Top 8 Best Dart Flights in 2021 (In-Depth Buying Guide)


Got ripped, battered, or torn flights? This beautiful structure tucked at the rear end not only influences the aerodynamics of a dart but also adds precision and stability to your throws. We’ve done the research, and here are the 8 best dart flights to buy today.

Dart flights come in a huge variety of styles, including more than ten shapes, so you can pick one to suit your personal preference and throwing technique. A kit flight is great for adding control to your throws, while standard flights stabilize. Teardrop-style models are meant to provide some lift to your darts.

When choosing the best dart flights, it’s important to consider the length, weight, and type of shaft, plus your throwing style. But with so many choices on the market, making the right decision can be tricky. Thankfully, we’ve prepared an in-depth buying guide loaded with tips on how to select the best dart flights for your needs.


1. LSTYLE L6 PRO Slim Shape Dart Flights

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LSTYLE L6 PRO Slim Shape Dart Flights Extra Durable Set - Hot...

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:04 am


  • Pre-molded fins at 90 degrees for maximum accuracy and reinforced at the top and bottom edges to reduce ripping
  • 1 set of Three Flights, each with 1092 mm2 in surface area (The biggest surface area of any shape flight)
  • Unique cut out to insert the champagne ring which makes it impossible to “robin-hood” the dart shaft; the universal design works with any regular nylon/plastic shaft


Our pro pick, the LSTYLE L6 PRO Slim Shape Dart Flights are the best dart shafts for anyone looking to take their game to the next level. That’s right; if you need to upgrade from entry-level kit to a pro-level gear, this set of three slim bullet shape darts is a must-have.

These flights are pre-molded at a 90° angle to produce optimum precision. As if that isn’t outstanding enough, they are reinforced both at the bottom and the top edges to minimize any chances of ripping or tearing. Each flight in the set has a surface area of 1092 mm2, which is pretty much the largest of the bunch. As such, expect these beautiful fins to provide powerful lift for your heavy shafts and darts.

These are a superb choice for professional players, competition play, and anyone who loves to throw their darts lobbed or floated. Newbies and recreational players will not struggle with precision as the setup is quick.


2. Harrows Retina Black Slim Dart Flights

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5 x Sets Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:04 am


  • THICK AND DURABLE FLIGHT! With 100 microns thick flight, your flights will last longer, bend less, yet add minimal weight.
  • TRUSTED NAME IN DARTING. Harrows is a brand that has been one of the top names in darting since 1973. The owner started as a small dart shop in Enfield, North London, and helped grow the world of darting to about 30 million players.
  • DESIGN WITH A PURPOSE. The unique design has two features. The outer display is laminated for strength and toughness while the central translucent display helps achieve a more accurate and consistent throw.


Our runner-up favorite is the 5x Set of Harrows Retina Black Slim Dart Flights. As you’ll come to notice, slim design is the 2nd most popular type of dart flight. Their slim profile gives them an aerodynamic advantage which translates to greater speeds and a straighter trajectory. This makes Retina Black the best dart flights for those who like to throw their darts straight.

With their lightweight and smaller size, you can expect these babies to move in the air like no one’s business, which makes them ideal for beginners advancing into the immediate level. In some way, these slim fins deliver similar performance to high-end flights. But they offer more control over the darts, which helps you fine-tune your throwing technique.

These flights come at a standard thickness of 100 micrometers. A fairly thick option that’ll be more resistant to wear and bending. They also feature laminated regions to enhance strength, and translucent, smooth areas to deliver consistent precision on every throw. Thanks to their slim construction, you’ll find that Harrows’ flight will work best with lighter dart shafts and soft-tipped darts.


3. IgnatGames Dart Flights (5x Sets)

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IgnatGames Dart Flights and Accessories - Sets of Different Shape Darts Flights...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:04 am
$14.97 $19.99


  • TUNE-UP YOUR DARTS: Get 10 different sets (30 pieces) of slim size dart flights with a fancy and unique design.
  • FLIGHTS THAT LAST LONGER: Made from a durable polyester cut in 26 mm2 standard shapes this dart flight is very easy to be mounted on any darts shaft.
  • REDUCE TEAR & WEAR OF YOUR FLIGHTS: The included 2 sets of flight protectors (6 in total) can improve the lifespan of your flights and also keep your flights square


If you want to take your gameplay to the pro-level, the best way is to practice and refine your technique until you find the best dart flights for you. IgnatGames doesn’t want to push you into one corner; instead, they give you a variety pack designed especially for the beginner who wants to find their sweet spot.

In the package, you’ll find dart flights in a variety of shapes and colors to pick from, including sizes for shield, fantail, vortex, pear, slim, and of course, standard style. Each style of flight in the pack boasts individual appeal in terms of speed, arch, lift, stability, and surface area. So, no matter your throwing technique, you’ll find the right style of flight to incorporate into your darts.

