are eye-catching, even though white balls seem to be more pervasive. No matter your choice, however, the ITTF says the balls must have a matte finish.

If you’re purchasing balls for your family, kids or to use recreationally, the color to choose is entirely up to you.

4- Type of ping pong balls

There are three common types of ping pong balls: recreational, training, and competition balls.

Recreational Ping Pong Balls: As the name hints, these balls are means for recreational or casual play. They are great for family rec rooms, kids, novice players, and even beer-pong games.

Recreational balls are usually thin, light, of lower quality, and deliver below-par bounce. Most of them are 1-star rated and not exactly round in shape, but hey they’re extremely affordable!

Training Ping Pong Balls: These come in a pack of hundreds and sized to be fed into particular ping pong robots. They are cheaper, lighter, and offer medium bounce. The vast majority are rated 2-star.

Competition Ping Pong Balls: These are the very best ping pong balls, designed for use in tournaments, competitions, leagues, and other pro-level events. Expect top-tier quality, playability, and durability from these ITTF-approved balls. Make sure they are rated 3-star and sized 40+.

5- Perfectly round Ping Pong balls deliver the best spin

Spin is the name of the game in table tennis. It’s what differentiates your small-time basement relay from an Olympic-class game.

Here’s the thing: if you’re training to be a world-class player, you need a ball that offers the best spin. This way, you can master the art of playing and returning backspins, topspins, side spins, and so forth. If the ball wobbles when placed on the flat surface, it’s not perfectly round, and won’t deliver much in the way of spin quality. 

The bottom line is that if spin-play is important for your gameplan, then you’re better off with three-star rated balls from a trusted brand like Stiga, JOOLA, Butterfly, or Franklin Sports.

6- Check packaging for compliance

According to ITTF rules, official table tennis balls must carry either “40mm” or “40” labeling if they’re made from celluloid. Those made from materials other than celluloid — for example, polystyrene plastic — must be labeled as “40+.” In addition, a date code must be included in all packaging.

7- Seamed vs. seamless Ping Pong balls

The newer poly plastic balls can be seamed or seamless, while celluloid ones must be made with a seam. In any case, you want to get seamed ping pong balls because they don’t have weak points for cracks and idents to develop. They tend to be rounder, bounce better, and last longer too.


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