These flights flaunt a PET material construction which is known to be impressively thick. This enables the flight to resist damage and tears, as well as last longer than other models on the market. If you go with the Upgrade Kit, you will get an array of accessories that include six flight protectors, six O-rings, and an installation tool.


4. Winmau Rhino Long Life Standard Extra Thick Dart Flights

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Winmau Rhino Long Life Standard Extra Thick Dart Flights (3 Sets of...

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:04 am


  • 3 set of Rhino Long Life dart flights (9 flights in total)
  • Extra thick for added stability and durability
  • Standard Shape


The best dart flights to buy in 2021 should feature a durable material construction that will easily stand up to frequent use. However, if you’re budget-conscious and will not use your darts frequently, you might have to settle for decent-quality plastic flights. If this sounds like you, the Winmau Rhino Long Life three-set pack is exactly what you need.

Even though they are plastic-constructed, the Winmau Rhino are well-made and not shoddy flights that will fall apart after two or so games. Each pack has three sets of 3 dart flights, which means you’ll receive a total of nine pieces for slights less than $8. Talk about the best bang for the buck.

If you’re looking for the best dart flights in plastic construction, look no further! They are extra-thick, meaning they’re durable and offer great stability for your throws, plus the stick properly in the shaft. Some players who play or practice often have noted that the flights might display some signs of wear after a while. Even so, they keep their speed and maintain proper shape longer than most flights.

Winmau Rhino Long Life flights are compatible with several different dart shafts. With more than 10 colors to select from, you can choose your favorite pattern or pick a random package of 10.


5. Centaur 30 Sets 90 Pcs Standard Dart Flights

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Centaur 30 Sets 90 Pcs Standard Dart Flights Durable PET and Extra...

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:04 am


  • Compared to other dart-flights products, this dart flight set includes an additional 6 pcs flight protectors. 30 sets of different designs, 3 pcs per pattern, total of 90 pieces dart tail, and 6pcs flight protectors. Every set of three unique, custom-made wings lets you stand out during the game.
  • Comes with 6 pieces of flight protectors which reduce wear & tear on your flights and keep flights squarely in place, as well as improve the lifespan of your flights; works with both soft plastic tip darts and steel tip darts. Plus, they’re easy to set in with all dart shafts, including aluminum and PVC Rod.
  • The standard dart wings are made out of thick and hard PET material. The increased rigidity offers better flight stability and provides your darts with great balance so they can last longer than conventional dart flights.


If a huge number of flights in numerous styles is your top priority, this pack from Centaur might contain the best dart flights if you need to upgrade your gameplay. There are 30 sets in the pack, each with three dart flights, bringing the total to 90 pieces. The beauty of this variety pack is that each set has its own unique style.

Some flights bear flags of different countries, from America to Brazil. Some have fiery-design pieces, while others boast skull designs aimed at daredevils in the house. All of them are standard dart flights made out of hard and thick PET plastic material. For that reason, they are more rigid and stronger, offering excellent balance and flight stability. Don’t expect them to fall apart any time soon.


6. Dimplex TRIM Standard Dart Flights

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5 x Mixed Sets of Dimplex TRIM Dart Flights Standard Shape

Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:04 am


  • 5 sets of Dimplex TRIM standard shape flights
  • Larger surface means greater in-flight stability
  • Aerodynamic design


Dimplex is a well-known darts brand that keeps wowing fans with its reputable TRIM line-up, and this pack of 3 sets of standard shape dart flights is sure to delight. As soon as you open the package, you will be impressed by their aerodynamic style textured dimples all over the surfaces. These textured designs are much akin to the dimples you’d find on most golf balls.

The maker says these aerodynamic dimples may help with drag and thus influence the arc and precision of the throws. Customers have noted that darts fitted with these flights fly smoothly and predictably. Dimplex has also one-upped its competitors by offering 5 mixed-colored sets of what’s considered by many the best dart flights. When you crunch the numbers that mean you’ll receive a total of 15 dart flights, which is a pretty good value for your money!

On the downside, these flights are not exactly the sturdiest on this list. They are quite strong yet they feel a little thinner in your hands. They also fit too tightly into the shaft, so it’s important to set them up carefully. We love that they have a fairly large surface area for better in-flight speed and stability.

Overall, these dart flights are a great alternative to standard-styled versions for new learners and low-tier intermediates. If you’re a pro, you can get the most out of them with a little bit of fine-tuning.


7. Niubixx Standard Dart Flights, 30 Sets (90 pcs)

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Niubixx Standard Dart Flights 30 Sets 90 Pcs Durable PET and Laser...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:04 am
$11.99 $15.99


TUNE-UP YOUR DARTS – A Treasured find for any darts lovers, these standard flights Pack can complete your personal dartboard set. 30 Set different designs, every set of three unique, custom-made wings lets you stand out, a total of 90 pieces, the perfect way to customize your darts to fit your mood or the game.

UPGRADED PREMIUM QUALITY – Made from thick and durable polyester material, increased rigidity, last longer and bend less than conventional dart tail leaf, great balance help increase speed and reduce drag, delivering a consistent flight path and pinpoint accuracy.

GOOD COMPATIBILITY – Suitable for both steel and soft plastic tip darts, easy to set in with all dart shafts (Aluminum/ PVC Rod) and flight protectors, the best way to update your dart set and be your ultimate companion.


Next up, we’ve got the Niubixx dart flights. This product is a package of 30 sets of standard style dart flights with three pieces in each set, so the total comes up to 90. That’s a lot of replacement flights for an under $12 price tag. What’s even better, each set has its own unique design – some feature country flags, while others sport spider webs, Indian mascots, sunsets, fire flames, and other abstract designs.

Each flight is made from strong PET material that’s durable and thick to increase rigidity. You can rest assured these flights are bend-resistant, limit drag, and deliver more consistent trajectories with razor-precise accuracy when thrown. They are also compatible with most dart shafts, including PVC and aluminum rods. Besides, they’re designed to work perfectly with either soft-tipped or steel-tipped darts.


8. CUESOUL ROST Integrated Dart Shaft and Flights

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CUESOUL Jazz-Metal Integrated Dart Shaft and Flights for Steel tip Darts and...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: January 25, 2023 8:04 am


  • Flexible AK5 integrated dart flight avoid flights being ripped out; strengthened screw thread is stiff and connects the barrel tightly
  • They’re durable and stay perfect at 90 degrees during flight
  • Made out of special material that’s somewhere between hard and soft, which makes the shaft flexible and durable


If you happen to be on the market for dart shafts as well, the CUESOUL ROST Integrated Dart Shaft and Flights might be what you’re looking for. CUESOUL took one of the best dart flights and integrated with the shaft, so you don’t have to worry about the flights falling off mid-flight. The hardened thread is stiff and screws tightly in place.

Both the dart shaft and flight are molded from a versatile material CUESOUL describes as between “soft and hard”. That makes that ensemble durable and flexible at the same time. What a combo, right? It turns out this design is important for dart grouping as they are flexible enough not to be ripped out when hit by incoming darts.

These flights are precise-molded using the latest technique to ensure that they stay at a perfect 90 degrees angle. This way, you can be sure that your darts will hit their target and won’t lose traction or trajectory. The good news doesn’t stop there; players can choose from a variety of fascinating designs, including skeletons, floral designs, purple beauty, and black clouds. Several color options are available too, including green, pink, purple, red, yellow, and black, and white.


Buying Guide for the Best Dart Flights in 2021

Why Dart Flights are Important

A standard dart is made up of four crucial components: the tip, the barrel, the shaft, and finally, the flight, which sits at the very rear end of the ensemble. The flight serves more purposes than just looking elegant; it affects nearly every aerodynamic aspect of the dart. Without it, the trajectory of the dart will be unpredictable, and your throws will become erratic.

Because it goes on the rear of the dart, the flight plays an important role in ensuring the precision and stability of the throws. It also alters the angle and speed of the dart when it’s thrown. It turns out that the flight is also the most prone part to general wear & tear, and thus will need to be replaced often.

Dart flights are available in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, thickness, and texture. As with shafts, picking the best dart flights also comes down to the length, weight, and construction design of the dart, as well as your throwing technique and personal taste.

Also important, you must carefully think about the length, weight, and kind of the dart shaft. Keep reading to find out more about the key factors that go into choosing the best dart flights this year.

Important Considerations for Picking the Right Dart Flight

(1) Types of Dart Flights

Standard dart flights: This traditional flight style is among the two most common types on the market, alongside the slim design. Standard dart flights are the largest of the bunch given their extensive surface area which is also the chief feature that helps in stabilizing the dart in the air.

Furthermore, the large size means an increased drag on the flights, a phenomenon that helps slow down the trajectory of the dart. In turn, this plays a big role in minimizing the effect of imperfectly angled throws. You could say that standard dart flights are the most forgiving type, which is why they’re generally suitable for amateurs and recreational players.

Thanks to the build of standard dart flights, they are a match made in heaven for players who favor looped throwing style. The same goes for players who prefer to use less force and yet want to make accurate throws.

It helps that bigger flights, such as standard flights, marry well with heavier darts and larger shafts. The reason behind this is that larger flights have the capacity to generate powerful aerodynamic push needed to lift and keep heavy darts on a straight flight path. In light of this, standard flights go well with steel tips.

Slim dart flights: As the name suggests, these are flights with a slim profile. The small footprint results in less drag on the dart and therefore improves its speed during flight. As for the shape, they are quite similar to standard counterparts but slimmer.

Again, the smaller size minimizes drag, allowing the dart to cut through the air with an accelerated speed. So, if you love to throw darts with lots of force, or prefer lightweight projectiles, the best dart flights of the slim style are the best way to go.

Slim flights often keep the rear side of the dart down, a good reason why they are a great choice for soft-tipped darts. That’s because soft tips are lighter than steep tips, and thus don’t require a lot of lift or float.

Professional players typically use slim flights since they deliver faster and straighter throws, resulting in fewer deflections and bounce offs. The smaller footprint and surface area also help prevent darts from clumping up.

Kite dart flights: Also commonly known as lantern flights, kite dart flights have a smaller surface area than standard counterparts. However, they’re larger in size than slight dart flights. The biggest draw of flights of this style is their ability to add control to your throws.

They offer dual benefit: kite flights provide you with more control over the darts while supercharging them with more flight speed that results in straighter throws. That’s why they are great for players looking to get close groupings.

Teardrop dart flights: these are the most stable thanks to their aerodynamic-friendly shape denoted by heavier tails that stay down. Even though they’re smaller, teardrop flights are designed to provide your darts with optimum lift, so you can aim your throws more accurately.

No. 6 dart flights: It’s all in the name ⁠— these are 6-sided flights that are similar to standard flights in shape but they’re narrow towards the top side. Because of these features, No. 6 dart flights are quite forgiving and ideal for newbies who are just getting their feet wet in the game. Easier still, some professional players favor them because of their stable design.

(2) The size of the flight

It’s a no-brainer that heavy darts should have larger flights to maintain their hefty float. The same is true for longer darts; they go perfectly with larger flights.

Similarly, if you use the lobbying or floating style of throwing, you’ll find larger-size to be more your speed. On the flip side, a smaller flight is suitable for short and lighter darts. Also, if you love to throw darts straight, you’re better off using a smaller flight.

(3) The construction material

The material the flight is made out of will ultimately affect its durability, weight, and overall performance. Polyester, nylon, and plastic polymers are some of the common materials used to make the best dart flights.

Nylon dart flights: these are usually extremely hard to rip, tear, or get battered, offering the highest durability. Given their interwoven and reinforced synthetic fibers, nylon dart flights are typically stiff for added longevity and sturdiness.

Polyester dart flights: like with nylon flights, ones made from polyester are equally strong and should give you several years of hassle-free play.

Plastic dart flights: there are two kinds of plastic darts – hard and soft plastic darts. The latter is more flexible and great for grouping. Some of them are held by glue, so it should be easy to repair them should they come undone.

Hard plastic versions tend to be more rigid, fairly durable, and more resistant to developing dents. Whether you’re constantly practicing or on the road for tournaments, you’ll love high-quality darts made from hard plastic.

(4) Thickness

Dart flights are available in a range of thickness, ranging from 50μm all the way up to 150μm. Thicker flights sway weight towards the rear of the dart, which is important in counterbalancing the barrel’s weight. Besides, heavier dart flights are less prone to deflection, add some stability to your throws, and tend to be more durable than their thinner equals.

Save for the difference in material construction, thinner models are more affordable than thicker flights. Dart flights in the 100 μm-thick range are the go-to choice for beginner, casual and recreational players. Flights thicker or thinner than 100 μm are more suitable for pro players who know how to fine-tune their throws.

(5) Texture

This probably the last factor you consider when selecting the best dart flights. You’ll find that some flights have a smooth surface and therefore generate less drag on the dart, while others have textured surfaces. While there’s no dramatic difference between using smooth and textured flights, the latter is known to increase surface area and thus provide more drag for added precision and better performance.

Other Tips on How to Pick the Best Dart Flights this Year

  • Want your dart flights to last longer? If yes, you should consider investing in a heavy set of the best dart flights, preferably ones with dimple-like texture. Once you have received your flights, you can simply puncture them, and insert a champagne ring (also known as O-ring) before connecting to the shaft.
  • When should you replace your flight? Obviously, torn, ripped or battered flights should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, examine the flights carefully to see how they fly. If their flight pattern is unstable or wobbly, it’s high time to replace them.
  • Consider the number of sets included: best dart flights are available in a variety of sets per pack. This will give you mare spare options. If you aren’t sure which type of flights are best for you, get a multi-pack or an assortment kit so you can try as many styles as possible until you find your sweet spot.
  • Settle for a color or pattern you love. This will help you show off your personality and build a style around your gameplay.

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